Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tried & Tested Tuesday

Welcome to another Tried & Tested Tuesday!

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This week we have loved:

Cosatto Troop car seat review from Emmy's Mummy. Harry looks SO comfortable in his new seat!

Cuba Maracca jumpsuit from KyNa Boutique from the lovely Make, Do and Push. This has to be the cutest romper ever right?

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Messy Play - Ice Ice Baby

A while ago I mixed up some food colouring and water and froze it in pretty ice cube containers from Ikea. It has been sat in the freezer ready and waiting ever since.

I had explained to Ben and Chloe that we were going to be playing with ice on the tuff spot but I didn't really say any more than that as I wanted them to take control of the experience themselves.  
When I handed the ice trays to Ben the first thing he said was "How are we going to get it out?" I told him that was up to them and he quickly started to bang the trays and bend them successfully knocking the ice cubes out all over the tray. 

Once they had the cubes out on the tray it didn't take them long to dive headlong into a full sensory exploration of the ice quickly moving from investigating it with their fingers to trying to taste them and then sticking their feet in!  (I can understand them wanting to taste them because of the appealing colours but they were just plain water really so nothing exciting going on there.)  Chloe was keen to have some paper as she obviously expected them to leave coloured marks - perhaps this something I will investigate for her another time. 

Ben spent quite a lot of time putting the ice cubes back into the tray - looking at the way they fitted and how this changed as the ice melted.  

There was a complete degeneration into utter silliness - which I must admit was started by me - when we were all dropping ice cubes down each other's backs! 

The ice kept them occupied until it melted - and as such was very easy to clean up! Pour away the water and wipe up some footprints off the floor. Job's a good 'un as they say! 

Next time I want to try adding other things to the ice - different colours, scents, glitter, sequins, possibly some small world toys!   Have you tried ice play with your children? 

Silent Sunday - 13.04.14

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Silentnight's National Bed Month campaign

So March was National Bed Month - sounds good to me!  You won't catch me denying I love my bed - admittedly I'd love it a whole lot more if it was decidedly bigger with a lovely new mattress and a baby that slept through but that's by the by. 

As part of the celebrations for National Bed Month the bods at Silentnight did a bit of research into the sleep and breakfast habits of us Brits.  I'd like to say I was suprised by the discovery that we spend more time checking emails and using the internet each morning than taking care of our appearance, eating breakfast or spending time with our families.  But I'm not. I'm not suprised. The internet is too damn accessible these days and I'm ashamed to admit that I'm in the 48 percent who use the internet as soon as they get up - I pretty much check my emails and social media before I've even rolled out of bed. That's really bad isn't it? Please tell me I'm not the only one?

Now that being said you wouldn't catch me priorising my emails over eating breakfast! No chance. I've never been one for skipping breakfast. I can't function without at least a decent bowl of cereal inside me.  Silentnight and Warburtons have got together to show us all that eating a nutritional breakfast (a bar of chocolate and a coffee doesn't count just so you know!) within 30 minutes of walking up could actually make a really big difference to the way you sleep.  When I first read this I thought it was completely mad but actually when you think about it you can see it makes sense.  Sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan expains that "When we eat breakfast within 30 - 40 minutes of rising we send an importatant message to our brain that there is adequate food in our environments creating the perfect internal chemistry for optimal sleep."  

Dr Nerina has some simple to follow advice to ensure you get a good night's sleep: 

Her advice is so simple and so obvious but I have to admit that there's quite a lot I could do better. Our bedroom is certainly not a relaxing haven at the moment - it's a dumping ground full of boxes, piles of dirty washing and a hungry baby . . .  I'm also really bad at using my phone in bed, I really should just leave it downstairs but I use it as my alarm clock.  One piece of advice that Nerina gives which I fully agree with is not to check the time when you wake during the night - in the latter stages of my pregnancy with Amy I learned to stop checking what time it was and it makes SUCH a difference.  Of course now I check it every time I'm up with her as I need to know how often she's feeding.  Once we've got past this stage I will be going back to avoiding the time like the plague!

So - which bits of Nerina's adice really resonate for you?  And more importantly - What's for breakfast? 

*Disclaimer - Silentnight & Warburtons sent me a lovely box of breakfast goodies as a thank you for writing this post*

Friday, 11 April 2014

A week of pants - toilet training update

I wrote last week about Chloe's decision to wear pants (My baby girl is growing up).  

So here's how her first week went: 

Thursday - 3 pairs of wet leggings and a poo on the floor
It wasn't a bad start all things considered! Bearing in mind I had planned to start her bare bummed at home at the weekend then fact that she went off to playschool fully clothed and managed to stay dry till almost lunch time was quite an achievement!  She had her first accident at playschool resulting in wet wellies and me needing to take clean shoes for her to come home in at lunch time.  She had a pull up on for her sleep but straight back into pants as soon as she woke up.  She managed to stay dry till just after Ben's swimming lesson but then did a massive wee on the floor in the changing rooms!  It was really frustrating as she'd been refusing to go to the toilet when I suggested but then did this huge wee in the corner! She was very upset by her wet legs.  I had to mop it up with Ben's towel and make a run for it.  The same thing happened again at home so we stripped her off and left her bare bummed then she did half a poo on the floor before Dave directed her to the potty.  

Friday - Clean and dry! 
Despite a full morning at playschool and an afternoon at the shops with Mummy the young lady did herself proud and kept herself clean and dry all day!  She pooed as soon as I put her pull up on her for the drive to York but I can't really knock that so she was proudly presented with her first bracelet at bedtime on Friday

Saturday - A wobbly start 
Saturday morning started with a few pairs of wet pants which I blamed on her being very tired, once she'd had a good sleep she seemed to sort herself right out.

Sunday - Clean and dry
Another great day - we were out and about to the shops and the park but there were no slip ups so she got another braclet at bedtime!

Monday - Dry but not clean 
Unfortunately we had two pairs of dirty pants but she was completely dry all day - even her pull up was dry after the drive home despite being asleep the whole time. 

Tuesday - Dry but not clean 
Despite managing a whole session at soft play including two trips to the toilet for wees there was a poo situation just as we were leaving leading to my least favourite toilet training moment so far . .  changing the poor love stood in the car park and wrapping the poo up in her pants to take home in my changing bag. Oh yes the glamour. 

Wednesday - Wet
We had two pairs of wet pants in the morning - I'm not really sure why as we were at a friend's house and asked her regularly.  We left her bare bummed in the end and got the chocolate coins out for encouragement. 

Thursday - Clean and dry
Hurrah for a clean and dry day at home - Chloe was presented with bracelet number three at bedtime. 

Friday  - Clean and dry!
A second consecutive clean and dry day including dry pull ups on the drive to Leeds and back even when she slept! Whoo! 

So the next big step is to get 7 straight days of clean and dry pants so that she can get a scooter.  I hope I'll be writing this time next week that we've been shopping for one but we shall see!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lamaze Bella Bunny and Hide & Seek book - Review

We have been huge fans of Lamaze for almost 5 years now and have quite a collection including Jacques the Peacock, Logan the Lion, Mortimer Moose and the Totem Pole Stacker to name just  a few.  I was really excited when I was offered the opportunity to review some of the new offerings from Lamaze with Amy. 

We were sent Bella the Bunny and the Bella the Bunny Hide and Seek Book - my first thought was how appropriate these were for Spring and that they would make lovely Easter gifts for little ones who are too young for chocolate eggs! 

Bella the Bunny Hide and Seek Book
The book is suitable from 0+ and features the very cute Bella the Bunny and "peek-a-boo" holes for her to pop through and surprise you.  Of course Amy is far too young to manage this herself but Ben and Chloe have really enjoyed popping the bunny in and out of the holes to entertain themselves nevermind their little sister!  The colours are bright and eye catching with lots of fabulous textures for Amy to grab and explore. As is common with Lamaze toys there is also a clip to attach to your pushchair, car seat, changing bag - pretty much anywhere you like!  I can see this book becoming a firm favourite as Amy becomes more capable of exploring the pages.

Bella the Bunny
Both Amy and I LOVE this toy!  The thing that I love most is that it's lightweight - it's much lighter than other Lamaze toys so even though she's only young Amy is able to hold onto it herself.  She loves to grab the floppy ears which are made from lots of gorgeous textured fabrics - and of course she aims them straight for her mouth!  There's a mix of bright colours and high contrast patterns giving Amy plenty to look at.  The carrot mirror often catches her eye as it moves and reflects the light while she's playing with it. Again Bella the Bunny comes with the usual Lamaze link to fasten her safely onto the pram or car seat - at the moment she's our first choice toy for taking out and about so this is really useful! 

Safe to say the latest releases from Lamaze have not disappointed.  Bella is one of Amy's favourite toys now and we can't recommend it highly enough.  (Funnily enough her other favourite is also a Lamaze!) Lamaze toys are great quality and really do last so are worth the investment - lots of ours are on their third owner now as they've been handed down from Ben to Chloe and now to Amy! 

*Disclaimer - We were sent these Lamaze toys free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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