Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Age of Repetition

Today Amy is 23 months old and an increasingly able communicator.  At not quite two, she regularly speaks in sentences and makes herself understood. 

An example of this is a conversation we had in the car today: 

Want Hange! 

Ange is at work love. 

Hange not at work. Hange in her house. 

Ha, yes you're probably right.

See Hange morrow? 

Yes darling, you'll see Ange tomorrow. 

Love Hange. 

I know poppet. 

Along with her ever developing use of sentences, comes all the questions . . . 

Why you put your coat on?

See Ganny morrow? 

Have some chocot?

However this last week I've noticed we've hit the repetition stage . . . you know that really, utterly exhausting phase of toddler development where the conversation goes round and round and round in circles?

The first time I really noticed this was on Saturday where, for much of the journey to Leeds she asked:

Where going?

We're going to Leeds to see Granny. 

And Nic? 

Yes, we're going to Leeds to see Granny and Aunty Nic. 

See Ganny? 


Where going? 

We're going to Leeds to see Granny.

And on and on . . . with occasional variations in the structure of the sentences or conversation.

Yesterday, on the way to the hospital we had . . .

Where going? 

We're going to see the Doctor. 

See Doctor? 

Yes Mummy needs to see the Doctor. 

. . . a pause . . . 

Where going?  Don't know where going.

and so it begins again. 

Although this phase of constant repetition is hard work for us as parents and certainly borders on tedious at times, it's a really important stage for our little ones.  Allowing them to explore language and concepts, testing them out, learning things from them and letting them become comfortable.  Toddlers appreciate and benefit from the familiar, feeling safe and secure in what they know gives them the confidence to try out something new!  

As a result of our constant, repetitive conversation about going to see the Doctor, Amy was able to walk into the Consultant's room at the hospital and confidently announce "You seeing Doctor", she was able to make sense of the situation.  

So whilst she's driving me crackers with these repetiive conversations, I shall keep reminding myself of the importance of this repetition and help her to make sense of the situations around her by patiently answering her questions and developing her train of thought.  And on the days where I'm feeling less patient?  Well, this too shall pass.  Next month Amy will be two, my toddler is growing up and I'll miss these crazy conversations soon enough! 

Luxury Honey Hot Chocolate with Rowse Manuka Honey

When I was asked to create a drink using Rowse Manuka Honey, my first thought was of a lush honey based mocktail Dave used to make me when I was pregnant - I was thinking it would be great with a good slug of quality gin. 

However, driving to Leeds on Saturday morning, tucked up in my cosy new blanket scarf I was struck with a flash of inspiration.  Nobody wants a refreshing gin & honey cocktail on an brisk Autumn evening do they? Nope, hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is where it's at. 

So, here's my recipe for Luxury Honey Hot Chocolate: 

What you will need: 

Rowse Manuka Honey 
Hotel Chocolat drinking chocolate (Of course you can use any brand you link but we're going luxury here!) 
Squirty cream

How to make it: 

Gently warm a mug full of milk in the pan.

As you continue to warm the milk, stir in 1 tsp of Rowse Manuka honey. (or up to a desert spoonful if you prefer a stronger honey flavour) 

Once the honey has been fully dissolved into the milk begin to sir in the chocolate flakes - I've found around 3 tablespoons worth makes for a lovely rich hot chocolate.

Continue to warm the milk, stirring until all the chocolate flakes have dissolved. 

Pour into a mug and top with squirty cream and extra chocolate flakes 


This drink is SO lovely that I may have had to make it three times in the last 24 hours, of course purely for research reasons . . . and because I'm full of cold! 

I'd love to know what you think of it! 

*Disclaimer - I was provided with a  jar of Rowse Manuka Honey to make my drink and compensated for my time in writing this post*

Tried & Tested Tuesday

Welcome to this week’s #TriedTested – we hope you're all doing well. It feels decidedly autumn-like here this week, definitely the weather for wellie boots and wooly jumpers!

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This week we have loved:
  #TriedTested featured blogger

Poco Nido clothing review from Life as our little family - lovely to see such bright and eye catching designs for little ones. We especially love the shoes!

  #TriedTested featured blogger 

Amber teething necklace review from Tales and Tea - having successfully used amber herself, Kate is a huge advocate of it, and really loved this in-depth post about the best way to use and the benefits it can have.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Heads and Tails, Orchard Toys - Review

 As you know we are big fans of Orchard Toys but as yet the games have mainly been enjoyed by the older two.  Amy has had a go at a couple of the 2 piece jigsaws but the actual games have been beyond her up till now. 

Farmyard Heads and Tails can be played in two ways - the most basic being that all the cards are spread out face up and players take turns to find a matching pair before making the noise of the animal they have created.  To make the game more challenging the cards can of course be placed face down to be played in a "matching pairs" memory style game.  

As we were keen to involve Amy in the game we went for "face up" and encouraged her to find pictures which matched.  With this being the first game that we had played with Amy at the table the biggest focus was actually on encouraging her to take turns rather than to just grab all the cards.  We've definitely got some work to do there!  You might be able to see in the photograph below that, along with her little concentrating tongue, she hasn't quite grasped the idea of making complete pictures - perhaps I need to spend more time doing the two piece jigsaws with her whilst the big two are at school!  What she did enjoy though was the animal noises - all three children thought that side of the game was hilarious.

What we love about it: 
* This is a great first game for teaching toddlers how to play games - about rules and taking turns
* The pieces are large and easy to handle
* The pieces are sturdy and made to withstand hours of play and can be wiped clean
* The pictures are bright and bold
* The game develops observational skills
* Memory and matching skills are developed - particularly if you play with the cards upside down
* Being able to play the game at two levels depending on the age and ability of your players is a bonus
* There's lots of opportunity for conversation around the different animals and the noises they make

What we're not so keen on: 
* Nothing, this a great introduction to Orchard Toys games for your toddler.

*Disclaimer - We were sent the game free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

Friday, 2 October 2015

Elemental Herbology Vital Glow - Review

I've felt for some time that my skin would benefit from using a night cream.  Previously something which I had felt was for older skin, however it seems I have suddenly find myself with that older skin.  Skin which is a little lack lustre, which is showing fine lines, which is losing it's lovely tone.  It makes me want to weep just writing that!  

When I was introduced to the newly launched Elemental Herbology Vital Glow Overnight Resurfacing Cream it sounded like it might just be the miracle I was looking for.  I can dream right?

This first thing which strikes you when you open the satisfyingly  heavy packaging, is the fragrance - it smells amazing, almost edible but at the same time relaxing and spa like, perfect for bedtime.  In the past I've found night creams to be thick and a bit greasy, not so with Vital Glow.  It's thick and comforting but settles into the skin beautifully - no messy marks on the pillow!

Now just to get all science and technical on you for a minute - Vital Glow is touted to be the "next generation in intelligent, restorative skincare for skin experiencing environmental damage and the early signs of aging" - that'd be all of us then?  Packed full of Plant C-Stem, Natural AHAs and Granactive Retinoid - Vital Glow is all powerful and set to dramatically improve the appearance and texture of your skin along with boosting natural radiance.

But in effect the results speak for themselves don't they . . . .

Seriously - look at my skin!  I keep catching sight of myself in the mirror and being pleasantly surprised by the way my skin looks - a feeling which is more than worth £55 a tub.  I'm not letting this stuff run out!! 

*Disclaimer- I was sent Elemental Herbology Vital Glow free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain my own*

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Furchester Hotel DVD - Giveaway

This week has seen the release of the new Cbeebies Furchester Hotel DVD - the series is aimed at 3 to 6 year olds and is a big hit in our household!  

Familiar Sesame Street chums Elmo & Cookie Monster along with Elmo's Aunt Funella and Uncle Furgus run an "almost" world-class hotel which is fraught with crazy problems. 

If you'd like to win yourself a copy of this new Furchester Hotel DVD, please complete as many of the Rafflecopter options as you like - ensuring you do these accurately to avoid disqualification. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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