Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Pilgrims Choice - "Maid in Cheddar"

*This is a collaborative post* 

Cheese.  It's certainly something of a staple in our house.  At any one time there's at least two different types of cheese in our fridge.  In fact off the top of my I can count five variations of cheese in there today. 

Lucy Watson - "Maid in Cheddar"

This week Pilgrims Choice are celebrating their recently launched packaging update by dressing the beautiful Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea in an incredible £40,000 couture dress inspired by the new design.  Who knew cheese could be so glamorous?  The dress is made from a brand new, never been used before, supreme silk satin and features over 20,000 hand-stitched sequins!  That's some patient sewing right there.  The dress reflects the brand's black and gold colour scheme along with the swipe in the logo. 

Lucy Watson models her Pilgrims Choice dress at the Baglioni Hotel, Knightsbridge

This latest campaign from Pilgrims Choice follows in the footsteps of Lady Gaga's somewhat crazy raw beef dress (how is that 5 years ago already!) and Henry Holland's Magnum dress last year.  I know which I'd rather wear . . . raw meet or £40,000 worth of glamorous supreme silk satin and hand stitched sequins?  There's no competition is there really!  (When I first read about the dress I was expecting it to be made out of cheese packets!)

If Lucy's stunning cheddar inspired dress has made you curious about the new Pilgrims Choice Cheddar Cheese brand packaging you can find it in store now, priced at £4.00 for a 350g block.

Tried & Tested Tuesday

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Tried & Tested Tuesday!  We can’t wait to see what you’ve been reviewing over the last week or so and we always love the wide variety of products, experiences and blogs we get to read as a result of this linky.

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  #TriedTested featured blogger

Alicia Kay style classes review from Mummy Is A Gadget Geek - we are definitely loving the idea of getting rid of all the 'meh' clothes and feeling fabulous again!

  #TriedTested featured blogger 

The Day That... review from Chic Geek Diary - this is a company we both really rate, and the pictures of Noah's first day are just beautiful. 

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We're going on an adventure

Monday, 2 March 2015

Getting my juice on with Currys

At the end of January I had a bit of a crazy health and yoga focussed weekend!  On the Saturday I made my way down to London for a Hot Pod Yoga session and followed it up with a trip to Leeds on the Sunday for more yoga and a whole world of juicing with Currys.

Although I had been giving yoga a bit of a go in January, this was in the comfort of my own home with the help of some youtube videos.  Taught classes, beginner level or not, were a whole different kettle of fish.  I was hoping that my second day of yoga would be a little easier than the Hot Pod Yoga the day before.  However no. Rocket Yoga? Well this is definitely not beginner yoga.  It was hard.  I think had I not already been suffering for a challenging hour of Hot Pod Yoga the day before I might have coped better but this was far too fast for this beginner! 

I captured the lovely Jenny from Lets Talk Mommy get her Yoga on!

Along with the crazy Rocket Yoga we were introduced to juicing through a cycle of different activities focusing on nutrition, mocktails, soups and just generally having a go!  I was really surprised to discover just how easy juicing is, how little preparation is required.  For almost all of the fruit and veg you literally just chuck it all in whole (except for things like pineapple which you really do need to remove the skin from!)  There's no real rules, just chuck things in and see what happens - some stuff will be delicious, other stuff perhaps a bit more "hold your nose and neck it"!

Juicing demo - it was so quick! 

Along with how easy it was I was also really quite shocked at just how much fruit and veg has to go into the juicer to pump out one glass . . . and therefore how expensive it is, if I'm honest I think I'd rather eat it!  It seemed rather wasteful to me. 

Juicy Joe's bloggers

Lots of love to Joes Bloggers and Currys for hosting a great event!  

Operation Wedding Weight - Weigh in #3

I'm a bit late with my #OperationWeddingWeight post this week!  I've moved from a Tuesday night Slimming World class to a Saturday morning meaning, first and foremost, I can go to class with a friend but also because Tuesday nights are already quite hectic with swimming lessons for Ben and Chloe.  As a rule Dave doesn't work weekends so I'll be able to have a bit of a lie in and head down to class at half ten but typically this week he was working and I found myself heading out to class at 8.30am in the pouring rain with three children in tow.  All I could think was "Argh if my leggings get wet I'll weigh more!"  The things you worry about before weigh in! 

Anyway I set the kids up in the corner of the room with some paper and pencils and crossed my fingers that they'd let me concentrate.  I was so nervous getting on the scales again this week, I knew I was likely to have gained.  After a fabulous weekend away it was inevitable really.  Whilst I  had been careful with my food choices - eg having steak with potatoes or vegetarian sausages and scrambled egg with my cooked breakfast . . . I also had croissants, hot chocolate or desert more than once over the weekend.  That's life though isn't it?  If I'd gone away for the weekend and not been able to enjoy the odd pud I'd have felt utterly deprived and probably given up very quickly - allowing myself the treats but then carrying on being really good the rest of the time is a far more balanced way of living isn't it? 

So did I gain?  

Yes, as predicted I put on 1.5lb but that's ok, I deserved it, I expected it and I'm going to get it off again this week.  I could easily have gained far more over the weekend if I hadn't been making sensible choices or reigning myself back in after the weekend.  It hasn't knocked me, as my Dad said this is about winning the war not just the battle. 

So this week I'm aiming for a 3lb loss.  I don't normally set week by week targets as I think it's too easy to be disappointed - I would usually set a more general target of "half a stone by such and such a date" but this week I'm definitely aiming for 3lb.  To get myself "back in credit" and heading in the right direction.  I struggled a bit on Saturday afternoon and definitely went over my syns but I sorted it yesterday and I'm focused. 

Aside from the slight gain I actually had a really good week - two people commented on my weight loss.  One who knew I was back at Slimming World and said you could really see the weight I'd lost and another who had no idea I was dieting and asked if I was losing weight.  Just a few weeks in for people to be noticing a difference already was an amazing feeling and will definitely be helping me to keep my focus this coming week. 

Watch out for Weigh in #4 at the weekend to see if I made my 3lb target! 

You can read about my journey so far here: 

Operation Wedding Weight is ON!

Operation Wedding Weight - Weigh in #1

Operation Wedding Weight - Weigh in #2

Spring Bucket List 2015

I'm so excited to see Spring arrive - I love Winter with it's twinkly lights, Christmas cheer and the promise of snow . . . However I'm also usually glad to see the back of it.  Spring is always so much more hopeful isn't it?

Photo Credit: MayLPhotography via Compfight cc

So here's our Spring Bucket List, including some roll overs from Winter, some repeats from last Spring and some new additions.
  1. Make the most of finally being able to have people round again - playdates, dinners, coffee! 
  2. A family theatre visit 
  3. Multiple blog conferences for Mummy!
  4. Take the kids to their first "festival" - Geronimo Fest
  5. A family photo shoot with the fabulous Sally Langstaff (I'm beyond excited about this)
  6. Celebrate my birthday 
  7. Celebrate Dave's birthday too
  8. Celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary
  9. Easter fun with Aunty Nic
  10. Mothers' Day (looks pointedly at Dave)
  11. Hold an Extension Warming party
  12. Get the house straight - a proper Spring clean, declutter etc. 
  13. Continue with #OperationWeddingWeight - I'm aiming to get another stone off by the end of May. There I've said it.
  14. Go to a farm and see some baby animals
  15. Take a trip to Whitby - this has been on the list since last Spring! It WILL happen!
  16. Get used to Daddy's new job
  17. Make the most of being able to have fresh tulips in the house

I think that will do for now! 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Fisher Price Smart Stages Puppy - Review

We are huge fans of Fisher Price in our house, having grown up with the brand myself I now trust them to provide my children with great quality, exciting and educational toys.  They rarely let me down on this! 

Amy was recently sent the latest baby learning toy try out.  Now I must admit I was quite surprised by the size of the Smart Stages Puppy when she arrived but actually she appears to be just the perfect size for cuddles!  From the moment Amy first saw "Sis" in the box she was desperate to haver her in her arms and just gave her the most enormous cuddle once she was freed from her packaging. 
She quickly discovered that the Smart Stages Puppy "did stuff" so to speak and whilst, at 15 months, she's not really interested in actually listening to what the puppy says, she does like to press all the buttons and laughs at the sounds and lights. 

The Smart Stages Puppy is aimed at children from the age of 6 months right through to 36 months with different "Smart Stages" tailored to you baby's developmental stage.  I really like the idea of this - toys which "grow" with your child, at least you feel you're getting more value for money that way!  That being said I'm not sure Chloe would have been particularly interested in playing with Sis when she was just 3 years old! 

Smart Stages Puppy cuddles

Smart Stages Puppy Sis

What we love about it: 
* Smart Puppy is just the right size for Amy to give big squeezy hugs
* All the buttons are nice and big making it easy for her to press independently
* There's a good variety of things said which stops it getting too tedious for Mummy (20 different songs in fact)
* The different levels mean it will last longer
* The lights and sounds reward Amy for her interaction and she finds them really entertaining
* It comes with batteries!

What we're not so keen on: 
* You all know I don't particularly like pink and this just another one of those toys that I really don't understand the need for a pink and blue version but I guess the option is there if you want it.
* It's quite easy to change the "level" by mistake - I would have liked to have been a little trickier to prevent Amy from accidentally doing it herself (or Ben for that matter!)

Sis has an RRP of £20 but is currently on offer at Argos - I think she'd make a great alternative Easter present for your little one!

*Disclaimer - We were sent the Smart Stages Puppy for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own* 

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