Monday, 23 February 2015

Ten things we learned about our family this weekend . . .

Life is so busy and there's always something that needs doing - clothes that need washing and ironing, shopping to be done, DIY to finish.  The weekends often pass by in a blur of "getting things done" with not enough time to stop and drink in our family.  Quality time can easily slip through your fingers. 

So having just enjoyed a full weekend away together with no distractions this is what we learned: 

1. Amy can now drink with a straw (which is very useful when you've left her toddler cup in the car)

2. Four hours in the car is a very long time, six hours in hours is even longer

3. Three kids squashed into the back of our Mondeo can be very noisy but it's doable and certainly preferable to taking two cars everywhere

4. Kids in hotel rooms don't get the concept of people being in rooms underneath them & run around like elephants 

5. Hotel breakfasts are the most exciting things in the world - Ben couldn't believe he was actually allowed to each whatever he wanted!

6. Chlo loves hot chocolate as much as her Mummy and had two this weekend!

7. Three kids in a hotel room wasn't the nightmare we anticipated and everyone slept pretty well

8. Ben & Chlo are pretty good company when eating out, Amy not so much.

9. Family swims are good fun - especially when they involve slides and waves!

Being loved to death in a swimming costume is not Amy's idea of fun!

10. It is possible (but not pleasurable) to drive the 4hrs 15 straight home without stopping when you're worried you might miss your Morrisons delivery.


  1. Wow sounds like a busy week on the learning front!
    hot chocolates are awesome =) whats not to love!
    That is a great swimming picture

    1. I do love a good hot chocolate though I'm trying to resist at the moment as they're not good of #OperationWeddingWeight ;) x

  2. Aww! It does sound like you had a wonderful time though x

  3. I love that you booked a delivery for when you arrived home - I would NEVER risk that! Amy's face in that photo, they love her TOO much!! x

    1. Yeah it seemed like a really sensible idea at the time - but then we got stuck in a bit of traffic and I panicked! In the end we got home, got the kids to bed and had time to sit down before the delivery arrived :D x

  4. All in all it sounds like you all had a lovely weekend, it's amazing all them little pleasures you take for granted. Lewis was also amazed by the choice for breakfast he had when we were at a hotel in the summer... so much so he still thinks he's on his holiday at home when he requests 3 breakfasts daily!

  5. Ah great post, reading between the lines it sounds like you have had a great week, we have taken out 2 to hotels and on long journeys since they were babies and they just adopt to their surrounding don't they xxx

  6. Love that. We just bought a Mondeo, we have 3 kids, was sick of having a 7 seater, so I'm so glad we can get them all in the Mondeo ok. x

  7. Fab! Lots of lovely things and what a cute picture. 6 hours in a car with kids, wow!.... Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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