An accidentally “M” themed Room 101 – A good excuse for a rant!

I’ve read and really enjoyed quite a lot of Room 101 posts on various blogs recently and it got me to think about what I’d write if I did one of my own.  The meme originated here: Room 101 What Would You Put In Yours?

So here goes – the three things I would most like to banish from this world!

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I have the most ridiculous phobia of moths and I can pinpoint exactly where it came from. As a child I watched an episode of Casualty and this old lady had a buzzing in her ears, they did all sorts of tests and couldn’t work out what it was.  In the end they realised that there had been a moth in the room when she went to sleep that night and it had gone in her ears. Urgh even typing that makes me shudder. I am absolutely terrified that the horrible, dusty, flappy creatures will go in my ears!  I know this is really very unlikely but that’s the thing with phobias isn’t it – they are irrational!  Anyway, moths can do one. They are most definitely being shut away in Room 101 never to be seen again!  (If only!)

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I have never, ever liked mushrooms.  I don’t like carrots either but I can sort of manage those, Dave does a good job of hiding them in things but mushrooms – no, never.
When they are raw I find the feel of them really creepy – all smooth and a bit squeaky on top and the underneaths? Urgh.
Cooked, they taste of soil and the texture of them makes me think of eating slugs. They’re dirty and if you eat the wrong ones they could kill you. For goodness sake they are “fungus” how can “fungus” be something you’re allowed to eat?! It sounds grim.  Hideous hideous things.  Goodbye mushrooms!!

Mr Gove
Now I’m sure we’re not really supposed to put people in Room 101 but I think we can make an exception for this man.  I really don’t have a nice thing to say about him.  As this is a mainly family based blog I shall remain polite and just say that before people start implementing their ridiculous, ill thought out policies they should try doing the job they are criticising.  Walk a mile in my shoes and then tell me I’m doing it wrong.
Mr Gove? Jog on.

I’m now going to tag Kate from Family Fever, Jo from Outnumbered Mum and Chantelle from Mama Mummy Mum  . .  .  as I can’t wait to hear what they’d like to banish!

So what do you think of my choices? Do you agree? What would you put in your own Room 101

28 thoughts on “An accidentally “M” themed Room 101 – A good excuse for a rant!

    1. I won't ban you from my blog – just know if you ever visit me that they are banned from my house (much to Dave's disappointment as I have inadvertently married a mushroom lover!)

  1. My husbands old housemate was PETRIFIED of mushrooms. they had some growing on th back lawn and he wouldn't use the front door to the house. was too scared to walk past them! Moths are kind of cute though…

  2. I am SO with you on the moths! I hate them – horrible horrible creatures.

    Next time you see her ask Kelly about the situation when she had to rescue me from a room full of the nasty things.

  3. Aww I really need to do my Room 101 post – I think I have too many to list. I agree with you on Gove – I'll not even get in to ranting about him! Mushrooms – I like them as long as they are not overcooked – if they are they can look a little bit like slugs – urgh. Moths are just bonkers aren't they. Great post! x 🙂

  4. ARGHHHHHH MOTHS!!! *cry* I'd put them in Room 101 and set it on fire to make sure they were all dead! Been attacked by a few this summer! Glad they don't come in of a Winter.

    Kate H

  5. Moths are creepy aren't they, yet I prefer butterflies. Maybe because they are prettier and less….fuzzy than Moths *shudders* Not a big fungus fan myself, ever since having to study them in Uni Yucky! And I've NO idea who Mr Gove is, lol!

    Thanks for linking up to #MMWBH xx

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