Bobux Outback Boots – Review

You might well know that am an avid avoider of pink when it comes to clothes for my girls.  This extends to their footwear as well.  Shopping for non pink / purple shoes can be a flipping nightmare.  What I don’t understand is why anyone would buy pink shoes anyway – they’re hardly neutral are they?  Anyway, whilst exploring the Bobux website I was pleased to find a wide range of shoes in all sorts of different colours!  Kid in a sweet shop springs to mind!  At first I was going to buy red boots for them but after some consideration decided that navy was a more “sensible” purchase for their new boots as it really would go with everything.

Dave has long since given up on my desire for occasionally dressing the girls in matching outfits so I ploughed ahead with matching boots – I mean seriously, how cute?!?  Twinning is winning and all that.

I was brought up on a bread and butter diet of Clarks shoes myself and have always religiously had the kids’ feet measured and fitted in store but I’ve had a few less than fabulous experiences over the years which have damaged my trust a little.  This didn’t stop me being a little nervous about ordering the girls’ new boots online however the guys at Bobux give really clear instructions on how to measure your little one’s feet to ensure the perfect fit. (And of course if they don’t fit or you don’t like them you can send them back for an exchange or refund)

As soon as the girls’ new Bobux Outback boots arrived I was desperate to get them on their feet to check if they fit – and pretty gutted that I couldn’t have a pair too!  Just look how gorgeous they are – they’re pretty much the perfect Chelsea boot but with extra grip for the rubbish weather.  Bobux – I want a pair (and judging by the response on my instagram feed I’m not the only one!)


I’m pleased to say the girls love their Bobux outback boots just as much as I do!  They fit perfectly and go with pretty much everything – leggings, dresses, shorts and tights, jeans . . . yep, pretty much everything.  We’ve had so many compliments on the girls’ boots and one friend has since been out and bought a pair for her own daughter, and who can blame her?

What we love about them: 
* The colour – they’re such a gorgeous shade of navy (and available in all sorts of other gorgeous colours too!)
* They’re super stylish and go with pretty much the entirety of the girls’ wardrobes (as I’ve been showing on instagram!)
* They fit beautifully with plenty of wiggle room for growing toes
* Plenty of grip for wet Autumn days
* Bobux design footwear to mimic the natural freedom of bare-feet – (yep I still want some!)
* Chloe managed to scuff her boots pretty easily (doing Parkour – yes really) – but they’ve come up a treat with a bit of polish so I’m confident that they will last well
* The zip on the inside of the boots allows Chloe to get her own shoes on and off easily (and unfortunately does mean that Amy can take hers off too when she feels like it!)
What we’re not so keen on: 
* They can be a bit of a squeeze to get on but Amy has learned to “wiggle wiggle” as she gets her feet in!

Bobux – we love you!!  If you’re in the market for shoes that care for your children’s growing feet (and why wouldn’t you be?) in a range of fashionable styles and colours then Bobux need to be your first port of call.  (Check them out on instagram, facebook and twitter as well as their website.)

*Disclaimer – We received the girls’ Bobux Outback Boots free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

45 thoughts on “Bobux Outback Boots – Review

  1. These look great. They actually look like they might withstand some wear and tear! Plus they do really look like they will go with plenty of outfits, I have a tendency to but all the "pretty" and colourful shoes only to find that my daughter hardly ever wears them as they don't go with many outfits! #triedandtested

  2. they look so fab! We reviewed the gold Lucky Lacey boots from Bobux and Big Red seems to much more comfortable in them than any other boots we have bought her in the past! They have a side zip so are a little easier to get on. I love these though… I may have to order some as the colour goes with anything!

  3. I love the look of these boots! I must say we have at least something pink on Mias shoes and boots at the moment but I don't like full pink shoes at all! We too always shop at Clarks but have bought from a supermarket the last time as (due to bad timing) Mis wore her Clarks shoes a total of 4 times and for the price of them, its not enough!! 🙂


  4. oooo I love these. It's a long trek into my nearest city to get measured up for clarks and it's always crazy busy. I'd happily explore different options for the kids shoe shopping #triedtested

  5. Love, love, love these! It's so nice to find shoes that are top quality but a little bit different to the styles avaialble in Clarkes (which are very good, don't get me wrong but not always the most stylish!)
    I too was an big anti pink and anti blue with my children; I didn't want to conform to stereotypes. Good for you!
    Thnx for hosting

  6. I do love barefoot shoes, although we've never had bobux in the past. The boys shoes haven't quite been my cup of tea. But these boots look lovely – and sturdy enough for kids to play in over the winter weather

  7. Funnily enough I bought a pair of Bobux shoes for my 18 month old yesterday! Hadn't heard of the brand before (we go to an indy child's shoe shop) but they are beautiful, the leather is so soft and the grip of the sole is excellent and they fit so well, supporting her ankles and little feet. I love them, total convert. I had no idea they did boots as well but will look for them!

  8. Not heard of Bobux before, but they look pretty cool. I'm also now hanging my head in shame as Toddler L has a pair of pink Kicker boots, pair of pink Converse and a pair of purple Converse. Are you going to disown me now?!

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