Bobux Spring Range 2016 – Review

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I was browsing the Bobux Spring range recently – for two reasons; firstly it’s all flipping gorgeous and I’d quite like to be able to wear much of it myself but secondly, this latest range sees the launch of Kid+ which caters for 5-8yr olds (ish) and means that I can get my big two back in super stylish Bobux!

Now you all know I love a bit of navy right?  I also hate pink.  My girls never wear pink and I’ve never been able to get my head around the fact that the shops are always full of pink shoes – how are they practical? Surely they don’t go with everything?  Anyway, the Bobux spring range is packed with colour and style – yes there’s pink if you want it but there also navy, red, tan, green, leopard print and even flipping unicorns if that tickles your fancy!

Bobux spring range

I must admit I was sorely tempted to pick out matching shoes for the girls as I loved it when they had the same Bobux Outback boots a while back however, in the interests of showing you more of the range, we decided to pick out different but coordinating shoes.  Usually I just pick out the kids’ clothes myself but this time Dave gave a helping hand, choosing Ben a pair of high tops (which I then promptly mis-ordered and he got the the low top version but to be honest that’s probably better for this time of year anyway).  We chose Chloe a pair of really tidy looking navy sneaks which remind me of my beloved Puma Mostros which I wore to death in my early twenties.  Finally we chose Amy the rather aptly named “Rascal” which is a pump similar in style to a Converse or Adidas Shell Toe and I won’t deny being a little bit in love with the navy spot colour way we chose for her!

kids running in bobux spring range

I wish I’d recorded Ben’s reaction when he first opened his shoes.  Let me try to replicate it for you . . .

“Wow! They’re sick Mum! They’re so cool! Yes! Thanks Mum!! These are so sick” 

Roughly translated it was safe to say that Ben loved his new trainers as much as Dave and I had done when we ordered them!  What really made me smile was when he first wore them and clearly had that Peter Kay moment of “how fast can you run in new trainers” before telling me that it was like he had nothing on his feet and it felt like he was running in his socks – that would be the super lightweight, flexible sole that Bobux are so proud of then Ben!

bobux kid+

bobux kid+ spring range

Now I must admit that Chloe doesn’t love her shoes as much as I do but I guess they’re not quite as girly as she’d have liked but I’ve explained that sometimes she needs to wear jeans or leggings and that her tan boots are not always practical so she relented and actually once she’s worn them I think she realised that they were a great choice!  The velcro fastening means they’re really easy for her to put on herself and to make sure they are tight enough.

Amy’s Rascal pumps are just so flipping cute – I love the combination of elastic laces and velcro strap which means they look more grown up but Amy is able to put her shoes on independently (as a Mum of three I can tell you this is important in a morning!).  The bright white toe section and spotty design lift the shoe and make it feel really spring-ready after a winter of wellies and dark boots.

All in the new Bobux range is a big hit in our household, our only complaint is that Mummy & Daddy can’t have a pair too!

*We were sent the Bobux shoes free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*


31 thoughts on “Bobux Spring Range 2016 – Review

  1. I adore the whole range and actually I almost picked out matching ones for mine too but in the end they both wanted different characters anyway. Such great shoes and yes – why are there none in our size 🙂 x

  2. I really like Bobux, stylish and practical. I often shop for my daughter’s shoes in the boys’ section, because of all the pinks and purples, not that I dislike those colours. I love the squiggly print the best.

    Yvadney x #ALivelyStyle

  3. Lovely shoes! I love the Rascal pumps, my Mia would love them! However I cant see the white toes staying white for long! The shoes themselves look really good quality and robust, so will hopefully last a long while! 🙂


  4. Gorge, gorge and gorge! What gorgeous shoes
    I can also imagine Ben’s little voice saying “they’re sick” as this is a phrase my children are using too…very strange but hey, that’s their language! hahaha

    I’m not a fan or girls or boys shoes either, or that girls must wear pink. It frustrates me and often the girls shoes are more flimsey and not as durable as shoes for boys. Why people think girls don’t need hard wearing shoes I will never understand!

    Thanks for hosting #TriedTested

  5. I love Bobux unique style. You can spot it a mile off and I love the scandi vibe of some of the prints too. I spent ages searching through their website last night and it’s hard too choose just one pair as they are all gorgeous. We went for the unicorn ones in the end, I can’t wait to try them on Sophia.

    Jodie x

  6. These sound amazing! We also (try) stay away from pink. Every time people say I have such a cute boy.! She’s a girl! Well these shoes are exactly what I love. You completely sold me. Thanks

  7. I’ve obviously been missing out as I have never heard of this company but I am so glad I have now. I have actually nipped off to look at some shoes for my boy and become very distracted. He needs new shoes and so I will probably be back there again this evening! #TriedTested

  8. I haven’t heard of them, but they look brilliant and robust too! I’m always on the lookout for navy shoes for H, as she usually tries to pick the pale coloured ones or pink. I really don’t understand the whole unicorn thing either!
    Thanks for hosting #triedtested

  9. Lovely pictures and lovely shoes. They look great. I erm havent heard of them, but will certainly be taking a look as they look cool, comfy and practical. x #TriedTested

  10. These look fab! My youngest had a pair and they were really hard wearing. I have been meaning to get him another actually as the designs are really cute! #TriedTested

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