Make and Move Minibeasts – Review & Giveaway

I knew as soon as I saw Make and Move Minibeasts I knew that this was going to be one for Ben.  He loves building and creating things and has recently discovered the joy of Origami – don’t get me wrong he’s not a Japanese paper master by any stretch but he loves being able to follow the instructions and create a 3D model out of paper.

Make and Move Minibeasts

Make and Move Minibeasts by Sato Hisao contains twelve paper puppets for you to press out and play with.  The models are all ready to make so don’t need any cutting or sticking – no scissors or glue required (hurrah!).

The book is set out so that the simplest model (a grasshopper) comes first meaning you can steadily build your skills and confidence as you work your way through to the trickiest ( a stag beetle).

The first half of the book comprises of clear, colourful, step by step instructions on how to make each model with the second half of the book being made from a thin card and holding each of the models. It is bound in such a way as to ensure the whole book doesn’t just fall apart the first time you try to use it – though if your child is anything like Ben they will just want to build the full set of 12 minibeasts as soon as they can!

Make and Move Minibeasts - press out parts

Make and Move Minibeasts - clear instructions

Make and Move Minibeasts - fold to make

The book is aimed at age 6+ making it ideal for upper KS1 studying minibeasts as a topic this summer term!  Because the diagrams are supported with written instructions you might find you need to support younger children with this.  Ben is 7 and a half and had no trouble whatsoever with following the instructions and making the first few models in the book.  I’m sure his experience of LEGO building probably had something to do with that!

We found the models to be of really good quality, Ben was able to press the parts out without damaging them and put them together to creat surprisingly sturdy minibeasts with moving parts.

Make and Move Minibeasts - grasshopper & spider models

Ben loves the Make and Move Minibeats so much he’s decided he’s going to buy himself Make and Move Robots too!

If you’d like to enter to win a copy of Make and Move Minibeasts just complete the Rafflecopter below.  Please take care to do this accurately to avoid disqualification. 

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* We were provided with a copy of Make and Move Minibeasts free of charge for the purposes of review.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own*

Lacing Letters from Learning Resources – Review

Learning Resources have been on my radar for more years than I care to remember – pretty much since the start of my teaching career I think and we don’t need to talk about how long ago that was *ahem*.  Learning Resources products are commonplace in classrooms – providing fun, quality resources to support teaching and learning.  But, they’re not just for school!  In fact we have several of their products at home already.

The most recent addition to our Learning Resources collection is a tub of Lacing Letters.  A tub of ‘sounds’ (or graphemes to give them their technical term) which can be threaded onto laces to create words.  Now this isn’t just a standard set of letters – this particular tub contains sounds from Phases Two and Three of Letters and Sounds.  (‘Phonics’ is taught in “phases” which means that sounds are taught in a specific order and the Phase Two and Phase Three sounds are taught fairly early on in your child’s phonics education).

Learning Resources Lacing Letters - graphemes

If I’m honest I don’t actually know what Phase Chloe is on now, but I would think she’s somewhere along Phase 5 (and getting ready for her Year 1 Phonics Screening Check – but that’s another post entirely!)  When I gave Chloe the tub of Lacing Letters to have a play with, the first word she decided to spell was mountain which she must have been learning at school that week – otherwise it’s a really random choice!

Writing words with Lacing Letters from Learning Resources

Learning Resources Lacing Letters - writing names

She quickly realised that she needed to thread the letters on the the other way to normal so as to avoid writing her word backwards!  And we chatted a bit about making sure the letters were positioned the right way round too.

Threading Learning Resources Lacing Letters

The letters (or graphemes) are easy to handle and the threading laces benefit from a nice long tip meaning that Amy was perfectly able to thread the letters on for the sake of a fine motor skills activity working alongside her big sister!

The yellow laces have a long tip - Learning Resources Lacing Letters

The Lacing Letters tub contains 12 laces and four of of each grapheme making it ideal for small group work in a classroom situation – there’s also a little leaflet inside with some suggestions for activities if you’re lacking in inspiration!

At over £20 for the tub I would suggest they are probably a bit of an expensive investment to have at home when your child will quickly progress beyond Phase Three (though as Chloe proves, they are still useful further down the line) but for classroom use they’re fab!

*We were sent the Learning Resources Lacing Letters free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny – Review

Easter is on the horizon – this excites me for many reasons, the main one being two weeks off school with my babies but there’s also the chocolate . . .  Aunty Nic is exceptionally good friends with the Easter Bunny so we all get thoroughly spoiled at Easter.  Traditionally the Easter Bunny writes a letter to the kids and then hides goodies from the whole family around my parents’ garden for them to find.  I’m not quite sure how this will pan out this Easter as we’re going to be away – perhaps he will make an exception and set up his Easter egg hut on a different day.  Either way, the generosity of the Easter Bunny means that Dave and I don’t buy Easter chocolate for the kids.  Instead we tend to treat them to a new book or perhaps a top.  If you’re looking for an alternative treat this Easter then Amy has been testing out the  Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny for you!

Cuddlydry Snuggle Bunny

As £32.99 this isn’t a cheap present, in fact it isn’t a cheap towel either.  What it is though is the cutest, softest, fluffiest hooded towel you could wish for.  Hooded towels are usually the territory of babies (is there anything cuter than a freshly bathed baby wrapped in a snuggly hooded towel?) but they are quickly outgrown and I’ve always thought that was a bit of a shame – a hooded towel is so useful and so cosy!  (There’s a reason why Dave insists on a hood on his dressing gown!)

Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny - floppy ears

Amy fell in love with her Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny towel the moment she put it on – and I can see why.  The superfine microfibre is so ridiculously soft that it doesn’t even really feel like a towel, more like you’ve rolled out of the bath and into a super absorbent blanket!  She loves the hood with it’s floppy bunny ears and the little popper to keep it fastened on, oh and the bunny tail on the bag is a cute detail too!  It’s way easier to chuck the Snuggle Bunny towel on her and let her hop about for a few minutes than it is to wrangle her dry with a normal (somewhat rough) towel. Though, as Cuddledry themselves say, the problem comes when you want to catch her to take it off and get her dressed!  She thinks its hilarious to bounce around singing “Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop” – it was very cute the first time . . .

Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny

I had been a bit worried that the first time I washed the Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny towel that it would lose some of it’s softness but nope, it washes beautifully.

Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny

The Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny towel should fit children around age 3-6 years and at 3, it wraps around Amy generously – almost touching the floor so so hopefully she will get a couple of years of use out of it yet which, when you look at the old “cost per wear” means that the £30+ price tag isn’t quite so painful after all.

Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny

*We received the Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny hooded towel free of charge for the purposes of review.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own*

Mini Succulent Garden from Appleyard London – Review & Giveaway

Although I absolutely love flowers, I’ve got a little bit of a plant obsession at the moment (just another sign that I’m turning into my Mum) and I’m really enjoying buying little pots of greenery to dot around the house.  When Appleyard London got in touch and asked if I’d like to review a bouquet for Mother’s Day I decided to take a slightly different angle and rather than ordering from their gorgeous range of bouquets (tempting though they were) I chose the Mini Succulent Garden.

I know, succulents, instagram cliche right?  Pah I don’t care.  They’re cute and don’t take lots of looking after.  I also loved the idea that the Mini Succulent Garden would last for so much longer than fresh cut flowers.

My Mini Succulent Garden arrived by post, carefully packaged in a large box with plenty of bubble wrap.  Unfortunately the garden had suffered a little in transit.  It would seem compost doesn’t travel well, who’d have thought it?  Anyway, at first I was a little disappointed to see the compost everywhere and my little plants were loose in their home or had in fact come out completely.  I was able to pick a couple of them up to shake off the compost before re-planting them.  I couldn’t understand why they hadn’t been planted more firmly into the compost but with hindsight they probably had been and it was just a case of them only having little roots and the compost moving around quite a bit.  It only took me a few minutes to rearrange everything before giving them a quick drink but it was disappointing that it arrived looking such a mess as it lost some of the wow factor.

Mini Succulent Garden from Appleyard London - damaged in transit

As I’ve said, Mum loves plants, so I have a fairly passable knowledge in plant care – enough to know that a glass planter with no holes in the bottom could be difficult to maintain as you don’t want to the plants to become waterlogged.  Anyway, having read the care instructions which came with my Mini Succulent Garden it became clear that Appleyard London don’t intend for you to keep your succulents growing in their glass planter for very long – in fact the planter is designed to provide you with an indoor display for a few weeks after which it is suggested that healthy plants can be re-potted into individual pots to prolong their life.  Of course this now explains further why the plants weren’t planted more firmly in the first place.

Mini Succulent Garden from Appleyard London

Mini Succulent Garden in glass planter

When I first saw the Mini Succulent Garden on the Appleyard London website, I thought it would be ideal to go on my new desk in the dining room or perhaps in the middle of the dining table.  In reality the garden is much bigger than I expected – the “mini” referring more to the plants than the display itself!  (No, I didn’t think to check the measurements on the website first).  In the end I decided the dining room window was the best place for it – not just because it looked better there but also because the care instructions mentioned that a bright position on or near a windowsill was ideal.

Mini Succulent Garden from Appleyard London

I love the combination of plants in the Mini Succulent Garden – the different sizes, colours and textures make it really interesting to look at and hopefully, in a few weeks when I repot them all, I will have six healthy little specimens to find new homes for – I’ve already chosen which one I’ll be putting on my desk!

If you want to try out Appleyard London yourself (perhaps for Mother’s Day this weekend . . . ) then use code BGIFTS33 for 33% off.

Furthermore, I’ve teamed up with Appleyard London to be able to offer you the chance to win £35 online credit to spend on their website – perhaps you’d like the very trendy Mini Succulent Garden or a more traditional bouquet.  Just enter via the Rafflecopter below, ensuring the complete this accurately to avoid disqualification.

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Sands Alive Cake Shop – Review

Have you come across Sands Alive yet?  It’s the most bizarre substance – super-soft, non-toxic sand which is infinitely mould-able and clears up easily . . . it’s almost across between normal sand and play-doh but softer, and less messy.  Ben got a really small tub for Christmas which he enjoyed messing about with but the Sands Alive Cake Shop is our first proper foray into playing with this special sand.

Sands Alive Cake Shop

The Sands Alive Cake Shop from John Adams is available elusively in Argos and retails at just shy of £20.

Both girls were keen to get stuck in and make a start on their cakes!  There’s no instructions needed – just mould and go basically!

Sands Alive / kinetic sand

texture of Sands Alive kinetic sand

Sands Alive Cake Shop cake moulds

sands alive - fastening the cake mould togther

Sands Alive Cake Shop - almost good enough to eat!

Sisters playing with Sands Alive Cake Shop

Sands Alive - patterns with rolling pin

What we loved about it:

* It’s super soft and feels lovely in your hands
* It moulds really well – showing up intricate details from the cake moulds
* It’s all-natural materials so there shouldn’t be any reason for it to irritate the skin
* It doesn’t dry out – there’s no need for fancy storage containers
* The cake moulds and rolling pins are really easy for little hands to use
* It’s really easy to clean up – it picks up really easily and anything left will just sweep or hoover up, this stuff isn’t going to get trodden into your shag pile!

What we’re not so keen on:

* If you’re one of these that doesn’t like to have the play-doh colours mixed then this isn’t for you, after your first couple of cakes then the pink and white sand are just one big blob which didn’t offend my girls in the slightest but I can imagine it might set some people’s teeth on edge
* The price point is fairly high to my mind when you can make / buy Play Doh for a lot less, but for the novelty factor and the fact it’s easy to clean up maybe its worth it?
* Oh and you can’t eat it, no matter how tasty it looks!

All in, these two are big fans and are keen to get it out again for another play!

*We were sent the Sands Alive Cake Shop free of charge for the purpose of review*

Bobux Spring Range 2016 – Review

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I was browsing the Bobux Spring range recently – for two reasons; firstly it’s all flipping gorgeous and I’d quite like to be able to wear much of it myself but secondly, this latest range sees the launch of Kid+ which caters for 5-8yr olds (ish) and means that I can get my big two back in super stylish Bobux!

Now you all know I love a bit of navy right?  I also hate pink.  My girls never wear pink and I’ve never been able to get my head around the fact that the shops are always full of pink shoes – how are they practical? Surely they don’t go with everything?  Anyway, the Bobux spring range is packed with colour and style – yes there’s pink if you want it but there also navy, red, tan, green, leopard print and even flipping unicorns if that tickles your fancy!

Bobux spring range

I must admit I was sorely tempted to pick out matching shoes for the girls as I loved it when they had the same Bobux Outback boots a while back however, in the interests of showing you more of the range, we decided to pick out different but coordinating shoes.  Usually I just pick out the kids’ clothes myself but this time Dave gave a helping hand, choosing Ben a pair of high tops (which I then promptly mis-ordered and he got the the low top version but to be honest that’s probably better for this time of year anyway).  We chose Chloe a pair of really tidy looking navy sneaks which remind me of my beloved Puma Mostros which I wore to death in my early twenties.  Finally we chose Amy the rather aptly named “Rascal” which is a pump similar in style to a Converse or Adidas Shell Toe and I won’t deny being a little bit in love with the navy spot colour way we chose for her!

kids running in bobux spring range

I wish I’d recorded Ben’s reaction when he first opened his shoes.  Let me try to replicate it for you . . .

“Wow! They’re sick Mum! They’re so cool! Yes! Thanks Mum!! These are so sick” 

Roughly translated it was safe to say that Ben loved his new trainers as much as Dave and I had done when we ordered them!  What really made me smile was when he first wore them and clearly had that Peter Kay moment of “how fast can you run in new trainers” before telling me that it was like he had nothing on his feet and it felt like he was running in his socks – that would be the super lightweight, flexible sole that Bobux are so proud of then Ben!

bobux kid+

bobux kid+ spring range

Now I must admit that Chloe doesn’t love her shoes as much as I do but I guess they’re not quite as girly as she’d have liked but I’ve explained that sometimes she needs to wear jeans or leggings and that her tan boots are not always practical so she relented and actually once she’s worn them I think she realised that they were a great choice!  The velcro fastening means they’re really easy for her to put on herself and to make sure they are tight enough.

Amy’s Rascal pumps are just so flipping cute – I love the combination of elastic laces and velcro strap which means they look more grown up but Amy is able to put her shoes on independently (as a Mum of three I can tell you this is important in a morning!).  The bright white toe section and spotty design lift the shoe and make it feel really spring-ready after a winter of wellies and dark boots.

All in the new Bobux range is a big hit in our household, our only complaint is that Mummy & Daddy can’t have a pair too!

*We were sent the Bobux shoes free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*


Vosene Kids & Nits – Review

Nits.  Pretty much a rite of passage for any school child.  But still grim.

To be honest I think it’s something of a miracle that I’ve taught for almost fourteen years and had kids in childcare for six of those, without getting them before now.

The pesky little blighters finally made their unwanted appearance back in September of last year and we fought a losing battle through till Christmas.  The only times we seemed to be properly free of them was in the school holidays so, although I was treating and combing till I almost lost the will to live, someone in Chloe’s class clearly wasn’t doing the same.

Of course, when it comes to head lice, prevention is better than cure.  From Chloe’s very first day at Nursery I insisted that she wore her hair tied up and that has been the rule ever since.  Neither girl ever wears their hair loose for school.  Ever.  (And the odd time Chloe has dared to take her bobble out she’s had a rocket up her I can tell you!)

Along with keeping their hair tied up and the occasional spritz of hair spray (which apparently makes it more difficult for lice to hold onto your hair) we’ve also been trying out the Vosene Kids Head Lice Prevention Shampoo and Conditioning Defence Spray.

Vosene Kids head lice prevention range

The Vosene Kids Head Lice Prevention Shampoo is super easy to use and is basically just like any other shampoo except it contains natural tea tree oil and lemon eucalyptus oil which head lice just don’t like!  Chlo really likes the smell of it and we found that it cleaned her hair up beautifully without appearing to irritate her sensitive scalp.  If I’m honest I’m not sure what the “3 in 1” is in reference too, I had thought perhaps it contained conditioner but  apparently not.  I can’t find any information about it but I’m assuming it must be to do with the ingredients that the nits don’t like?!  Either way, we like it so if there’s a cat in hell’s chance that it might save us from a nit infestation we’re going to keep on using it!

Little girl washing her hair with Vosene Kids head lice prevention shampoo

Vosene Kids head lice prevention shampoo

bamboo towel as turban

Once the hair has been towel dried, you can spray it with Vosene Kids Conditioning Defence Spray – this leave in conditioning spray should be spritzed on, rubbed in and then dried.  Whilst it’s easy enough to apply I’m afraid I can’t stand the smell – I think it must be the citronella which I took offence too as I don’t mind tea tree oil.  Chloe never complained though so it’s definitely a case of personal taste.

Vosene Kids head lice defence spray

Unfortunately the conditioning spray doesn’t really suit Chloe’s hair – we found it left her hair a bit dull and lank which, combined with the lingering fragrance, meant it’s not something we’d carry on using.

So all in, can I prove that the Vosene Kids range is working to prevent nits?  No of course, I can’t but when you’ve spent a full term combing and treating your daughter’s hair every week you will take you chances so I’m going to carry on using the shampoo, cross my fingers and hope for the best!

(Sorry for making you itch!!)

*We were sent these samples from the Vosene Kids range free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

Cox & Cox Desk Lamp – Review

Cox & Cox desk lamp

I’m going to hold my hands up now and admit that I’m more than a little bit in love with my new Cox & Cox desk lamp.  There I’ve said it.

Having my own work-space is still something of a novelty and I’m still working on the details (I will write properly about my work-space as a whole once it’s properly finished) but I absolutely love being able to come and sit down in my own little corner and get on with my work without distractions.  (Well as far as is possible in this house anyway!)

work space with Cox & Cox desk lamp

Although our dining room is one of the brighter rooms of our house, I’m often working in the evenings so adding a desk lamp seemed like a sensible decision.

Choosing my lamp wasn’t difficult at all, all my new office furniture is white and I’m keen to keep the space as bright and clean as possible, so the moment  I saw this beautiful matt white & copper detailed desk lamp I knew it was going to be perfect!

The simple domed shade and round base are stylish but unobtrusive in my work space while the copper coloured details and the black and white fabric flex just give it a touch something that lifts it from entirely practical to contemporary and desirable!

Cox & Cox desk lamp

Although the desk lamp is adjustable to a point, you do need to be super careful to maintain it’s position as detailed in the packaging otherwise it’s at risk of falling over.  The first time I tried to use it, Dave had just put the bulb in and I moved it but obviously hadn’t tightened it properly and it collapsed on me breaking the bulb but thankfully not damaging the lamp itself or my laptop – I learned to be super cautious with it after that and actually just don’t touch it at all now it’s where I need it to be!

Cox & Cox desk lamp - lit

Do you love my new lamp as much as I do?  What else would you add to my work space?

I promise to share some more details from our dining room revamp soon!

* I was sent this Cox & Cox desk lamp free of charge for the purposes of review, all thoughts and opinions remain my own*

Bamboo Towels from The Towel Shop – Review & Giveaway

super soft white bamboo towels from The Towel Shop

As part of our extension project, we gained a new bathroom with an enormous walk in shower.  Now I’d love to be able to show you lots of gorgeous photos of this new bathroom of ours but at the moment there is a massive mirror standing in the shower waiting to be put on the wall – it’s too big to take back downstairs again safely so it’s going to have to sit there until Dad and Dave can put it up together.  In the meantime Dave and I are back to using the main bathroom with the kids.  However, this post isn’t about the bathroom – this is about our new towels!

Nothing will make your bathroom feel more luxurious than super soft, fluffy new towels.  All the towels in our house are fairly old now, so it seemed only right that we’d treat ourselves to some new towels to go in the new bathroom. We’ve been fairly bold with the colour in our bathroom – the walls are painted a lovely minty green (I promise I will write a proper post about the room when it’s finished!) – which means I’ve gone for simple, plain white towels.
stack of white Bamboo Towels from The Towel Shop

I don’t know about you but I always find that over time my towels become more and more sandpaper-like – especially if I’ve line dried them.  So I’m always keen to find towels which stay soft and absorbent.  In an effort to try something different we’re giving bamboo towels a try this time rather than our usual cotton.  Apparently bamboo fibres are 3x more absorbent than cotton and are really environmentally friendly due to the super fast growth rate and the fact that it takes up much less space to grow than cotton.

The Towel Shop sent us a set of their 600GSM Bamboo Collection towels to try out (face cloth, hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet).  From first touch you can feel just how incredibly soft they are . . .

super soft white bamboo towels from The Towel Shop

And then when you pick them up you are immediately struck by the weight of them.  They just feel so heavy and sumptuous, like proper hotel towels!  Then, as an added bonus, they’re a really great size.  The bath sheet is flipping enormous and wraps all the way around me comfortably (I’m a size 18/20 so this isn’t a normal occurrence with towels!)

bamboo towel as turban

Chloe got first use of the hand towel when we needed to dry her hair but she needn’t get used to it, these towels are for grown ups only in our house thanks very much!  They’re great value, priced from less than £1 for a face cloth through to around £15 for a bath sheet – I’m definitely going to be buying a couple more of those!

If you’d like to enter to win your own set of Bamboo Collection Towels in the colour of your choice (subject to availability of course) then just complete the rafflecopter ensuring to do this accurately to avoid disqualification)
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JORD Wooden Watch – Review

Happy child and Jord watch

The other day we got a large cube shaped package delivered to our house.  This in itself is nothing new.  Our house is a miniature Parcel Force depot most days of the week!  On this occasion though the package felt….. interesting.  I was intrigued.  When Colette opened the package it revealed a large wooden box.  Even more intriguing!  Inside the box was a watch!  A blinking wooden watch!  Well, it wasn’t literally blinking, but Colette won’t let me swear on here so I’m sticking with blinking as an adjective!  A wooden watch is something you don’t see every day.  I have never seen one.  It looks cool.

Colette had ordered a unisex JORD Frankie series watch for herself but as luck would have it, the face was a bit big for her wrist (as I kept telling her!) meaning she eventually, and grudgingly, passed it to me.  Hand-me-downs are sometimes ace!  Now as Colette had ordered it for herself she’d ordered the Dark Sandalwood & Smoke colour way.  This has the potential to look a bit girly on a big burly man’s wrist, but luckily I’m in touch with my feminine side and I can rock a bit of rose gold.  It matches my hair.  And before you say ‘What’s left of it Dave!’ I mean my beard!

Jord Watch - Smoke and Sandalwood

Now you can order your watch pre-adjusted to fit, however even though Colette used the guide to decide what size she needed, when it arrived it was very loose on her wrist and it was even a bit big when I got it.  I removed one of the links and now it fits well.  Not perfectly.  My wrist is unfortunately between links which means it is a little loose but it’s always better to be a little bigger than smaller.

The JORD Frankie watch has a large face which is very much the fashion nowadays.  It’s not an overly fussy face.  There’s no extra dials to complicate the aesthetic.  There’s just the one knob on the side to set the time.  The face is gleaming and polished like a mirror meaning you can see the reflection of the hands moving, and the raised roman numerals around the outside of the face, in the lip on the inside of the face.  This is something which I’m not sure anyone else would care about, but I really liked it and spent at least five minutes staring at the reflections from different angles.  Maybe it was more like ten minutes.  I should have timed myself really.  The equipment was right there.

Jord Watch on Daddy's wrist

As I mentioned before, the colour way that Colette ordered has rose gold detailing, but against the dark wood of the strap and body of the watch I think the details look a bit copperish (much like me) and the contrast really makes the face stand out.  It looks striking.  No bad thing.  So the looks are a win for me.  The oddity of it being made from wood doesn’t end with the aesthetic though.  The other thing you will notice is it’s astoundingly light!  If you’re used to metal watches, as I am, then this will take a little while to become the norm but it does.

JORD provide you with care instructions.  The watch is splash proof but not waterproof and you have to be careful of sudden changes in temperature as this can make the wood swell or contract.  Possibly damaging the wood or the mechanisms.  I don’t envisage the temperature changes being much of a problem in this country but if you lived somewhere really cold then maybe this wouldn’t be the greatest.  The non-waterproofing will have to be managed as rain is a constant threat living in Manchester.  It’s recommended that you treat the wooden parts every six months with a finishing oil.

Happy child and Jord watch

So I’ve got a handsome timepiece but a slightly miffed missus.  At least she gets to tell people she got it for me, which means she’s got good taste.  We’re both winners really.

If you love Dave’s watch as much as he does, you can enter to win $100 gift code to spend with JORD (the code will expire on 30/04/2017 so don’t spend too long choosing if you win!)

*We were sent the JORD watch free of charge for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions are Dave’s own*

Luxury Wooden Watch