Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny – Review

Easter is on the horizon – this excites me for many reasons, the main one being two weeks off school with my babies but there’s also the chocolate . . .  Aunty Nic is exceptionally good friends with the Easter Bunny so we all get thoroughly spoiled at Easter.  Traditionally the Easter Bunny writes a letter to the kids and then hides goodies from the whole family around my parents’ garden for them to find.  I’m not quite sure how this will pan out this Easter as we’re going to be away – perhaps he will make an exception and set up his Easter egg hut on a different day.  Either way, the generosity of the Easter Bunny means that Dave and I don’t buy Easter chocolate for the kids.  Instead we tend to treat them to a new book or perhaps a top.  If you’re looking for an alternative treat this Easter then Amy has been testing out the  Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny for you!

Cuddlydry Snuggle Bunny

As £32.99 this isn’t a cheap present, in fact it isn’t a cheap towel either.  What it is though is the cutest, softest, fluffiest hooded towel you could wish for.  Hooded towels are usually the territory of babies (is there anything cuter than a freshly bathed baby wrapped in a snuggly hooded towel?) but they are quickly outgrown and I’ve always thought that was a bit of a shame – a hooded towel is so useful and so cosy!  (There’s a reason why Dave insists on a hood on his dressing gown!)

Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny - floppy ears

Amy fell in love with her Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny towel the moment she put it on – and I can see why.  The superfine microfibre is so ridiculously soft that it doesn’t even really feel like a towel, more like you’ve rolled out of the bath and into a super absorbent blanket!  She loves the hood with it’s floppy bunny ears and the little popper to keep it fastened on, oh and the bunny tail on the bag is a cute detail too!  It’s way easier to chuck the Snuggle Bunny towel on her and let her hop about for a few minutes than it is to wrangle her dry with a normal (somewhat rough) towel. Though, as Cuddledry themselves say, the problem comes when you want to catch her to take it off and get her dressed!  She thinks its hilarious to bounce around singing “Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop” – it was very cute the first time . . .

Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny

I had been a bit worried that the first time I washed the Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny towel that it would lose some of it’s softness but nope, it washes beautifully.

Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny

The Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny towel should fit children around age 3-6 years and at 3, it wraps around Amy generously – almost touching the floor so so hopefully she will get a couple of years of use out of it yet which, when you look at the old “cost per wear” means that the £30+ price tag isn’t quite so painful after all.

Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny

*We received the Cuddledry Snuggle Bunny hooded towel free of charge for the purposes of review.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own*

Bobux Spring Range 2016 – Review

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I was browsing the Bobux Spring range recently – for two reasons; firstly it’s all flipping gorgeous and I’d quite like to be able to wear much of it myself but secondly, this latest range sees the launch of Kid+ which caters for 5-8yr olds (ish) and means that I can get my big two back in super stylish Bobux!

Now you all know I love a bit of navy right?  I also hate pink.  My girls never wear pink and I’ve never been able to get my head around the fact that the shops are always full of pink shoes – how are they practical? Surely they don’t go with everything?  Anyway, the Bobux spring range is packed with colour and style – yes there’s pink if you want it but there also navy, red, tan, green, leopard print and even flipping unicorns if that tickles your fancy!

Bobux spring range

I must admit I was sorely tempted to pick out matching shoes for the girls as I loved it when they had the same Bobux Outback boots a while back however, in the interests of showing you more of the range, we decided to pick out different but coordinating shoes.  Usually I just pick out the kids’ clothes myself but this time Dave gave a helping hand, choosing Ben a pair of high tops (which I then promptly mis-ordered and he got the the low top version but to be honest that’s probably better for this time of year anyway).  We chose Chloe a pair of really tidy looking navy sneaks which remind me of my beloved Puma Mostros which I wore to death in my early twenties.  Finally we chose Amy the rather aptly named “Rascal” which is a pump similar in style to a Converse or Adidas Shell Toe and I won’t deny being a little bit in love with the navy spot colour way we chose for her!

kids running in bobux spring range

I wish I’d recorded Ben’s reaction when he first opened his shoes.  Let me try to replicate it for you . . .

“Wow! They’re sick Mum! They’re so cool! Yes! Thanks Mum!! These are so sick” 

Roughly translated it was safe to say that Ben loved his new trainers as much as Dave and I had done when we ordered them!  What really made me smile was when he first wore them and clearly had that Peter Kay moment of “how fast can you run in new trainers” before telling me that it was like he had nothing on his feet and it felt like he was running in his socks – that would be the super lightweight, flexible sole that Bobux are so proud of then Ben!

bobux kid+

bobux kid+ spring range

Now I must admit that Chloe doesn’t love her shoes as much as I do but I guess they’re not quite as girly as she’d have liked but I’ve explained that sometimes she needs to wear jeans or leggings and that her tan boots are not always practical so she relented and actually once she’s worn them I think she realised that they were a great choice!  The velcro fastening means they’re really easy for her to put on herself and to make sure they are tight enough.

Amy’s Rascal pumps are just so flipping cute – I love the combination of elastic laces and velcro strap which means they look more grown up but Amy is able to put her shoes on independently (as a Mum of three I can tell you this is important in a morning!).  The bright white toe section and spotty design lift the shoe and make it feel really spring-ready after a winter of wellies and dark boots.

All in the new Bobux range is a big hit in our household, our only complaint is that Mummy & Daddy can’t have a pair too!

*We were sent the Bobux shoes free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*


Polarn O. Pyret Yellow Shell Jacket

Yellow hooded coat

It’s no secret that I love a bit of navy but I’ve learned the hard way that it’s probably not the best choice for my kids’ coats!  Ben, Chloe and Amy all had beautiful navy coats last year – they were super smart and really practical (by which I mean they don’t show the dirt!) but when it comes to spotting them in the school playground they are a nightmare!  Believe me, when you’re trying to keep your eye on three kids running in different directions, navy coats are not the one.  I decided that in the future, I would make sure I bought them much brighter winter coats (even though I know I’m going to end up washing them far more often – grubby cuffs are guaranteed!)

As as result, when I was browsing the Polarn O. Pyret website I was immediately drawn to a beautiful bright yellow shell jacket for Amy.  (As well as swooning over a whole array of navy striped items – I know, I know, I can’t help myself!)

Amy in yellow coat

In true Mum style, I ordered Amy’s coat in age 3-4 with the hope that it would be just nicely too big to get plenty of wear out of it and to make sure it would fit over big jumpers and cardigans as the colder months approach.

Amy on climbing frame

I’m pleased to say that it fits exactly as I hoped – there’s plenty of room in it for extra layers (in fact it is designed to work with a Polarn O. Pyret fleece jacket underneath for year round wearability!) and the adjustable hem and cuffs means she doesn’t look like she’s drowning in it, nor will her coat get in the way of her adventures!

adjustable cuffs

Aside from the beautiful bright yellow being really easy to spot in a crowd, the coat features discreet reflective strips for increased visibility which is fantastic for those dreary autumnal school runs – and I know my Grandad would certainly have approved!

Although at first glance I thought this lightweight, waterproof coat was probably more suited to the heavy showers of the autumn and spring, I’m increasingly convinced that it’s going to see Amy right through the winter.  The warm windpoof fabric is breathable and flexible for comfort but also extra durable so I know it’s going to last her for as long as it fits (and still be in great condition for passing on to my friend’s twins!)

Amy climbing

The hood is detachable and features an adjustable tab at the back to allow for the perfect fit, there’s nothing worse than a hood which gets in the way of you being able to see properly.  The small peak and lightly elasticated sides means it’s also less likely to fall down when you’re running home from school in the rain!  (I can’t be the only one who has raced home from school holding hoods to children’s heads!)

Yellow hooded coat

adjustable hood

I guess the only downside is that whilst the coat is machine washable, the yellow is going to show the muck on a major scale – on balance though I think this is a small price to pay in comparison to her being super visible!

Amy yellow coat

We were sent this coat free of charge for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions remain our own

Trunki Paddlepak – Review

Ben has been learning to swim for a couple of years now but he has never had a ‘proper’ swimming bag – we’ve always just chucked his things in whatever we had to hand, usually a supermarket “bag for life” type thing.  It does the job but it’s not exactly exciting.

We were asked to review the new Trunki Paddlepak and I knew immediately that it would be great for Ben’s swimming kit.  I showed him the website and asked him which bag he would like “That one please Mum, the shark.”  I didn’t have the heart to tell him the one he had chosen was actually a killer whale – besides I was secretly quite pleased he’d chosen that one as I really liked the look of it.

When the bag arrived I was struck by how light it was – but I also thought it seemed quite small and worried that we wouldn’t get much in it.  I needn’t have been concerned.  Ben was so excited when he saw the bag that he rushed off to grab all his swimming gear and pack his bag ready for his next lesson (almost a whole week away!)  We were easily able to fit in a large beach towel, swimming trunks, talcum powder & swimming hat with plenty of room to spare.

Features of Trunki Paddlepak

The bag is packed with features – the most notable being the water-resistant fabric and the roll top closure to prevent water getting in (or out!)

What we love:

* The Trunki Paddlepak is lightweight and of a good size to make it comfortable for a child to carry

* The shoulder straps are easily adjustable which is great as I find backpacks often seem to trail down kids’ backs

* Reflective patches on the straps are a great safety feature but fit in with the design beautifully

* It’s deceptively spacious – Ben was easily able to fit all his clothes & shoes in during his swimming lesson (and you can imagine that he hadn’t really folded them!)

* It’s water-resistant – ideal for a soggy swimming kit!

* The roll top is easy for Ben to fasten by himself and also stops water getting in or out

* There’s a handy mesh side pocket “for a drink” according to Ben.

* The back of the bag is padded for comfort and also covered with mesh to stop it being sweaty

* There’s a handy internal pocket

* The tail forms a dry zip pocket which we found useful for popping some change in for the locker

* The “Trunki Grip” makes for a handy place to keep your sunglasses – a feature which Ben though was really cool

* A loop for hanging the Trunki Paddlepak up on a hook

What we’re not so keen on:

The only downside for me is that Chloe loves Ben’s Paddlepak so much I’m going to have to buy her one too when she starts her swimming lessons!  In all seriousness there isn’t anything I would change about the Paddlepak – I’m hugely impressed by it.

Trunki Paddlepak Killer Whale

Ben was excited to try his new bag – the biggest bonus here was that it meant he carried his own bag to swimming instead of me having to carry it!  Although we have used the Trunki Paddlepak for Ben’s swimming kit he also reckoned it would be good for school or adventures and I have to agree.  According to Ben “It’s the coolest bag ever” and who am I to argue with that?

Trunki Paddlepak

If you’d like to find out more about Trunki you can seek them out in the following places:




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*Disclaimer – We were sent the Trunki Paddlepak free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions are our own*