Siblings – April 2017

Continuing on a theme this year, Amy is still being a complete toad when it come to having her photo taken with her siblings.  She’s not daft, she knows exactly what I want her to do but thinks it’s hilarious to hide her face or just run off as I’ve got everyone in place.  And that just about sums Bo up at the moment.  She’s so full of cheek and constantly giggling.

Ben finds this almost as frustrating as I do, he knows that he just needs to get the job done quickly so he can go back to whatever LEGO model he was building or Minecraft world he was creating.

This month’s Siblings photos were taken in Whitby when we had a family day out for my birthday.  They were all so excited, so giddy to be by the sea and feel the sunshine on their faces for the first time in what felt like forever.

If ever a set of images showed how hard it is to photograph three children at once, this is it!

Our Easter holidays have been punctuated by bickering – shouting and screeching at each other over something and nothing.  All quickly forgotten again of course and normal service resumed.  I imagine this will be the theme for the next fifteen or so years . . .

The Me and Mine Project

Siblings – March 2017

Last month I wrote about how Amy was being a bit of a tinker when I was trying to take our monthly Siblings photos . . . sadly this month was no better!

We dashed out to the park last Monday after school to take full advantage of the sunshine – I had review photos I needed to take and I wanted to take the chance to get some nice photos for this month’s post.  Unfortunately Amy wasn’t playing ball so I had to snap quickly meaning the light isn’t great at all and I don’t particularly love any of the photos I took, none of them seemed to be quite what I was aiming for.

What I have got is a set of photos which encapsulates their relationship right now – Chloe trying to do the right thing, Amy being a bit of a pain and Ben being all grown up and sensible.  (Please don’t think this is par for the course – he’s still very much a silly seven year old boy with just a hint of maturity when he feels like it!)  I must admit I do have a soft spot for this first one, which makes me smile because you can see Amy trying to ‘dab’ just like her big bro and I like the light and shadows!

Siblings March 2017

Fingers crossed the promise of spring sunshine which is in the air will mean that we get out a whole lot more of the next few weeks – we have an exciting trip planned for Easter so I should think we’ll have lots of lovely photos and stories to share come the middle of the next month when Siblings Project time rolls around again!

The Me and Mine Project

Siblings – February 2017

As a mum of three, there is always the worry that someone will be left out.  That one child won’t be part of the game, understand the joke or know the secrets.  For the most part this isn’t something that happens in our house.  For the most part they are a team.  They play together.  They laugh together.  They love together.

This month, for the first time, I’ve been more aware of the big two choosing to play games that they don’t want Amy to play, of them not wanting Amy to come in their rooms and “mess things up”.  Whether this is more evident because it’s actually happening more or often or if it’s just that she’s wanting to join in more than she has before so it feels more obvious I’m not honestly sure.  I’m not overly concerned about it, I know things will come good again and it’s not a constant state, just happening more at the moment than it usually does.

We are lucky that, being so close in age, they do mostly like to do the same things.  They don’t argue too much over the TV (though obviously Ben would rather be watching CBBC than Cbeebies these days) and they enjoy the same sort of things when we we go on an adventure.  Their needs are fairly similar.  They argue and bicker like most siblings do I’m sure but it’s not their default setting.  Their default setting is one of love and laughter.

I can’t tell you how hard it was to get my Siblings photos this month – We’ve spent a lot of time indoors over the last few weeks and I purposely left them till the last minute knowing that it should be easy to get some photos at half term, especially as we’d be out and the weather should be ok.  What is it they say about best laid plans?

Gorgeous lighting, gorgeous setting and one small hangry child who really didn’t want to have her photo taken thanks very much.

“Right ok Amy, lunch then photos?”

“Yep Mummy, I’m just sad.  We can do photos after lunch.”

Thanks to a bit of a feast at Jamie’s Italian (kids eat free in half term whoop!) Amy was in a much better mood when we tried again but still didn’t really want to comply!  She was full of beans (or perhaps sugar) and just wanted to chase around in pretty much the opposite direction to Ben and Chloe who were trying their best to just get the photos done.  Anyway, thanks to Ben we finally managed to get them all in the same place and I think this set of photos says it all – Chloe with her “Quick, just get the shot” face and Amy giggling away at all the fuss she’s caused . . .

Siblings - February 2017

Siblings - February 2017

Siblings - February 2017

Siblings - February 2017

Siblings - February 2017

Siblings - February 2017

Siblings - February 2017

Only the other month did I say they were getting really good at cracking on and having their photo taken . . . never again will I utter those words!

The Me and Mine Project

Siblings – January 2017

And so begins our third year of Siblings posts.  I love the way this project encourages (or even forces me) to take regular photos of my children together.  As time goes by it does get easier to get them all in the same place at the same time to take a photo.  They’ve learned to just let me get the photos I want quite quickly so they can disappear off and do their own thing again.  We tend to take it in turns to do nice photos and silly photos – and often the silly photos turn out to be my favourites!  The challenge remains, of course, to get them all looking at the camera the same time . . .

This month’s photos were taken at the very end of December on a walk up in Heaton Park, easily one of our favourite places for a good dose of fresh air in our lungs!  Father Christmas brought them matching #SquadGoals tops after being inspired by a Mummy Daddy Me video and I couldn’t resist taking some “team” photographs for this months’ Siblings post.

Siblings - January 2017 (1)

Siblings - January 2017 (2)

Siblings - January 2017 (3)

Siblings - January 2017 (4)

Siblings - January 2017 (5)

Siblings - January 2017 (6)

The Me and Mine Project

Siblings – November 2016

This last couple of weeks has been one of illness in our house.  Both Amy and Ben were unwell at the start of half term, last weekend I think we were all poorly except for Dave (though he is off work at the moment due to his broken elbow!)  As I mentioned in my Autumn Bucket List catch up it does rather feel like we’ve just been getting through each day for a little while.  I think it’s something about this time of year – the days are shorter, the weather is miserable and it’s so much harder to get out.  The daily grind just takes over doesn’t it.  Thank goodness we have Christmas to look forward to.

I had fully planned to get some “proper” Siblings photos this month.  I wanted to go up to Heaton Park and take final photos with Thomas but he ended up being too tired on the day we had planned to go.  I wanted glorious sunny autumnal leaf fighting photos in my parents’ garden but Ben wasn’t in the mood.

So what I’ve actually got is not even the best of a bad lot, it’s all I’ve got.  Just three photos of my little gang together this month:

kids at the train station

Kids at Euston

Kids in the garden

and then this little beauty, taken on the spur of the moment by Dave on his phone, when completely unprompted Ben and Amy had snuggled up together in their pjs to watch tv on Saturday morning.  As my friend Jenny said, there is something so precious about watching your children love each other.  And she is so right.  For all the beautiful, “perfect” siblings photos I wanted to take and failed – actually this one nails it.


The Me and Mine Project

Siblings – October 2016

Stopping at Watford Gap for Costa

I’m a few days late with this one, as is often the case the middle of the month caught me off guard and even as I’m writing this now I’m know I’m going to have to trawl through the last month of photos in a desperate attempt to find some shots of my little ones together!

The last month has been a busy one and we’re all starting to look forward to half term now.  I would say we’re looking forward to a lie in or two but Ben doesn’t do lie ins, he’ll be looking forward to watching tv in his pjs before breakfast!

Ben and Chloe enjoyed their surprise trip to The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead a couple of weeks ago and while I think it did them good to have a bit of grown up time together, they both really missed Amy and were so glad to get home to her the following day.  Of course Amy missed them too.

I do think that being so close in age means that they are really able to enjoy each other’s company and want to do things together.  Ben and Chloe were conscious that they were getting to do something that Amy would think was fun too (though if I’m honest I think she’d have found the ski lesson really very difficult!)

Although this half term seems to have gone by unusually quickly for the first Autumn term, I can’t wait to get my babies back together for a week – there’s adventures to be had!

Lego cinema

Sisters cuddling

Stopping at Watford Gap for Costa

A very sparse set of siblings photos indeed!  I promise to do better next month!

The Me and Mine Project

Siblings – September 2016

back to school siblings

As is often the case, I looked at the calendar earlier and had a sudden dawning realisation that it’s actually the middle of the month again already.  These Siblings posts just seem to roll around so flipping quickly!  This sort of last minute panic sees me scrolling through the photos I’ve taken over the last month and crossing my fingers tightly that I had the foresight to take some of them all together!

And actually it turns out that no, I don’t have loads of photos of the kids together this month.  I think in part this is because I’ve taken less photos in general with us filming our #SevenWeeksofSummer vlogs but more because we had the best part of a week with no children at all and then shortly after that the new school term hit.  So this month’s photos sums things up pretty well – bedtimes, back to school and a cheeky weekend adventure.

September has brought with it new routines, ones which means we all see a little less of each other at the moment.  Everyone has an extra day in childcare so I now only do the school runs twice a week.  Our weekends are more precious but have also been very packed of late.  We’re aiming to take a bit of a slower pace through the Autumn though I’ve come to the realisation that whilst Dave and I might like to do less, it just seems to lead to bored children and more bickering!  To a point they will have to suck it up as we’ve got things to get done around the house and actually I think it does kids good to be a little bored at times – it encourages them to use their imaginations!  We’ve also been trying to leave the TV switched off a little more which has led to some gorgeous scenes of all three children lying on the floor in the playroom building little worlds out of Duplo and acting out their narratives.  Those are the moments I want to drink in and bottle.  The moments were having three children is just perfect.

girls ready for bed


back to school siblings

kids on a rhino


The Me and Mine Project

Siblings – August 2016

Another month has passed.  A month of sunshine, sand, ice cream and adventures.  Although it has been a month were we have been very much in each other’s pockets, I’ve taken less photos than usual as we have been concentrating on our #SevenWeeksofSummer vlogs.  For this month’s Siblings post I’m sharing just a handful of my favourite photos of my little gang together over the last month.
Siblings in York
Siblings Cuddle
Siblings Manchester street art
Siblings on slide at York Maze
Siblings August
Siblings Aug
The three of them are having such a fantastic summer together and I’m loving watching them enjoying some quality time together be it snuggled up on the sofa, playing games in the playroom or exploring the world together on one of our many summer adventures.  They are so lucky to have one another.
The Siblings Project