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Last night I went to the cinema.  To watch a grown up film.  On my own. 

This is worthy of a blog post in itself I think!  I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to watch an adult film (no, not adult like that, just something rated greater than PG!) And I’ve certainly never been to the cinema on my own before.  I don’t suppose I would have ever intentionally gone to the cinema on my own (though I have friends who do so happily) but the screening just happened to be at a really awkward time of day so it meant we couldn’t get a sitter for the kids, nor could any of my friends make it.  Dave got home from work, we swapped cars and I made a mad dash across Manchester to get to the screening on time.  I was quite looking forward to a couple of hours to myself truth be told! 

I hadn’t really read anything about the film, I knew it was an adaptation of a book and that it was up for loads of awards – but I didn’t have a clue what the story actually was.  In the end I’m not sure if this was a good thing or not. 

From the very start of the film I was holding my breath.  Drawn in, unsure how things were going to pan out.  I don’t think I really relaxed for the whole screening.  There were tears a plenty, gasps of shock and even the odd laugh.  It was an absolute rollercoaster of a film which left me utterly shell shocked and emotionally drained.  I drove home in silence, just trying to absorb and make sense of what I had seen. 

If you’ve read the book then you will obviously know the themes of the film, if you haven’t then I don’t want to spoil things for you but this is not a lighthearted rom com by any stretch.  The storyline is hard hitting and emotional and absolutely not the sort of film I would ever choose to go and see. Ever.  

But, and it’s a big but . . . I’m so glad I did.  The acting was incredible, the cinematography and direction spot on.  The story builds slowly, gently almost in parts, allowing you to realise things and piece information together as you reach your own horrifying conclusions.  And then other parts are much quicker, more dramatic and impactful.  This film that allows you to think.  Forces you to think.  Leaves you with nothing to do but think.  

Go to see it.  Know it will be hard to watch.  Know you will cry.  Go to see it anyway. 

To celebrate the release of the film I have a great competition for you to win a special prize bundle including the Room soundtrack, novel and a poster along with a DVD bundle of 3 previous Studiocanal releases.

Just complete as many of the Rafflecopter options as you would like, taking care to do this accurately to avoid disqualification. 

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75 thoughts on “Discover Room – Review & Giveaway

  1. I haven't heard of this film or the book, but we've hardly seen any films the last couple of years, as son1's chemotherapy usually means he is too vulnerable to infections. But we made an exception as he was desperate to see the new Star Wars film. #triedtested

  2. I am a HUGE film buff and this film literally sounds so perfect for me! I love a light hearted film, but I studied film studies and specialised in Social Realism and Feminisim in Film so this sounds so so good. Also I pick apart films with poor cinematography or shots that are just unnecessary (because it was drummed into me!) So I am definitely going to make sure I head to see this – maybe on my own(?!) I've never been either so we'll see whether I'm brave enough. 😉 Ray xx #TriedTested (Oh, and the last film I saw was Star Wars! Where my entire geeky family filled hlaf the cinema up – go team!) xx

  3. Oh I really like the sound of this. Though twin-sitters (that I'm happy to leave them with) are hard to come by 🙁 Hope you enjoyed your night to yourself #triedtested

  4. The last film I saw at the cinema (without kids) was Jurassic World I think. Just before christmas I took Izzy to the kids club at our local cinema to see Inside out – I end up seeing a lot more animation at the cinema than 'grown up' films!

  5. I took my younger daughter to see the Snoopy and Charlie Brown movie during the Christmas holidays (while my older one went to see Star Wars with my husband!). We enjoyed it!

  6. Wow what a review! Now I really want to watch this movie!! lol I'm glad that you actually like despite not knowing what the theme was all about. I have never gone to the movies on my own either and I don't know when was the last time I went to the movies. I hope I can go soon. Thanks for the review and for hosting,:-)

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