Just Me & Him {Ordinary Moments}

me & him at the Trafford Centre - Ordinary Moments

Life with three children is busy.  Fact.

Dave works full time.  I teach a few days a week and run my freelance blogging business outside of that.

Ben does Beavers and Street Dance, all three children have swimming lessons during the week.  We like our weekends to be for adventures.

Our weeks are busy.

We dash from school runs to work to clubs fitting in homework, meals and laundry in the gaps.

We text each other about groceries and if the bills have been paid.

Then sometimes, just sometimes, we take time for ourselves.  The children go to stay with Nana & Dennis or Granny & Grandad for the weekend and we stop.  Of course there are times when the kids are away that we do big jobs in the house, decorating and such like but this weekend? We stopped.

On Friday night Dave was home from work a little early and whisked the children away to his Mum’s for the weekend.  I took great pleasure in coming home to an empty house, putting some Bloc Party on the stereo and spending an hour or so cracking on with my “to do” list in the hope that I would be able to properly switch off for the weekend.

It has become a fairly standard child-free treat now for us to go to Five Guys and then the cinema.  We have been to Five Guys with the kids before now but to be honest, if I’m going to spend that much on a burger I want to take my time to enjoy it and not be worrying about mopping up spilled drinks and debating how much tomato sauce is too much (if you ask our three, they’d confidently tell you there is no such thing).

Date Night Five Guys - Ordinary Moments

Our film of choice was T2 Trainspotting – the options were pretty limited as we have quite different taste in films but we both quite fancied this one.  I hadn’t seen the original since about 1998 (Dave was amused to hear I’d watched it in a Greek open air theatre with subtitles . . . ) and I was worried that I should probably have re-watched it before seeing the sequel.  As it turned out I think I would have benefited from a bit of revision beforehand but it wasn’t the end of the world.  Dave wasn’t a massive fan and said he thought it was a bit boring, I in the other hand thought it was a great film but hated watching it!  I spent the whole time jumping out of my skin or holding my breath, tense as anything – which I realise some people love but it’s not normally what I look for in a film.  All in I’m glad we went to see it but I won’t be bothered about watching it again!

me & him at the Trafford Centre - Ordinary Moments

It has become something of a tradition now that Dave and I will save our Christmas spends for our first child-free weekend of the year and head up to the Trafford Centre for a little splurge.  There’s something fairly self-indulgent about wandering around a huge shopping centre with a bit of money in your pocket and no time constraints or little legs to worry about.  I had a few things in mind that I wanted to try on that I’d seen earlier in the week and a couple of bits and pieces I wanted to hunt down.  I find shopping for myself hard work these days and will easily get fed up if I can’t find what I’m looking for which of course threatened to completely spoil our day!  After a fairly slow start made worse by my back really hurting, we stopped for a drink and a bit of cake to regroup.  I’m pleased to say in the end I managed to get a new dress from M&S and a top I’d been looking at in GAP earlier in the week (with a bonus 40% off!).  The shoes I’d been swooning over unfortunately didn’t fit and I’m still on the hunt for a bag to replace my very tired Pink Lining rucksack.

Shopping success - Ordinary Moments

Spending time together as a couple is so important.  We both relish taking our time to potter around the shops holding hands, chatting over a bit of lunch about our plans for the house, a holiday, the future.  I know that we are extremely lucky to get these weekends but I think they’re entirely necessary.  I don’t want to find, fifteen years down the line, when the kids are leaving home that Dave and I no longer know (or possibly even like) each other.

9 thoughts on “Just Me & Him {Ordinary Moments}

  1. Oh that does sound like the simplest but loveliest way to catch a breath! We’ve just got to the stage that the kids can do an overnight with their grandparents, and they had a trip away last half term so we could do some major decluttering and get the house ready for sale. This half term I’ve booked a couple of days off so I can have time with the kids but we might just sneak in a day just for us too – last time we went for dinner at Viva Brazil for 2 1/2 hours, ate the entire 15 tasting menu and some amazing cocktails and I think I could be persuaded to do that again!!

  2. Ah Colette – the last line of this post is just bang on the money. It’s something I feel so strongly about and infact get cross when people are implied we are selfish when we take couple time. I absolutely adore my kids, but my relationship with my husband is just as important and that doesn’t make me a bad parent for wanting to nurture both. Infact, we are having a night away next Saaturday for the first time since the summer and I cannot bloody wait!!

  3. I often wish we could pack our kids off somewhere but we still manage to get some time alone together even if it’s only a couple of hours. It sounds like you and Dave had a good weekend x

  4. Spending time together as a couple is so important isn’t it? About once a month or so the husband and I go out for brunch together while Cheeky Chap is at school and we can easily spend a couple of hours just chatting and being together.

  5. Dave and I are having a weekend away this weekend and I cannot wait. We’re only staying in a budget hotel but we’re going for a day out, to have a meal and to the cinema. I can’t wait for some time together and I think it’s just so important x

  6. Sounds lovely Colette, it always feels weird for us when the boys aren’t at home, my other half doesn’t like it and won’t even go in their room when they’re not there! We’re having an evening to ourselves this Sunday so hopefully we will do something nice x

  7. This sounds like a really lovely weekend. I would love a weekend with my husband, just to spend a bit of time together, but unfortunately we don’t have anyone who could take the kids. We do go out for walks together sometimes when the kids are at school, which is about as close as we are getting to a weekend like this, for now anyway!x

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