Leaf Rubbing – An Autumn Bucket List Update

Over the last few weeks Ben and Chloe have been collecting leaves somewhat obsessively – they pick them up everywhere we go – on the way to school, on the way home, through the park.  I’m not sure what the appeal is to be honest but dry or soggy alike they all get picked up, carried home and left outside the front door.

Leaf rubbing is listed on our Autumn Bucket List so has been on my mind for a good few weeks now.  I know it’s something Ben did last year and we had talked about it a bit while collecting the leaves.  As the weather has been a bit erm … damp of late, the leaves we have collected haven’t really been fit for rubbing.  With this in mind I decided to buy a leaf pack from Rainbow Creations thinking it would be easier – especially as it would mean we could do the activity whenever we wanted without too much planning.
I started to prepare by getting out all the autumny coloured crayons – reds, greens, yellows, browns etc.  No blue leaves here thank you!  I then put out a selection of the leaves – the come in lots of different shapes and sizes, they are nice and sturdy with obvious ridges so I had expected they’d be great for rubbing.

In actually fact both children found it quite tricky.  Chlo tried hard to rub her crayon but didn’t have the motor skills and end up using it to draw in the usual fashion.  Ben got quite frustrated when his leaf moved around and he didn’t really press hard enough – his lack of success on this occasion meant he gave up quite quickly.  I got a couple of good rubbings bu myself but I think we’ll try again with real leaves next time.

I don’t regret buying the leaves, they were great value and have no doubt they will get plenty of use – I’ve already got a few cheeky ideas in mind. 
Here’s the latest update to our Autumn Bucket List: 
1. Collect conkers 29.09.13 – attempted for 2nd time but poor harvest in our park! 
2. Get wrapped up and go to a bonfire (this might fall by the wayside depending on Beak!) 
3. Kick leaves   22.09.13
4. Splash in puddles  22.09.13 (and basically every wet school run!) 
5. Make an apple crumble  29.09.13
6. Enjoy the fireworks (assuming Ben and Chloe aren’t scared this year . . . ) 
7. Introduce Ben and Chloe to the joys of hot Ribena
8. Autumn themed crafts
9. Celebrate my beautiful god daughter’s 1st birthday  21.09.13
10. Introduce the kids to the joy of sparklers
11. Blow “dragon breath” in the cold air
12. Leaf rubbings 20.10.13 (Though I think we’ll have another go at this one!)

If you want to know more about our Autumn Bucket list check out the original post here: Autumn Bucket List


19 thoughts on “Leaf Rubbing – An Autumn Bucket List Update

  1. I know the frustration of things moving around. I use sellotape or blu-tack to keep things in place. We've had more success using our beeswax crayons. They seem to colour better than some of the cheaper/freebie crayons in our crayon collection. I think Ben and Chloe did well. I bet they've collected an interesting array of different leaves.

  2. Ah, kids love leaves! Leaf rubbing is a great activity, but it can be tricky, my younger two did struggle with it a bit too, when we did it.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids x

  3. I love that you have done leaf rubbing. I took my children out the other year and we did rubbings of everything we could find – this has inspired me to do it again.

  4. Love the idea of your Autumn Bucket List. Leaves are lovely, they are so interesting in the autumn. As the variety of colours is amazing.

    Rachel Craig

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