Learning to write!

This afternoon Ben and Dave went to Morrisons.  Ben wasn’t particularly keen on going but Dave wanted to take him to give me the chance of half an hour’s peace while Chloe slept.  I told Ben that it was his job to make sure Daddy didn’t forget anything, particularly the chocolate spread.  Once he realised he had some responsibility he was much happier about going.

As a result of me telling Ben he needed to help Daddy remember the things to buy – for the first time ever- my little boy sat down at the table voluntarily and told me he was going to write a shopping list! I couldn’t believe my ears!  He started with bread.  From the other room I listened to him sounding it out and starting to write it – I couldn’t have been more impressed when I went in the room to find Mr Reluctant Mark Maker had actually written b, r, e, d – admittedly they were scattered all over the page and nobody else would have known what he had written but Mummy here was thrilled.  His letters were pretty recognisable too though he did check which way round the d should go.  Next on the list was the all important chocolate spread – he sounded that out (pretty accurately as well), asked me how to write “ch” which I told him and then he went on to write ch, o, c, t – again his letters were spread all over the page but I was so proud.

I am especially impressed which his ability to segment and blend and just really pleased that he wanted to try and write as he really hasn’t been interested at all before.

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13 thoughts on “Learning to write!

  1. It's so great when they start to write, isn't it? My boy was very reluctant to write and then suddenly he discovered lists too, he spends a lot of time now writing shopping lists, lists of jobs for grandad and registers! He likes writing letters as well. Looks like your boy has definitely got the hang of sounds and letters!

    1. Lists for Grandad! Love it. I have one of those myself 😉
      I'm amazed by his grasp of phonics thus far – here's hoping it translates easily into reading / writing them.

  2. This is fantastic, don't they always do things when your not expecting it. It's also lovely that such a simple task really does mean so much.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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