Making a start on the Spring Bucket List!

Only  a week in and we’ve already made solid progress on the Spring Bucket List! Largely aided by a couple of days where not only did it stop raining but the sun actually shone – yes that big yellow thing in the sky showed its face for long enough for us to believe Spring might well be on its way! 
1. Take Ben and Chloe to pop their Roller Derby Cherry
Last Saturday we all made our way over to Leeds (via a whole world of traffic on the M62 – I hate that road with a passion) to see Aunty Custard make her Hot Wheels B team debut.  Ben got really into watching – he loved watching Kirst skate, the girls falling over (especially ‘the blue ones’) & all the shouting and cheering.  Chloe just got excited and clapped when everyone else did – often for the wrong team.  They both really enjoyed their afternoon and I can’t wait to take them again.  (Oh and a big yay to the Hotties for two awesome bouts!) 
2. Launch my fabulous new blog design
Last night I was really excited to be able to launch my new blog design – it has been a while in the making, from my first ideas and finding the lovely Jen from Magic Feather Designs through a recommendation from Maxine @ A Girl I Know . . . I can’t fault Jen – from my rambled half thought out seedlings of an idea she has nailed this design which I’m just so pleased with.  I wanted the design to mean something to me and have some relevance to us as a family (as well as looking lovely!) Ben refers to navy and white stripes as our “family stripes” which became the starting point and I love the pairs of footprints to represent each member of our family. I hope you like it as much as I do!
3. Get all my hair cut off 
My appointment is booked and I’ve been for my patch test. I’m counting the days! 
11. Make the house A LOT bigger! 
The plans are done and permission is applied for . . . fingers crossed it all goes smoothly! 
12. Get outside more! 
This has been a particular success this week and I’ve written about it here and here.
18. Make the most of being able to have fresh tulips in the house 
My cousin came to visit on Friday and brought with her a beautiful bunch of tulips! They are looking lovely on my dining room table.

Not a bad start for the first week!

  1. Take Ben and Chloe to pop their Roller Derby cherry and watch Aunty Custard play her first bout 01.01.14
  2. Launch my fabulous new blog design – totally excited about this! 06.03.14
  3. Get all my hair cut off (this has been a LONG time coming – 2 year or so in fact!) 
  4. Celebrate my birthday (another one? Already?) 
  5. Celebrate Dave’s birthday too! 
  6. The lovely Lyndsey’s Hen Do! 
  7. Finally meet up with a lovely friend of mine in REAL LIFE!
  8. Celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary – it’s cotton right? Babysitters booked! Whoop
  9. Easter – When you’ve got an Aunty Nic who works in the chocolate business Easter is good! 
  10. Mothers’ Day (looks pointedly at Dave)
  11. Make the house A LOT bigger! 
  12. Get outside more! This has been a very “inside” Winter!  We’ve made a start but this is season long effort! 
  13. Wean Amy (Do I really have to do this?) 
  14. Get some sort of focus on the whole “Wedding Weight” mission! 
  15. Go to a farm and see some baby animals
  16. Attend my first blog conference!
  17. Take a trip to Whitby – time to introduce Daddy to Magpie fish and chips
  18. Make the most of being able to have fresh tulips in the house – Another one that’s been started but will be continued throughout the season!

20 thoughts on “Making a start on the Spring Bucket List!

  1. what a great start! I love fresh flowers in spring I have some beautiful ones in my garden atm! looking forward to seeing the hair makeover! I've never been brave enough to chop mine off!

    1. We've got very little in our garden in the way of flowers at the moment – it need some serious attention but there is no point till the building work is done x

  2. Good start you made there! And I LOVE your new blog design, even more so because of the meaning behind it. The footprints are a really nice touch. Looking forward to hearing more about your house plans. xx

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