My baby girl is growing up!

Today is a big day for Chloe. Today she decided she wasn’t going to wear her pull up and would much rather wear pants instead.  Much as this wasn’t quite what I had planned who am I to argue with her? 

Chloe first started to show an interest in toilet training back in October when she first managed to do a wee on the potty. We used to just let her sit on it each night before bed and she was so excited when she did her first wee! Early November she started asking to use the toilet at playschool – I think seeing the other children doing it was probably the catalyst there.  We put her in pull ups to give her a bit of choice but did no more about it – I couldn’t really concentrate on trying to get her dry with a newborn baby and a c-section to recover from (and let’s face it toilet training little girls in tights through the winter isn’t ideal either is it).  I think I probably set her back a bit as a result but realistically there was nothing I could do. 

We have been encouraging her to use the toilet more in recent weeks and whilst she’ll happily go at bedtime she’s not been bothered about trying during the day.  I decided that we’d make use of the Easter holidays & take the pull ups off on Saturday morning – my plan being to just leave her bare bummed as much as possible and stay at home for a bit while we got things sussed.  I’ve been talking to Chloe about this over the last couple of weeks getting her prepared for what we’re going to do. We’ve bought exciting pants, planned a reward for when she’s dry and we were all ready to go on Saturday. . . 

Chloe had other plans.  This morning she decided she didn’t want to wear her pull up and rather than argue I just let her put her pants on – she was very excited with herself!  I quickly packed 4 pairs of spare pants and 4 extra pairs of leggings into her bag for playschool and that was that.  I tried to get her to go to the toilet before we left the house but she was having none of it!  She was still dry when we got to playschool though so that was a good start!  I’ve sent her in her wellies as I suddenly realised suede boots probably weren’t the right thing to be wearing when there was a risk of an accident!   

She has been promised sweets from Ange if she still has the same pants on when we pick Ben up from school and I’ve told her she can have a bracelet if she’s clean and dry till bedtime . . . We shall see. 

She has clearly decided she is a “big girl” today as along with the pants we took her letter to school this morning accepting her Nursery place for September.  She handed her letter in and asked “Please can I come to your school?”  Mrs P told her she’d be very welcome and that was that.  I went back to the pram, turned round and Chloe had gone. I couldn’t spot her anywhere then another parent pointed her out following the other children into Ben’s cloakroom, taking her coat off and getting ready to sit on the carpet!! Bless her cottons.  I was crying with laughter – luckily she wasn’t upset when we explained that she couldn’t go to school just yet. Fingers crossed it’s that simple in September! 


22 thoughts on “My baby girl is growing up!

  1. Oh bless her little heart, she is obviously more than ready for school, and that means wearing big girl pants! Good luck with the potty training but it sounds like she might make it easy for you #fingerscrossed

  2. aww! It does seem like they suddenly do grown up things all in a bundle. I am nervous about sending Lily off to school next September but she's already so excited about it.. I'm sure it'll be harder on her than me!

  3. Ah I could write this post myself hun as Nieve is at exactly the same point with potty training! Your daughter has done so well! Aww starting nursery is so exciting! I will miss meeting my new class as I'll be on mat leave when they start this year but I bet she will love it when she goes to big school in September! xx

    1. Ah settling in a new class is such a lovely time isn't it 🙂 That said it's also very nice sitting at home with your baby thinking about everyone else being at school haha 😉 x

  4. Ah what a big girlie…an intereset from the child is definitely the best way to start though, shows they are thinking about it and ready. I hope it all goes well x

  5. I think the key to it is to do it when they are ready and she really is, I hope you next link up that she has been dry for x amount of days/weeks. I love that she wanted to start school that day, she really is growing up fast.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    1. Fingers crossed! She's doing every so well so far bless her – that said I did have to change a pair of pooy pants in a car park today *sigh*

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