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So anyone who knows me well, or has been reading the blog recently, knows that I’m not a fan of pink. Ok that’s putting it politely – the obsession with dressing little girls in pink drives me crackers and I refuse to conform!

Now this causes some real problems when it comes to buying shoes for Chloe . . . I was brought up on a diet of regular feet measuring and carefully fitted shoes in my local Clarks store.  Mum always says she found shopping for shoes for Nic and I hard work as we both had quite wide feet so our choice was limited.  (I often tell the story of wanting those shoes with the magic key in the sole, you know the ones, they had a game in the bottom I think,.  Needless to say I never got them!)

My first experience of shopping for shoes for Chloe around a year ago was a pure nightmare – she was measured 4 different sizes in three shops over the space of a fornight ranging between 4 and 4.5 E, F or G – how on earth she could be measured an E by one person and a G another I just don’t know.  Anyway the first pair of shoes (as purchased by Granny) were gorgeous little red t bar shoes which I was utterly in love with and just thrilled that they weren’t pink:

My joy was short lived when the following day Chloe wore her shoes out for the first time and they fell off while she was walking.  Yes they actually fell off her little feet! You can imagine how cross I was.  Clarks were good about remeasuring and refitting her but the only other offerings were pink or purple which I just refused to purchase.  After much fuss I finally got a refund for the shoes and went off to Start Rite where we got some very cute navy t bar shoes and Mummy was happy.

The stress of that first pair of shoes now means that every time I go shoe shopping for Chlo I get myself in a tizz – I don’t have the same trust in the fitters as I used to, although I’ve had lovely experiences since and usually go to the same Clarks store at Manchester Fort now where I think they staff are wonderful.  I often find myself saying “Just bring me what you’ve got in her size that isn’t pink or purple” – I still can’t understand why they insist on making so many pairs of shoes in such a limited colour palette.  Even if I did dress her in pink I wouldn’t want pink shoes – I like her to have one pair of shoes to go with every outfit where possible.

Chlo was very excited about having new shoes:

She sat beautifully to have her feet measured (and interestingly they were measured to be a different, and in fact smaller, size to what they had just two weeks ago!? I know talk about tearing my hair out).  Anyway this time I’d already spotted some boots that I loved and really wanted her to have but, based on previous experience and my own life long traumas of buying shoes I knew the chances of me being able to just buy the ones I wanted were slim!  Imagine my joy when not only did they have them in her size but they fitted too!! I was close to dancing out of the shop with them!!

How gorgeous are they:

I’ve given them a good spray with a protective spray but I’m not convinced they will be the hardest wearing pair of shoes I’ve ever bought – let’s face it nothing beats patent leather for longevity on kids’ shoes. But who cares – they’re so cute and I think the style of them will cope with looking a little battered and worn!

24 thoughts on “New Shoes!

  1. Those boots are stunning! I want a pair! I have a similar issue with buying shoes (and clothes) for The Boy; everything is in garish and bright colours. Clearly at 4.5 years of age he must be pigeon-holed into a stereotypical boy who likes neon green and orange, and skulls or zombies on things. He doesn't, and I don't want him dressed in them. Why can't the clothing industry stop deciding how we want to dress our children?

    Nipping over from the blogsRus share thread.

    1. Now Ben likes skulls – and I can cope with that – but the rest?! Totally get you. I also despise characters – he can have spiderman on his socks, his pants, his PJs but not his t shirts! If Daddy wouldn't wear it then neither does Ben 😉

  2. Ah yes, my eldest has small feet with a high instep – just like her mummy and I'm afraid Clarks shoes very rarely fit properly. To add to my trauma she walked at 9 months, so I'm afraid I was also given a pair of fall-off-the-feet shoes too. Luckily I noticed before we left the shop and it was then confessed that that was actually the smallest size the shop did!! Start-rite is always better for us. Luckily I used to work in a shoe shop myself so I know how to check fit myself – and YES all shops do adhere to differing sizes (I think it's a con, sorry!). I got here via the blog hop by the way!

  3. Those boots are adorable!!

    I used to have the magic shoes with the key when I was little, but I can't remember what they did.

    Also had a big problem with Clarks shoes lately, the pair they fitted for Cameron didn't fit and actually rubbed all the skin off of his heel. Thinking of going somewhere else next time.

    Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop

    Laura x x x

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