Our first term with Puddle Ducks

Friday saw the end of term for Ben and Chloe and the start of a welcome respite from lost shoes and soggy school runs.  It also saw the end of Amy’s first term as a Kicker with Puddle Ducks. Unfortunately due to Amy having spent all week full of cold and utterly miserable I had to take the decision to skip our last lesson of the term which was a real shame as it meant she missed out on all the festive fun but more importantly as it was to be our last lesson with Sarah and we weren’t able to say goodbye and thank you – so I’m doing that here instead . . . Thank you so much Sarah, we’re going to miss swimming with you! 

When Amy started her Kickers sessions back in September she really wasn’t keen at all.  She clung to me like a limpet and told me quite clearly “Don’t like it” however within a matter of weeks she was into the swing of things and particularly enjoyed kicking her legs and learning the songs. 

As I mentioned in our mid term update – we found Amy’s limits around week 4 when we discovered that going under water really wasn’t something she enjoyed!  This didn’t matter – Puddle Ducks lessons are structured in such a way as to make sure that your child can work at their own level, whilst always moving forward.  Amy is never forced to go underwater if she doesn’t want to, just given the opportunity. 

As the weeks progressed Amy has got braver and braver – it has been a real joy to watch her skills develop.  Amongst other things, she will now sit on the side and wriggle into the pool before holding on safely to the side (though she does like to be back in my arms quite quickly).  She is able to hold onto the side without help and turn to me to set off for a swim – the next stage is to encourage her to push off the wall with her feet. She can hold the side and “monkey monkey” down the wall without me holding her.  She can kick her legs and make a good old splash.  She loves to ride on my back for a cowboy ride – in fact I think this is her favourite thing to do.  She’s less amused when it involves a “Seal Dive” though and is keen to keep her head above water whilst I dive down. 

She doesn’t particularly like to lie on her back in the water at the moment and she’s not overly enthused by jumping in.  That said, it does depend on what we’re doing – if we’re singing “Jelly on the plate” she is happy to wobble in but she won’t jump in to swim.  Funny girl.  Over the last few weeks we’ve noticed that she’s less bothered if she does go under the water during a jump, previously she would have hated it so I made sure I caught her quite quickly but as her confidence grows she doesn’t mind having a bit of a dip and getting her face wet as long as I’m there to grab her quickly.  I’ve noticed that when we do a throw she’s quite happy for Sarah to launch her through the air to make a big splash but is less keen to swim to me.  We’ve been challenging her to get her nose wet over the last couple of weeks and she’s definitely getting better – even if she does still try to tell me she doesn’t like it!  In the last couple of weeks she has started to blow bubbles in the water and has learned to “spurt” – which I was thrilled about in the pool, less so when she did it all over herself in the car with her drink!

I think one of the things that I love most about our Puddle Ducks lessons is there is a certain level of routine and repetition which allows for your little one to feel safe and secure in your environment, but at the same time there’s enough variety in the lessons to ensure they are being pushed and that it doesn’t become tedious for the parents!

I’m really excited that we’re going to be doing another term of lessons with Puddle Ducks in the new year.  At 26 months Amy will still be a Kicker and as such will repeat the same structure of lessons we have just finished.  I’m really looking forward to going back over the same ground and seeing how much more of it she can do.  I think the repetition will do wonders for her already growing confidence.  To fit in with some other changes in our schedule we have had to move our lessons from a Friday to a Monday and whilst we were able to swim at the same venue this does mean a change of teacher.  We are sad not to be swimming with Sarah anymore but I know that Claire is going to be equally as lovely!  Keep your eyes peeled for another update towards the end of January! 

*Disclsimaer – Amy is currently swimming with Puddle Ducks free of charge for the purposes of writing this review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own* 

30 thoughts on “Our first term with Puddle Ducks

  1. I wish that I could take Boo to swimming lessons and they seem to be really good for structure, I am hoping to take her when she gets a little bit older and I have learnt to drive as it will make it so much easier for us to go each week rather than just as and when we can like we do now.

  2. I remember reading one of your first updates that she wouldn't let go, what brilliant progress! I think it's great they let the child follow their own pace, not rushing them through. I wish we did swimming lessons with Indiana, she's 26 months too so I'm guessing it;s not too late! xx

  3. Love that your child can work at a level they are comfortable with rather than being forced to do something they don't like. These lessons sound really beneficial #triedtested

  4. I can remember when I started swimming with Grace when she was tiny – she never really liked it but she loves it now! This group sounds really worthwhile and well structured. #triedtested

  5. We need to start swimming. I'm on the look out for swimming classes but can't find any in our area 🙁 all fully booked! #TriedTested x sounds like she had a good time! Zzzzzz xx

  6. I'm actually thinking of taking my two to swimming classes. I'd heard of puddle ducks before but this has made me want to research a little more about what they offer in my area – thank you! #triedtested

  7. Aww I'm glad your getting on ok as I did read your last post about Puddle Ducks. As I said on that post, we loved Puddle Ducks and it not only taught Mia the basics but it gave me confidence to take her into a pool myself and although we don't go anymore, we do go to a local pool 🙂


  8. Puddle Ducks sounds like a fun way of learning how to swim especially at young age. I would love to bring my little girl to sessions like that, gives so much confidence in them I think. Lovely post! #TriedTested

  9. Sounds like a great way to get swimming! I'm hoping to take my daughter swimming for the first time this year, if she likes it I'm definitely going to look into something like this x #triedtested

  10. I think it's the greatest feeling watching kids over come fear (or any other negative emotion) and start loving what they're doing 🙂 Thanks for hosting #TriedTested xx

  11. Sounds a great session. Sadly both my boys asked to stop their swimming lessons this term, although the 8:30am start on a Sunday may have been partly to blame

  12. Puddle Ducks sounds great and I really do believe swimming lessons are essential, helping the little ones to not fear the water. Your lessons sound like they have a great balance of teaching and fun!
    Hope you had a lovely Xmas and New year

  13. Look forward to the update at the end of Janauary. I plan to start giving our three year old formal lessons soon. She's as keen as her big sister to hopefully will get up to speed quickly. Thanks for hosting #triedandtested

  14. Amy sounds very much like N, not liking underwater, or being on backs. He got through it, although he still moans about having to put his face in the water 4 years later! We swam with Water Babies, and it sounds like you do all the same activities.

  15. We did Turtle Tots from when my son was 4 months and it sounds very similar to Puddle Ducks. I remember being really crap at those seal dive moves haha! We've just started different lessons at our local sports centre and today was the first time my 3 year old had been in the pool without me – eeek! xx #triedtested

  16. Great to hear that you and Amy have enjoyed the lessons. As you know, we've been doing Water Babies for 9 or so months now and it's great to see how L has come on in the water. Swimming is probably the favourite class / activity that we've done and we plan on continuing, although we've hit a 'water wobble'stage at the moment which is a bit annoying!

  17. I've loved looking at your regular photos showing her progress, it's been clear that she's loved being a water baby! We can't really take Ben swimming because of his ears, he only has to look at a swimming pool and he gets an ear infection, even with ear plugs! Puddle Ducks looks like a very friendly and supportive way to learn to swim. Lovely.

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