Siblings – April 2017

Continuing on a theme this year, Amy is still being a complete toad when it come to having her photo taken with her siblings.  She’s not daft, she knows exactly what I want her to do but thinks it’s hilarious to hide her face or just run off as I’ve got everyone in place.  And that just about sums Bo up at the moment.  She’s so full of cheek and constantly giggling.

Ben finds this almost as frustrating as I do, he knows that he just needs to get the job done quickly so he can go back to whatever LEGO model he was building or Minecraft world he was creating.

This month’s Siblings photos were taken in Whitby when we had a family day out for my birthday.  They were all so excited, so giddy to be by the sea and feel the sunshine on their faces for the first time in what felt like forever.

If ever a set of images showed how hard it is to photograph three children at once, this is it!

Our Easter holidays have been punctuated by bickering – shouting and screeching at each other over something and nothing.  All quickly forgotten again of course and normal service resumed.  I imagine this will be the theme for the next fifteen or so years . . .

The Me and Mine Project

9 thoughts on “Siblings – April 2017

    1. He really was trying his best to just get the photo taken haha.
      I love the one of them on the rock too – they were so excited to watch the sea rolling in.

  1. Oh Colette these are just darling. I love them all! Full of fun and laughter but also so creative and fab snaps in action and viewing over the water. That last splash one is brilliant. They sound like they have so much fun together every time. #siblingsproject

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