Siblings – March 2017

Last month I wrote about how Amy was being a bit of a tinker when I was trying to take our monthly Siblings photos . . . sadly this month was no better!

We dashed out to the park last Monday after school to take full advantage of the sunshine – I had review photos I needed to take and I wanted to take the chance to get some nice photos for this month’s post.  Unfortunately Amy wasn’t playing ball so I had to snap quickly meaning the light isn’t great at all and I don’t particularly love any of the photos I took, none of them seemed to be quite what I was aiming for.

What I have got is a set of photos which encapsulates their relationship right now – Chloe trying to do the right thing, Amy being a bit of a pain and Ben being all grown up and sensible.  (Please don’t think this is par for the course – he’s still very much a silly seven year old boy with just a hint of maturity when he feels like it!)  I must admit I do have a soft spot for this first one, which makes me smile because you can see Amy trying to ‘dab’ just like her big bro and I like the light and shadows!

Siblings March 2017

Fingers crossed the promise of spring sunshine which is in the air will mean that we get out a whole lot more of the next few weeks – we have an exciting trip planned for Easter so I should think we’ll have lots of lovely photos and stories to share come the middle of the next month when Siblings Project time rolls around again!

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14 thoughts on “Siblings – March 2017

    1. Thank you so much – that’s so lovely. I think I was just frustrated as they were so hard to take and then the lighting was a bit odd so it made editing them a bit difficult. I’m probably looking at them with grumpy eyes! x x x

  1. Oh it’s so annoying when the kids don’t play ball with your artistic vision isn’t it? Haha it happens to me all the time and I get ever so grumpy about it! I think these photos are fab though, especialy the first one and the one on the slide xx

    1. Yes! I love capturing natural moments but I struggled to even get those as they wouldn’t stay near each other haha.
      I love the first one too, I’ve made it the background on my phone now x

  2. Those photos are awesome. I know it’s hard to get them to all sit nicely and do what you’d like for photos. Candid ones are the best. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous kiddies xx

  3. I actually love these, they show their spirit! If Wills could toddle after his sisters my photos would be more interesting than sitting down ones all the time! Hurrah for the sunshine too! xx #SiblingsProject

  4. Hooray it’s the cool kids on the block. I love their shades. So fun! I don’t expect anything less fun your kids are always having grand adventures together. It’s been so nice outside too not sure what happen this weekend to our beautiful weather. And how nice is the lighter evenings too? Great for after school scooting. #siblingsproject

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