Is it time to finally add some colour to my wardrobe?

Rather comically, Ben asked me yesterday why I was “all dressed up in my best” . . . I laughed because I was wearing my standard uniform of black leggings and a black long sleeve jersey top.  Most definitely not my best.  Just my “normal”.  The difference was that I’d done my hair properly for the first time in about two weeks and had a full face of make up on from some filming I’d been doing earlier that day.  Because we were camping last week I’d obviously spent the whole time with my hair pinned back or a hat on and certainly wasn’t wearing a full face of make up (though I did manage to maintain a bright red manicure for a significant chunk of the week . . . )

I’ve been reading a lot of fashion & style posts over the last week or so.  Anna from Glam Up North is writing a series on Spring Style which I’m loving – particularly as she shared an absolute beaut of a green coatigan that I’d already had my eye on at the end of last month.  Since I had my colours done by Anna almost two years ago now there has been a dearth of bright bold colours in the shops.  The trend has been more for muted neutrals, khaki greens and soft nudes.  None of which feature anywhere on my colour palette as, whilst I love them on other people, they have a tendency to make me look like a corpse!  I’ve noticed in the last month or so that the bright reds, blues and greens that suit me are finally coming back into fashion and I’m really excited about the prospect of being able to invest in some new tops or dresses to add flashes of colour to my typically black and navy wardrobe for this summer!

I was browsing my “Wardrobe Lust” board on Pinterest last night and it made me laugh to see how much of an obvious “style” runs through all of my picks.  Navy stripes, pops of bright colour and cosy scarves or cardigans.

All I need to do now is lose a couple of stone and go on a mad shopping spree whilst my “colours” are finally back in fashion!

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One thought on “Is it time to finally add some colour to my wardrobe?

  1. I’m with you, can’t be doing with the khaki and mustard ranges. Haven’t seen much bright colour about lately, but then again I’ve not been out much… sigh. Love your mood board 🙂

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