Tuff Spot – Ice Ice Baby

A while ago I mixed up some food colouring and water and froze it in pretty ice cube containers from Ikea. It has been sat in the freezer ready and waiting ever since.

I had explained to Ben and Chloe that we were going to be playing with ice on the tuff spot but I didn’t really say any more than that as I wanted them to take control of the experience themselves.  

When I handed the ice trays to Ben the first thing he said was “How are we going to get it out?” I told him that was up to them and he quickly started to bang the trays and bend them successfully knocking the ice cubes out all over the tray. 

Once they had the cubes out on the tray it didn’t take them long to dive headlong into a full sensory exploration of the ice quickly moving from investigating it with their fingers to trying to taste them and then sticking their feet in!  (I can understand them wanting to taste them because of the appealing colours but they were just plain water really so nothing exciting going on there.)  Chloe was keen to have some paper as she obviously expected them to leave coloured marks – perhaps this something I will investigate for her another time. 

Ben spent quite a lot of time putting the ice cubes back into the tray – looking at the way they fitted and how this changed as the ice melted.  

There was a complete degeneration into utter silliness – which I must admit was started by me – when we were all dropping ice cubes down each other’s backs! 
The ice kept them occupied until it melted – and as such was very easy to clean up! Pour away the water and wipe up some footprints off the floor. Job’s a good ‘un as they say! 
Next time I want to try adding other things to the ice – different colours, scents, glitter, sequins, possibly some small world toys!   Have you tried ice play with your children? 


Lots of people have asked where our Tuff Spot came from so I thought I’d just add the link in for the one we bought:Tuff Spot from Amazon – his was the best price I found at the time but it’s worth shopping around! 

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  1. Such amazing pics and looks lot of fun! Going in my sensory to do list 🙂 I love how you mentioned you wanted kids to take control of the experience 🙂 xx

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