Google Keep – 10 Reasons you need to use it now!

Google Keep is a free note-taking service created by Google – you can download it as an app on your phone, add it as a Chrome Extension or just use it on your desktop.  I was introduced to it by Jenny from The Brick Castle probably about three years ago now and I use it for everything – from writing blog posts in the middle of the night to adding things to an ongoing grocery list, saving lists of hashtags for instagram to photos for inspiration.  Google Keep literally does it all. So, here’s just ten reasons why I love Google Keep and think you need to start using it as part of your daily organisation. 1. Colour coordinated notes Admittedly this is something I’ve got a bit slack with but you can choose from a range of 12 coloured backgrounds for your notes making it easy to group them together – … Continue reading Google Keep – 10 Reasons you need to use it now!