7 Super Surfing Beaches in England

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7 Super Surfing Beaches in England

Picture yourself surfing the high tide in a beach basking in shimmering sunlight in the middle of the day.  England has a wide range of surf destinations if you are planning on snaking UK waves this year.  Different beaches evoke different adventurous moods, and you can maximise your experience to make the most of these contrasts this summer.

1. Caswell Bay, Gower Peninsula, Wales

This is one of the beaches that seem to highlight the importance of surfing for adventure seekers more dramatically than others so.  The fine, sandy area to the west of Swansea is one of the best destinations to learn surfing.  The winding path to the beach creates a sense of mystery, especially when it is leading to a designated area with an outstanding natural beauty.  A fifteen minute drive from the town is worth it in every way.

2. Sennen Cove, Cornwall

The sandy expanse of Sennen Cove located just north of Land’s End is refreshing to body and soul.  Surfing here is a breeze as the waves are safe and paitnet.  If you have time, it can be fun to pick up treasures from the sand.

3. Woolacombe Bay, Woolacombe, North Devon

This beach is an ideal choice for surfers from rookies to professionals.  The tree mile long space stretching from Morte Point cliffs to Putsborough has the best quality water as well as faciities for surfers.  Taking the concept of enjoying the beach a bit further, many surfing compettions and events are held here throughought the year.  Playgrounds, beach huts and lifeguards provide additioanl deight for families with kids.  Nearby Golden Coast Holiday Park has an amazing Wavesurfer, a unique undercover surfing simulator so when the waves aren’t great in the Bay, there’s always a wave to catch.

4. Fistral Beach, Nequay, North Cornwall

Fistral Beach in Newquay is home to the Boardmasters Festival and for many, home of Bristihs surfing.  Firstral is another beach in the UK where surfers can ride the rollers, children can play on the sands, and couples can stroll around hand-in-hand.  Firstral beach is at the heart of Newquay, perfectly located for the gig rowers to heave their boats to the open seas.  Newquay must have the largest bumber of surf hire and surf lessons availble in teh coutrny.  One of the most popular is of course localed right on the beach – Firstral Surf Hire.  The gold sands, the Atlantic breakers and close proximirt to 8 other beaches add to the excitment in addition to offering a unique beach experience every day of yuor stay.

5. Alnmouth Beach, Northumberland

For beginners and seasoned borders this beach offers plenty of acres of sand and breaking waves.  Making use of the natural beauty at this beach is largely a matter of considering all your surfing dreams for the day and then winnowing them down to what you can realistcailly do with the time.  There are other things in the village to enjoy as well, such as the beach-side golf course and beach huts.

6. The Witterings, West Sussex 

If you are a fan of gentle surf, this beach is a perfect choice.  With a warm stretch of sand also known as God’s pocket, this beach contributes both an interesting accent and the soothering sound of waves for surfers.  The beach is also known to draw watersports fans from all over the word during autumn and winter when each wave is at its best.

7. Pease Bay, Scotland

The simplest beach of all beaches for beginnings is Pease Bay located in the Scottish Borers.  Pease beach is also a popular surfing spot with surf schools and has surfer-friendly accommodation nearby.


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  1. December 4, 2014 / 11:47 pm

    The two Cornish beaches are absolutely beautiful, for surfing and just relaxing on! x

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