The downsides to being a supply teacher

As many of you will know I work as a supply teacher.  I’ve written previously about why I love being a supply teacher but I thought today I would share some of the downsides.  Supply teaching isn’t for everyone and I think for the most part the negatives are fairly obvious but here goes: 1. There’s […]

6 reasons why I love being a supply teacher

I’ve been working as a Supply Teacher for almost three years now.  It’s my second stint on supply though in reality the first one didn’t last very long – I worked three days in three different schools then one of them gave me a six month maternity cover and I left nine years later . […]

Supply Teaching – Six ways to get re-booked

This term marks six consecutive years on supply for me – including a short stint when I was recently qualified, I’ve now spent getting on for half of my 15yr teaching career on supply.  I’ve been working for the same agency for the past six years and I can honestly say I can count on […]

Preparing for the first day of school – #TrustMeImATeacher

*In Collaboration with M&S* Do you remember your first day at school? I don’t remember mine. I do remember going to visit though. We were about to move house, relocating to a new area, and Mum took me to visit my new school for the first time. I remember Mrs Cowan, the head teacher showing […]

Introducing the Gruffalo Teacher’s Pack

I’m super excited to be able to introduce you to the new Gruffalo Teacher’s Pack – Provided by the Forestry Commission, this collection of curriculum-linked pack of activities designed to encourage learning outside the classroom for Early Years and Key Stage 1. The Gruffalo has long been a staple of any EYFS / KS1 classroom […]

Checking in on eighteen goals for 2018

At the start of this year, I wrote a list of eighteen goals for 2018, published it and promptly forgot about it.  I never looked at the post again despite claiming that writing this list of goals would make me more accountable!  With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to look back […]


Three whole weeks of daily uploads to YouTube.  I’m exhausted and rather sick of the sight of my own face!  That said, with just three more days to go, I’m really glad that I’ve stuck with it.  We’ve recorded some fabulous memories and also shared some pretty normal days.  I’ve learned to edit faster and tried […]