A Chewy Adventure!

Adventures are always more exciting when shared with a friend right?  Amy was excited to meet “Chewy” this weekend – in fact her first words when I pulled her from my bag were “Ahhh like it!”  (I rather thought Chewy was a “he” but Ben insists otherwise and has been coming up with a range of alternative names for her such as Helen or Pearl . . . )

Chewy is the latest arrival from Cheeky Chompers and is first and foremost a teething toy. Easy to hold and made from soft natural rubber with plenty of hippoy features and nobbly bits to gnaw on, Chewy is bound to appeal to teething tots. 

Of course I no longer have teething tots in my house *breathes sigh of relief* but that doesn’t mean Amy is past the stage of enjoying having a toy to carry around with her whilst we’re out and about.  Chewy is perfect for this as she’s easy for her to hold onto (as well as having a harness strap which can be attached to my bag, her pushchair or just provide something else for Amy to faff about with – I should point out that she promptly removed it).  Chewy’s also just the right size for me to shove into my bag without it taking up too much room.  I may be a little biased towards her as I do so love hippos! 

This weekend, Chewy has been everywhere we have . . .   

We’ve had a girlie Saturday morning out at the shops and the obligatory trip to Costa for cake and a hot chocolate.  On Saturday afternoon, Amy and Chewy had a cheeky snooze before we went to visit Nana.  I took a fab photo of Amy have a good old chomp on Chewy’s ears which I’m sad to say I appear to have deleted.  Sunday, we went to watch Aunty Custard playing Roller Derby which is always fun!  It has been a miserable weekend weather wise so there’s been a whole lot of indoor adventuring. 
Tomorrow we’re back to normal, it’s Monday and a wet and windy school run beckons.  I’m quite sure Chewy will be joining us too! 

    *Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*



    1. Erin Ek Rush
      February 1, 2016 / 8:10 am

      Chewy looks great! Nothing beats a good chewy toy. Chewy also had a far more exciting weekend than I did!

    2. February 10, 2016 / 12:33 pm

      Super cute photos!! Don't think it'll be long until I might have to invest in a Chewy for my little boy! x

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