A first letter to Benstalk

(I have uploaded this and back dated it to when it was originally written!  As you will read I had planned to write a series of letters for Ben – which eventually led to me writing this blog)


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I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time . . .  and last night whilst I was laid in bed I decided the time had come and that I should get on with it so here begins an 18 year commitment to “diary” writing for you.  You might wonder why?  Well you’re already 27 months old and you constantly amaze people around you – me, your Dad, Granny, Grandad, people at Nursery and just people we meet going about our daily lives.  You are an incredibly articulate little man and I’m realising that much as I think I will never forget the funny or clever things that you do or say, there are things which have already been forgotten as they are swallowed up in the day to day of our lives.  So really the point of this is to try and record some of the things that you do or say which make us smile and show us who you are.

Back in August, shortly after Chloe was born, we were in Sainsburys near Granny’s house picking up a few bits and pieces.  Chloe was in the trolley and you were walking alongside me.  You insisted “Pick Ben up Mummy” – I carried you on my hip for a little while but was finding it hard work as it was still only a few weeks since I had had a C-section.  I told you “Mummy is going to have to put you down Ben, Mummy’s tummy is sore” you replied with “I’ll make you happy later Mummy”.  I smiled and told you “You always make me happy Ben” to which you responded “It’s my job make you happy Mummy” – moments like that are exactly why I’m doing this.

Other examples include last weekend when Grandad was reversing his car on the drive and you asked “What’s Grandad doing?”  Granny explained that he was going backwards to get the car off the drive.  Apparently you then said “I think Grandad is struggling” – which Granny and Grandad thought was very funny!

Yesterday you sat in your highchair while I was making your breakfast and told me you had a “head steak” and that you needed some medicine to “take the sore away” – this comment was what finally made me get on and start writing.

So I am going to try and write regularly and note down things that happen, new things that you learn, things that you do and say which I think we might want to remember or which show who you are.  My intention is to do this for both you and Chloe and then hopefully – if I’ve managed to keep it going – present you with it on your 18th birthday’s . . . so I guess if you’re reading this then that time has come! 

 Happy birthday Benstalk!!!

Love Mummy x


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