A first trip to the hairdressers for Bo

freshly cut fringe

Mostly Aunty Nic gives the girls’ fringes a quick snip for me but every now and again I take them to the hairdressers for a full trim.  I say “them” – I guess I mean Chloe really as until today Amy hadn’t had a “proper” hair cut!  Aunty Nic has trimmed her fringe quite a few times but I decided it was time she had a bit more of a tidy up around the back and sides as well.

Chloe had her hair cut first under the instructions that she was to be extra good and show Amy how still to sit.  In fairness to Chlo she did a really good job and I think it was the best she has sat while having her hair cut.  I asked the hairdresser to cut her fringe “just a little bit too short” as her hair is like mine and grows like a weed so I could probably have her fringe cut every three weeks!

I always think she looks super cute with a freshly cut fringe!

Getting Amy to sit still was a different kettle of fish entirely.  I suggested to the hairdresser we should do her fringe first as that was the bit that was most in need of doing as it kept going in her eyes.  Of course her fringe was the hardest bit to cut as she kept wriggling about and trying to see what the poor girl was doing.  We tried all sorts of positions and distraction techniques and the hairdresser did the best she could to tidy up Amy’s wig!  Once we decided she’d done about the best she could manage on her fringe she had a quick go at trimming the back which turned out to be much easier as Amy couldn’t see what was going on.  She took a good couple of centimetres off the back but I can’t say as anyone else would notice being as how Bo has such long hair in the first place!

Of course I struggled to get a decent picture and I’m not sure you can really tell much difference in these photographs but she does look quite different as she’s lost a few curls and some of the darker bits of her hair.  I still can’t believe just how fair she is now when I look at pictures of those dark little curls on my newborn baby!  I’m sure her fringe will be back in her eyes within weeks and I’ll be asking Aunty Nic to get the scissors out again!

11 month old hair cut


  1. Tas D
    October 10, 2014 / 8:56 pm

    She looks so cute with her hair cut and I can imagine it must have been adorable watching her try to watch her Auntie snipping away 🙂

  2. October 11, 2014 / 4:51 pm

    Oh look how cute she is with her little hair cut!! x

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