A Frozen Hair Tutorial with H&A

Chloe, like most girls of her age, is a huge fan of Frozen and spends most of her days prancing about in an Anna dress insisting I call her Anna and acting out different parts of the story.

On a day to day basis I tend to tie Chloe’s hair up in a quick ponytail – she likes to wear it loose but I insist on her hair tied up for school. (As a teacher I know how irritating it is when girls are faffing about with their hair in lessons and of course loose hair is just a magnet for nits!)  On the mornings that I have time she likes to have “Anna hair” which is basically just two plaits.

Mummy kissing daughter dressed in Frozen costume
Princess Chloe shows off her new Anna ‘do


H&A challenged us to create a video tutorial for a more elaborate Anna Crown hairstyle so we gave it our best shot!  It’s probably the most complicated hair do we’ve attempted for Chloe so far, she won’t normally sit very long but the promise of dressing up in a new Anna dress afterwards helped a bit!

We washed Chloe’s hair using products from the H&A Frozen range (which of course she loved) and then had a go at styling her hair the next day.   You can watch the results here:



I’d love to know what you think of our little video!


* H&A sent us a selection of hair products and a new Anna dress for Chloe in return for creating this video*

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