A Modius update – Is it working?

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I’ve been using the Modius headset for about a month and a half now so it’s time for an update! I haven’t suddenly dropped a stone, but I am noticing some benefits from the headset (as well as some niggles) and I want to share those with you today.

What is the Modius headset?

In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, the Modius is a really exciting piece of technology which aims to “reset” your brain’s predetermined weight range by sending a signal to the area of the brain associated with appetite, cravings and feeling full (this nerve is called the hypothalamus) and therefore making it easier to stick to a weight loss plan.

Modius headset attaches to gel pads behind the ears and then sends a signal to your brain

How does the Modius headset fit into daily life?

The idea is that you wear the headset for up to an hour, five or more times a week. The team at Modius recommend you wear the headset in the evening and try to make this part of your daily routine. To make sure you don’t wear the headset too often it is set to only be used once in a 16 hour period – this means that you can use it once a day but still have some flexibility if you can’t quite manage to sit down at exactly the same time every day.

I’ve found that when I’m wearing the headset, I can’t really do anything else – I usually sit and work on my laptop of an evening whilst watching TV or I do the ironing and other bits of housework ahead of the following day, but when I’m wearing the headset I find I just need to sit still and watch TV for an hour. This means on nights where I’ve got a lot of work to do I end up doing a shorter sessions or skipping one altogether. As time has gone on, I’ve got better at finding that hour to just sit still and watch TV with my headset on and it’s actually quite relaxing.

I wear my weightloss device whilst watching TV on an evening

What does the Modius headset feel like?

It stands to reason that something sending pulses to your head isn’t going to be entirely comfortable doesn’t it? For me, I find the headset itself is a little uncomfortable – but I’m the sort of person that gets a headache from wearing a hairband all day. When you switch the headset on you do initially feel a sort of sharp tingling sensation through the pads which soon settles. Through the session I find myself feeling a little woozy, it feels much like motion sickness – that slightly dizzy, slightly nauseous, can’t quite put your finger on it feeling. It’s not horrible but it’s unpleasant enough to make me not really want to wear my headset. I find myself getting a bit of dread and just not really wanting to sit down and do my session, but then once I get on and do it, it’s fine. As I’ve mentioned above – I’ve learned that I just need to sit still and watch TV whilst I’m using it – the distraction really helps.

I can be quite a headachey person – if my eyes are tired from too much screen use, or if I’ve had my hair tied up too tight / worn a hair band all day – so it doesn’t really surprise me that I’ve been a bit headachey whilst using the Modius. I tend to find if I use it more than two days on then bounce I get a headache so I never really manage a good run of sessions. However, two days on and one day off, still gets my to my target five sessions in a week.

The Modius headset feels quite tight on my head and sometimes gives me a bit of a headache

What level should you use the Modius headset at?

You control the Modius headset through an app and can alter the levels between 1 and 10 to suit your own comfort levels. The advice is to start low and build up steadily as you get used to the sensations. As yet I’ve not managed to use the headset comfortably above Level 4 whereas I know others who are trying the headset alongside me are at a much higher level – as with most things, it affects everyone differently. (I will add links in to other people’s posts at the end as they are published)

Modius device is controlled through an app - you can change the levels, see how long your session has lasted and monitor session streaks

But does the Modius headset make a difference to appetite and cravings?

The simple answer is yes. Wearing the Modius headset has definitely made a noticeable difference to my appetite – I’m often not hungry when I get up the morning after a session which is unusual for me as I’m normally a real breakfast person. And yes, it has definitely made a difference to my cravings – I don’t feel the “need” for things in the same way, this has been particularly noticeable during my period when I would normally be constantly wanting to eat carby / sweet foods.

However, what the Modius doesn’t impact is my general greed and mindless, habitual eating. That’s going to need more concentration from me. So much of my eating is nothing to do with hunger or really wanting something – it’s thoughtless or emotional.

Black Milk - eating the waffles

In the time that I’ve been using the headset I’ve lost around 3lb (though it might be slightly more – today’s weigh in was affected by my time of the month which can cause me to fluctuate quite considerably). In the scheme of things 3lb isn’t a lot – but considering I’ve not really done anything else differently I’d call that a win.

I know from past experience, that I really need to plan my food – plan what I’m going to have for lunch instead of getting to 12pm and standing in front of the fridge thinking “What can I have that’s quick before I get back to my work?” and then making the the wrong choices. I need to plan healthy snacks into my day instead of mindlessly grazing on biscuits or sweet treats. The Modius headset is absolutely reducing my appetite and cravings but only I can deal with the need to make better choices. From what I’ve experienced so far, I do feel that if I take the time to plan and make those better choices, regular use of the Modius headset will help me stick to those choices.

And so, moving forward into the next month or two – I need to really make an effort to make changes. The Modius headset isn’t a magical solution on it’s own, it’s a helping hand to make weight loss easier.

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A quick note about the gel pads . . .

Just as a side note, I wanted to mention the gel pads. It’s really important to use the wipes to clean the skin before you use the pads or this can impair the adhesive. Also make sure you hair is out of the way is they can get stuck to your hair which obviously stops them sticking properly. In the first couple of weeks I had problems with the pads sticking – they would fall off part way through the session leaving me to hold them on to get to the end of my time. I was advised to put the pads on and leave them a short time to adhere before you fasten your device on and this made a huge difference. I’ve not had any problems with them since.

Modius gel pads - what to do if your Modius pads won't stick

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  1. May 14, 2019 / 11:13 am

    I really enjoyed reading how you got on! It’s a weird experience isn’t it? The jury’s still out for me — like you, I’ve noticed positives and negatives. I’m looking forward to this next month, to see if the numbers on the scales start to shift.

  2. Sophie Gillum-Webb
    May 15, 2019 / 7:33 am

    I’ve had a really similar experience to you which is reassuring!

  3. May 15, 2019 / 8:39 pm

    I’m still getting the woozy sicky feeling of motion sickness and have to lay down wearing mine.

    Strange how it effects us all differently

  4. Jen Walshaw
    June 10, 2019 / 2:49 pm

    I have to find an hour to just sit to use mine, which means that I have to plan for me time!

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