A new milestone!

My baby girl just sat up unsupported for the first time . . . 

I completely failed to get a decent photo . . .

And then we tried very hard to get a “milestone photo” but clearly madam just wanted to eat it . . . 
But who cares!  My little lady sat up all by herself!  
She’s pretty wobbly but just a week ago I thought she was ages off sitting unsupported!  It’s amazing how quickly they change at this age.  She’s going to love being able to sit up and play with Ben and Chloe, to sit and watch what’s going on from her new position!  I’m excited for her!



  1. June 27, 2014 / 1:44 pm

    Those cards are so cute! A blurry photo is definitely better than no photo at all – She's growing so fast! x

    • June 27, 2014 / 3:23 pm

      I love the milestone cards but they can be really tricky when she just wants to shove them in her mouth haha.

  2. Hannah J
    June 28, 2014 / 6:33 am

    Yay!!! Good effort! I'm with Donna. Blurry is better than no photo 🙂 where do you get the cards from?

  3. Jane Roberts
    July 8, 2014 / 9:25 am

    Yay, a fantastic milestone. Love the milestone cards you have, I may need to look into getting some of those ;0). I love how excited you are for her to be able to join in with your other children.


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