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My sister has recently adopted a wheat and gluten free diet – wow I never realised how restrictive it is!  Once you start looking for it you realise it’s in everything – not just the obvious things like bread and pasta (which are staples for most people) but in crisps, puddings and even a stock cube!  It makes eating out really tricky for her as she can never quite know what’s in the food she has chosen and we have to really think about what we can eat when she comes to visit.
I was delighted to be given the chance to review a wheat and gluten free cake from bakerdays.

The bakerdays website basically enables you to order the cake of your choice online – choosing size, flavour and decoration, and then have it delivered anywhere in the UK (and even better if you order before 2pm they can get it to you the next day which is great for last minute presents, not that I would ever forget a birthday *ahem*)

My “post box cake” arrived today and in fairness it didn’t come through the postbox, but my lovely Postie did leave it on the back doorstep for me. (I have since checked and the box wouldn’t quite fit through, I don’t think I have a particularly small letterbox either).  I was really excited to open the box and inside I discovered a tin containing the cake alongside a party blower, three balloons and a couple of candles. I can’t help but think what a thoughtful little extra that is. I sort of imagine someone receiving this at work and having a little celebration at their desk.

Contents of the parcel

The cake itself looks and smells delicious, it isn’t very deep which I felt disappointed by initially but then realised it’s probably to do with making sure it would fit through a post box (or not in my case!).  I love that you are able to add your own photos to personalise your cake – and of course chose to use my blog header for this purpose. I think it looks great!

Our very own personalised cake

The “post box cake” is described as the “baby” of the bakerdays family and is designed to give three to four portions.  Now on the website it claims “Every one of our cakes will taste like you made it yourself!” I rather hoped that wouldn’t be the case – I’m not exactly a master baker!
Now I haven’t tried much in the way of wheat and gluten free cakes so I’m essentially reviewing this as a proper cake eater  . . .

Inside the cake

Dave’s response was “Oh, yeah it’s ok actually, I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t a normal cake if you hadn’t said, maybe a bit dry but yeah pretty good!”  He was clearly pleasantly surprised, as was I. I have to say I agree with him.  From the few bits of wheat and gluten free cakes I have tried and from what my sister has told me I expected it to be dry and heavy – not so. The icing was lovely, really soft & just the right amount. It really does just taste like a normal cake, a nice one at that!

So what did we like?

* The tin it comes in – no chance of a battered cake through the letter box
* The cute little extras of the balloons, party blower and candles
* The fact that it is wheat and gluten free of course!
* Being able to personalise the cake with your own words and images
* The potential for next day delivery
* It’s a yummy cake!!

What we weren’t so keen on

* If you’re going to be really fussy you might say the cake was a little dry
* £15 feels pretty steep for a little cake but when you consider the novelty factor & the postage it’s actually not that bad.

If you’d like to try your own wheat and gluten free bakerdays cake you can order here:

* Disclaimer: I was sent this cake free of charge to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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