BEAR Claws & Autumnal Adventures

Amy is currently fully absorbed in the joy that is autumn.  She is loving watching the changing colours of the trees and kicking her way through fresh yellow carpets of leaves on the school run before collecting as many leaves as she can carry to her destination!  When you’re not quite three, the world is an awesome place.

Toddler with handful of autumn leaves

Amy throwing leaves in the park

In an attempt to make the most of the dry autumn we’re having so far, Amy and I have been taking some slow walks home from nursery through the park – taking in the seasonal changes and enjoying the fresh air before things take a turn for the worse and our school runs become cold, hurried and sodden.

Amy kicking autumn leaves

Amy is always hungry when she comes out of nursery (in fact she’s always hungry at the moment full stop! I think she must be heading for another growth spurt).  I’ve been keeping a handy pack of BEAR Claws tucked away in my pocket ready for her to snack on while we explore.

Toddler with BEAR Claws

Made up of 100% fruit and veg (with one whole third made up of veg!) this range is a fun and tasty way to get my little monsters munching on more veg, and less sugar, this autumn.  We both love the cheeky monster feet on the packaging!  BEAR Claws also have absolutely no added nonsense. No sugar, concentrates, stabilisers or preservatives… absolutely nothing!  They come in four different recipes; Blackcurrant & Beetroot, Mango & Carrot, Strawberry & Butternut and Apple, Pear & Pumpkin.  I’m happy that she’s not eating rubbish and she’s happy that she’s got a super tasty snack!

Toddler eating BEAR Claws

I’m crossing my fingers for lots more autumnal adventures before the weather turns!

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  1. Karen
    November 5, 2016 / 10:41 am

    We love bear claws! Awesome photos!

  2. November 5, 2016 / 6:02 pm

    Ah she is just the cutest – love her, whatever the season x

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