BEAR & Puffin’s Big Book Club

*This is a commissioned post for BEAR

BEAR Nibbles & Puffin Books have teamed up to create the Big Book Club!  Anything which involves getting children enthusiastic about books is immediately going to be a winner for me, so I was excited to learn a little bit more about what BEAR have got up their sleeves (or inside their cereal boxes) this time!

As part of our work with BEAR, my little cubs were invited to become founding members of BEAR & Puffin’s Big Book Club.  Before getting started we had to create our very own reading cave . . . now Ben, Chloe & Amy are fortunate enough to have a lovely playroom which already has something of a reading corner (the primary school teacher in me lives on) so we added some little details including our BEAR “Reading Cave” sign and cushion along with a selection of new books – specifically the first BEAR & Puffin’s Big Book Club “Book of the Month” choices.

BEAR & Puffin's Big Book Club - Our Reading Cave

Each month the Big Book Club’s online hub will feature a new “Book of the Month” with a range of specially released content available from Puffin – this includes free extracts of childhood classics and new releases from favourite authors.  To extend the fun beyond the initial reading of a story, BEAR & Puffin have created downloadable activity sheets and games to go along with each book and corresponding letter of the alphabet – you can find these by exploring What a lovely way to introduce children to new books you might not have thought of, old favourites you’d forgotten or to just add a little variation!

Ben, Chloe & Amy are already keen bookworms – this is something Dave & I have worked hard to foster with bedtime stories being a non-negotiable part of our routine since they were tiny babies.  So, it was no surprise that they were super excited to get stuck into their new books – especially Ben who is just devouring books at the moment.  One of the things I love most about Ben and Chloe being able to read so confidently, is that I often find one of them snuggled up somewhere reading to Amy.  In fact, just the other night whilst I was trying to get the laundry sorted, Ben offered to read Amy a bedtime story and when I went in to check on them they were both tucked up in bed together reading a book.  Talk about a heart melting moment!

Of course, any Book Club worth it’s salt needs snacks right?  (I’m quite sure that wine is the sole reason lots of Book Clubs actually exist but that’s by the by.)  For our BEAR & Puffin Big Book Club we broke out the Alphabites – not just for breakfast, this multigrain cereal makes for a healthy snack when crunched dry – Amy especially loves the Cocoa Multigrain version! With just 6 simple ingredients and no refined sugar, salt, artificial colours or flavours – I’d certainly rather she was snacking on Alphabites than a bag of crisps!)

In celebration of this collaboration between BEAR and Puff Books, you will be able to find special limited edition storybook magnets in packets of Alphabites from this month.  (I still remember how exciting it was to get a free gift in the cereal box when I was little!)

What are you waiting for?  Crack on and join the BEAR & Puffin Big Book Club with your little cubs today!  #BigBookClub



  1. Leigh-Ann Otto
    September 20, 2017 / 8:25 am

    Your little reading corner is SO cute!!! I am going to make a reading spot in our home. Thanks for the idea.

  2. September 20, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    This looks amazing. We LOVE reading too so anything like this is interesting. I’ll be sure to follow the Book Club for recommendations.

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