BLOK Protective Shell for iPad mini – Review

You may have seen a month or so ago that I reviewed a Tech21 Impact Folio Case for my iPad mini.  It did the job it said it would and protected my iPad from knocks and scrapes but it was bulky and a horrible colour (I still don’t get why you’d make something like that in brown!)  Unsurprisingly I didn’t leave it on my iPad for very long, returning to my Apple Smart Cover – which as I’ve said previously, protects my screen but doesn’t safeguard my precious tech against bumps in my bag or, heaven forbid, being dropped on the floor.

So, the latest in my line of iPad mini cases is the BLOK by Logitech – this case is a “protective shell” with specially designed square corners to add protection to the most easily damaged areas of your iPad.  The BLOK has been tested to heights of 1.8 metres (definitely higher than I intended on taking my iPad any time soon) and is designed to withstand whatever your day to day life throws at it.  

This video explains the research and technology behind the impact protection BLOK offers . . . 

So that’s all really impressive but how is it performing in my day to day life?  In comparison to the Tech21 Impact Folio case – it’s infinitely sleeker and more attractive.  Yes it does add a little bulk to your super sleek iPad but show me a case that doesn’t.  BLOK was designed for maximum impact protection with minimum size implications and I think it fits the bill on that one. The hard shell feels like an expensive plastic, it’s not really slippy and feels sturdy in your hand.  Whilst the square corners do make the iPad feel a little larger, if you watch the video above you will understand that they are both necessary and a worthwhile pay off.

 I love the bright blue colour of the BLOK case (so much better than a mucky brown let’s face it!) and the way your iPad just pushes into the shell – the edges are safely encased and I don’t think there’s anyway it would just “pop out”.  Unlike some cheaper cases where usability might be compromised, the BLOK is meticulously designed to ensure that access to external buttons and the camera are not affected.

My biggest niggle is that there is no screen protection provided by the case itself – my Apple Smart Cover obviously flips over when the tablet is not in use protecting the screen from knocks or scrapes in my bag.  The BLOK does however, come with complimentary screen protectors which can be applied.  I also miss the stand which my Apple Smart Cover provides.  I believe that other products in the BLOK family do have an integrated cover and any-angle stand but this isn’t a feature present on the version I’ve been trying out.

At £29.99 I think the BLOK is a fantastic case for helping to kid-proof your precious iPad mini without destroying it’s smooth, sleek looks.  But for my own personal use?  It’s just not quite fitting the bill.  The search goes on.

*Disclaimer – I was provided with the BLOK Protective Shell free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain my own* 


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