Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Bra – Review

As I already explained here shopping for nursing bras is never something that strikes me as much fun!  It stresses me right out in fact (as does shopping for clothes to wear while feeding – but that’s a whole other post)

When I was offered the chance to review a nursing bra from Bravado I jumped at it!  I wasn’t sure how the sizing would work so just explained that I was currently wearing a M&S 40F (yes I know- petite aren’t they!)   I was sent Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Bra in a size  40 E/F and it’s a fantastic fit!

Clearly the model looks considerably
more  glamorous than I could two weeks
after giving birth so we’ll stick to using
her picture instead!

As someone with *ahem* quite hefty assets I know what to look for in terms of a good supportive bra – wider straps, a deep back . . . this bra has that in spades.  The back is 4 hooks deep and 4 hooks wide – which gives plenty of room for manoeuvre as your body gets itself back to normal (it has to happen eventually right?)

First and foremost the bra is really comfortable – I’ve even been sleeping in it.

The cups are super smooth and seam free so they don’t irritate your sensitive breasts.  The fabric is firm and supportive without being overly thick – I’ve had nursing bras before that are too stiff so it’s hard to actually get the cup out of the way when you are trying to feed but that’s not the case here, the cup moves right down out of the way.

The fabric is thick enough that it doesn’t show the line of your breast pads through but also stretchy enough to accommodate for your breasts changing size and shape through the course of the day.

The clips are sturdy but easy to undo (and do up again) with one hand – lets face it you are rarely going to have two hands free for messing about with your bra!!

It washes well and dries quickly too – you might think that’s a bit of an odd positive but I’ve got just two bras on rotation at the moment and with leaky boobs and a baby who likes to aim her projectile vomit into my bra knowing that I can get it washed and dried quickly is really important!

I’m going to be investing in other colours!

*Disclaimer – I was sent the bra free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own) 

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