Britain’s Best Blanket Fort

I reckon every child loves making a den right?  As a child I remember regularly commandeering Mum’s clothes horse and draping it with sheets to make our own little hiding space.  Even better was at Grandma and Grandad’s where we would use the clothes horse and sun loungers in the garden covered in an array of sheets and secured with pegs – Nic and I used to love hiding under there with juice, a kit kat and a book. Happy days.

In our house Ben and Chloe have a “burrow” (so called thanks to an obsession with Peter Rabbit on Cbeebies). This burrow is a space in the corner behind our sofa – they often like to hide down there together.  We will sometimes cover it with a blanket for them but we’ve never actually gone all out to build a proper den together until this weekend.

Normally Thomas’s cage is under the kitchen work surface but Dave decided it would be a great space for a den so he folded it away for the day and cleared everything out of the way (including unplugging the tv etc which is normally in the corner to the right!)

Clearing the space & adding chairs for walls

Once the space was clear Dave and Chloe brought some chairs through from the dining room to create walls and added an enormous bean bag for comfort!  Unsurprisingly Chloe thought this was all very exciting!

The next step was to add the blankets – these were hung over the work surface and chairs, secured with pegs and heavy objects!

Covering the den with blankets

Safe to say Ben and Chloe thought their new den was fantastic!

Time to play!

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