Brother Max Non-Contact Digital Thermometer – Review

Have you come across Brother Max before?  You can read all about them here.  What I love about Brother Max products is the fact they are so simple – the sort of things you wonder why on earth nobody has thought of it before or which solve a problem you  never even realised you had!

Brother Max Non-Contact Digital Thermometer The new Brother Max Non-Contact Digital Thermometer is a stroke of genius.  Really what child enjoys having their temperature taken?  Ben has just about reached the stage where he will allow me to take his temperature using a digital thermometer in his mouth but Chloe is still a battle to get her to sit still with it long enough under her arm pit.  This thermometer doesn’t even need to touch them and it’s SO fast. You literally hold it near their forehead for a second to get a fast and accurate reading.  This is of course ideal if your little one is sleeping and you don’t want to disturb them.
Aside from the benefits of it being non-contact my favourite feature is the temperature alert light which works on a traffic light basis – showing red, amber or green depending on your child’s temperature. I particularly like this as I can never quite remember what is class as “normal” range and often have to have a quick google just to reassure myself – the visual element of this would be great if you were in a bit of panic.  The back lit display is also fantastic if you’re taking a temperature in the dark and trying not to disturb your little one!
So what do we like? 
* The fact it doesn’t even need to touch your child to take an accurate temperature (also makes it more hygienic)
* The speed
* The green, amber and red colour coded temperature alert light
* The ease of swapping from Celsius to Fahrenheit (makes it easier for Granny to use!)
* Nice ergonomic design – feels nice in your hand!
* Memory stores the last 19 readings which makes it easy to compare
* The kids think it’s ace and are happy to use it

* It can be used to take the ambient room temperature which is ideal if you’re away from home

What we weren’t so keen on
* I wasn’t always convinced by the accuracy but it was great for quick reference – it has been suggested that perhaps I wasn’t using the thermometer accurately and that if the button is held on it wouldn’t work properly so I’m going to have another look at this one! All in all I think it’s a genius bit of kit!  The Brother Max Non-Contact Forehead and Room Digital Thermometer is now available in Boots.
*I was sent this product free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own* 

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