Buying Gifts for Men!

The first part of the year is a busy one for us when it comes to gift buying – Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, my birthday, our wedding anniversary and his birthday all hit within the first 4 months of the year . . .

I think most men are pretty awkward to buy for really (no one more so than my Dad).  I used to find Dave much easier to buy for than I do these days but I think that’s generally a budget constraint – I often seem to end up buying him clothes but if money were no object . . .

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PlayStation / Xbox – in the early days of our relationship I spent more hours than I care to remember watching Dave and his best friend playing SSX Tricky on the PlayStation, over the years their loyalities moved to the XBox.  These days Dave has little time for playing Xbox but I know there’s still a bit of gamer in there.  I’d love to be able to buy him a new games console & the associated accessories (although perhaps I’d regret this gift once he was sucked back into his gaming habits!) Gioteck make controllers for all the big consoles – currently if you want a PS3 Controller or something for one of the other new generation consoles there isn’t a lot of choice but Gioteck appear to be leading the way!

A Driving Experience – With three children under 5 I’m sure you can imagine we don’t get much time for just the two of us.  A few years ago Dave bought me an R8 driving experience as a gift and I LOVED it! We’ve often talked about doing a skid pan course or something together so this would feature pretty high up on my list

A Butchery Course – A couple of years ago I promised Dave a butchery course for Christmas and it hasn’t happened – I had found one at Askham Bryan College,York but the dates never seemed to match up with when we were free. Eventually I will get this sorted for him!

Sonos Wireless HiFi – Ok this gift would be as much for me as it would be for him but we have talked a lot recently about investing in Sonos speakers for our home – at the moment we rely on laptop speakers which just doesn’t produce the quality or depth of sound we would like!

So that’s just a taste of the things I’d love to be able to buy my husband for his upcoming birthday – in reality he’ll probably get socks . . .



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