London has long since been on my children’s wish list of places to visit but as yet we’ve not quite managed it!

If you’ve got suggestions or recommendations of places for us to visit in London do let me know!

Of course if you’d like to collaborate on a review, do get in touch and we can talk this over.

Cheaper Train Travel with a Family and Friends Railcard

Shortly before last October half term I invested in a Family and Friends Railcard ready for taking the kids on their very first trip to London.  The card basically paid for itself within that first trip making it a worthwhile investment for us! What is a Family and Friends Railcard? If you’ve not heard of the Family and Friends Railcard before, it’s basically a paid-for discount card.  The Family and Friends rail card costs £30 for the whole year, and then saves you 1/3 on adult and 60% on kids’ rail fares throughout Great Britain!  (It’s worth pointing out that you must be travelling with at least one child to be able to use your Railcard!) Is a Family and Friends Railcard worth the money? With savings of that size they will soon add up and cover the cost of buying the card in the first place.  In fact, the…

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