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Reddish Vale Farm – An Adventure!

Last weekend Dave was away to York drinking with my Dad – I took the decision to stay at home for the weekend and Aunty Custard came to stop with us.  Ben and Chloe were super excited to see her as they’d not seen her for quite a while.  As is standard, they knew we were going on an adventure but not where, I also hadn’t told them that Aunty Custard was coming with us either!  The weather wasn’t quite what I’d hoped but we donned our coats and wellies and got on with it.  Reddish Vale Farm is about 20 minutes from our house but we’ve never been before.  I discovered it after seeing a friend’s photos on Facebook.  When we arrived at the farm we paid our entrance fee (it cos £11 for the the four of us) and bought a 50p bucket of carrots for feeding the animals.…

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The Annual Burgess / Dowson Birthday Outing!

The Annual Burgess / Dowson Birthday Outing!

As Ben and Oliver’s birthdays are so close together it has become a tradition to have a “Birthday Outing” – this year we decided … View Post