Geomag Mechanics Gravity – Review & Giveaway

Ben was first introduced to the joy of Geomag earlier this year when we reviewed a Geomag Panels set and  Geomag Mechanics set.  We keep both sets at my parents’ house and he makes a beeline for them every time we visit – spending hours fiddling around and constructing various creations.  The latest addition to his Geomag collection is the Geomag Mechanics Gravity Motor System.  The Geomag Mechanics sets are more complex than the Panels and as such are aimed at the more expert player – children who have already figured out how the Geomag systems work.

The Geomag Mechanics Gravity Motor System contains 11 magnetic rods and 32 steel spheres along with 126 plastic mechanical elements – the set can of course be used independently or alongside an existing Geomag collection.  Once you’ve constructed the set according to the instructions, gravity pushes the steel spheres through the Geomag gravity motor spiral and, once this is set in motion, a combination of gravity and magnetism will keep it going until  you stop it again.  There’s no batteries or electricity required for this one!

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Milly Feels Better – a Baby Annabell Interactive Doll

Regular readers will know that Amy is a big fan of baby dolls, her favourites being Baby Jack (better known as Baby Annabell’s brother) and Sophie (who I think we picked up in Toys R Us with a voucher last year!  She loves to spend hours pushing them in their pram, tucking them up in a handmade, vintage doll’s cot which Father Christmas brought her last year and generally being a good mummy!  The latest addition to Amy’s brood is the Milly Feels Better Doll from the Baby Annabell range by Zapf Creation – Amy has named her Baby Lucia.

Milly Feels Better from Baby Annabell

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Summer fun with Gazillion Bubbles

The appeal of playing with bubbles is universal.  I don’t care who you are, old or young, the pleasure of creating huge bubbles, watching them bob about in the air and popping them cannot be denied.

We took some of the Gazillion bubble range on holiday to France with us last week – this is a far cry from your Mum topping your bottle of bubbles up with Fairy liquid when you were a kid.  In our experience Gazillion bubble formula is perfect for making lots of big bubbles, not just one that pops pathetically on the wand but masses of bright, colourful bubbles!   The Gazillion bubble formula is non-toxic and non-staining making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Giant bubbles with Gazillion

Children popping enormous bubbles

bubble popping fun

We took the Giant Incredi-buble wand down to the beach with us to make the most of the open space while we made some enormous bubbles using the specially formulated giant bubble solution.  We did find that because it was a little windy, we had to keep waiting for the breeze to drop to be able to make the best bubbles – it was a bit frustrating but totally worth it when we got those huge streams of bubbles!

Gazillion bubble wand on the beach

Stream of Gazillion giant bubbles on the beach

enormous Gazillion bubbles at the coast

Gazillion incredi-bubble wand

Enormous stream of Gazillion bubbles

bubble tunnel Gazillion

Little girl popping huge Gazillion bubbles on the beach

popping Gazillion bubbles

Back at the campsite we tried out the new Gazillion Crazy Wands (£3.99 a pack) – these photo-booth style wands made the kids giggle.  Ben had thought the bubbles might change according to the shape of the bubble wand but of course that’s not the case, the bubbles form a typical round bubble shape once you’ve blown them.  Blowing bubbles from the Gazillion Crazy Wands isn’t as easy as blowing bubbles from a standard bubble wand but for the novelty value they’re great fun!

Gazillion crazy wands

photo-booth style bubble wands from Gazillion

The Gazillion Bubbles Tornado Bubble Machine is the ultimate bubble machine, perfect for creating a storm of bubbles in seconds and ideal for parties!  It’s worth pointing out that batteries aren’t included – something I had failed to notice meaning we couldn’t use the machine on holiday in France – we’re now saving it for a family party next month instead!

Finally the 2L Gazillion Bubbles Premium Solution is an enormous bottle of bubble solution with a suitably large 7-in1 bubble wand.  You’re not going to run out of bubble solution in a hurry with this!

Gazillion Premium bubble solution

Gazillion Premium bubble solution makes lots of bubble to pop

little girl popping bubbles

*We were sent our Gazillion Bubble goodies free of charge for the purposes of review.  All thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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Geomag Panels & Mechanics – Review

Ben is basically king of construction in our house. His obsession with all things LEGO started at the age of 4 and he can now confidently put together models aimed at children far older than him. We’ve tried other construction ranges (Meccano, K’nex etc) but nothing has quite grabbed his attention in the same way until now.  When Ben saw the boxes of Geomag he had been sent to review – he couldn’t wait to get his hands on them!

Geomag Panels 464 Set 

The Geomag Panels set consists of  192 pieces – a mix of magnetic bars, steel balls and bright, transparent geometric panels which fit together easily to build stable structures.  Ben started off making a simple structure from the instructions using just the rods and balls before moving on to one of the most complicated structures on the sheet – I did suggest he might be better of building the smaller things first and building up to that once he’d got a handle on how the Geomag Panels worked but no, Ben knew best!

Geomag Panels 192 Set

It didn’t take him long to get to grips with the instructions or how the Geomag pieces worked – and what I was really impressed with was his perseverance when things didn’t quite work for example if he knocked a panel or rod out of place.  This would have driven me insane but he just popped it all back together again and carried on.  Perseverance is a key word in education at the moment and only last week Ben’s teacher was talking to me about the need for him to challenge himself more so when he was happy to persist with building his chosen structure even though it didn’t go right for him first time, I was thrilled.

Geomag Panels - magnetic rods and steel spheres

Geomag Panels - bright coloured panels

Geomag Panels - bridge building

Geomag Panels - building a bridge

Geomag Panels - adding coloured panels for strength

With 192 pieces, this set provides endless possibilities for creating ever evolving constructions – the examples on the instruction sheet are just a starting point to demonstrate what the magnetic pieces can do – I can’t wait to see where Ben takes them next!

Geomag Mechanics set

The Geomag Mechanics range is an evolution of the Geomag Classic line – adding in different shapes and colours which allow you to investigate how magnetic forces can trigger mechanical movement.  Ben has been looking at magnetism at school this half term so he immediately realised that using the magnets to repel one another was going to make his structure rotate and move.

Geomag Mechanics, whilst aimed at age 5+, is a more complex system and as such is intended for more expert players – children who have already got to grips with how the Geomag system works.  Typically Ben decided to have a go at the Geomag Mechanics system first, depsite my suggestions that he might be better of starting with the Geomag Panels set . . .  As he’s 8yrs old and fairly experienced in construction toys, he did manage to make the first Geomag Mechanics build without out too much stress – a little frustration and a few mistakes are of course great for learning!

Geomag Mechanics

Geomag Mechanics

Geomag Mechanics - clear instructions for the build

Geomag Mechanics - magnetic rods and steel balls

Developing fine motor skills with Geomag Mechanics

The sense of achievement when he managed to successfully complete the structure and then make it move, made for a very excited young man!

STEM skills with Geomag Mechanics

The teacher in me of course is dancing at the opportunities for fine motor development, understanding shape, fostering problem solving skills, designing and making . . . Geomag are ticking so many STEM boxes right there!  I think Geomag have as much of a place in the classroom as they do at home.  Maths and Science are very much Ben’s ‘thing’ – he as ambitions to become an inventor and I foresee a future in engineering for him if I’m honest so being able to play whilst developing skills which might help him achieve those ambitions is a bit perfect!

You can buy Geomag at Smyths and The Entertainer and also find them in the following places online:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Star Wars Action Figures – Review

How’s the Star Wars obsession panning out in your house at the moment?  With the third of the recent Star Wars releases hitting our screens at the back end of last year there was a predictable plethora of Star Wars related merchandise available to purchase ready for Christmas.  Ben was lucky enough to receive a bundle of Star Wars toys from Hasbro to review and I’ve decided to split them into two reviews – the first being of the Star Wars action figures – Interactech Kylo Ren and Star Wars Forces of Destiny Ray of Jaku and BB-8 figure.  I should add a disclaimer here . . . I know nothing about Star Wars, I haven’t even watched it . . .anyway, moving swiftly on . .

Star Wars Forces of Destiny action figures

Star Wars action figures

Interactech Kylo Ren

Klyo Ren is the son of Hans Solo and Leia (which you would think would make him a good guy but I’m reliably informed that after being trained by Luke Skywalker he went over to the dark side!)  As such he’s dressed in dark clothing with a black helmet in the vein of Darth Vader – Ben was impressed that when he pushes the helmet onto the figure’s head it makes a noise to signify the helmet being fastened which he tells me is just like in the film.  Who am I to argue?  In fact the Interactech Kylo Ren has over sixty different sound effects and phrases and a light up light sabre.  The figure also uses a motion sensor to “respond to specific movement and activate awesome battle affects” – I must admit I haven’t quite figured out what that means but what I can tell you is that Ben is a big fan of this Kylo Ren figure and loves playing with it.  The sound effects are true to the film and he found it thoroughly entertaining to investigate them all!

Kylo Ren action figure

Kylo Ren action figure face

Kylo Ren action figure with helmet

Kylo Ren light up lightsaber

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku and BB-8

Rey is training to be a Jedi and as such is the “good guy” who stands up for what she believes in along with her fiesty, loyal droid BB-8.  Ben has been asking me for a BB-8 toy since he saw The Force Awakens so I think he was probably more excited about the BB-8 figure than Rey initially!  The Rey of Jakku action figure features an extendable staff which she holds in her hands and when you squeeze her legs together she twists and swings her lightsaber to strike- Ben thought this was ace!  Rey’s costume and features are detailed and true to the film, her accessories can be removed and she is highly pose-able making her great fun to play with.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku and BB-8

Rey of Jakku action figure - face and hair

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku - super poseable action figure

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku - squeeze legs to swing lightsaber


The two characters are the ideal size for playing with and acting out dramatic battles together.  They’re good quality and built to withstand the sort of “active play” you’d expect from a Star Wars battle and they’re both on offer on Amazon at the minute too!

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Rey of Jakku and BB-8 with Interactech Kylo Ren

*Disclaimer – Ben was sent these Hasbro Star Wars action figures free of charge for the purpose of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit – Review

I’m handing over to Dave for this review – car racing and techy toys are very much up his street so he was almost as excited about the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit as Ben: 

Anki Overdrive, for anyone not familiar, is a cross between Scalextric and a mobile phone racing game.  When I opened the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit I was greeted by two cars, a charging station, some track risers and ten pieces of track (6 bends and 4 straight pieces).  You may have noticed that I’ve not mentioned any means of controlling your cars but that’s what brings this toy into the modern era and I’ll explain more about that in a minute.  The track pieces use magnets to hold themselves together, making it very easy and convenient to try different track shapes, a number of which are suggested on the box.  After you’ve put your track together and charged your cars you need to download an app to your phone or tablet (Android or iOS) which will let you control your cars and navigate the game generally.  Once you’ve downloaded the app and created a profile you are asked to put the cars on the track.  The cars then drive around the track to ‘scan’ it.  A diagram of your chosen track shape is drawn on the screen of your device as the cars ‘scan’ it.  You can then race.  Either against a friend or a computer opponent.  You control the speed of your car via  your phone’s screen to race around the track, and you tilt your phone left or right to change lanes as you race.  Necessary for overtaking.  More importantly, the phone gives you control over one more thing which sets this apart from games of old . . . the weapons!  Yes that’s right… Weapons.  As you’re racing around the track you can blast your opponent to knock them out of action for a few seconds which can really change the shape of a race.

Controlling the Anki Overdrive Starter kit with an android mobile phone

Each car has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.  In their natural state, one is quicker while the other has more firepower.  Of course this keeps things interesting.  If it’s necessary there is an option to ‘balance’ the characteristics of the cars for a more even competition.  As you race you accrue gold coins which you can use to buy upgrades for your car in the shop through the app.  These vary from car to car but follow the usual themes of bulking up your firepower, your weapons range or the ability of your car to take damage before it is out of action ‘briefly’.  Ben loves the upgrades and spends ages reading through all the options before buying his additions.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit - car racing track

Boys racing the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

Different game modes are available after you’ve played a few games against the computer and unlocked them.  The interesting thing is that when you are playing against the computer you still have both cars on the track which makes the racing feel more real than just playing on your phone.  The game mode that Ben and I play the most was ‘Battle’.  In this game you are both racing around the track but the number of laps you do makes no difference.  The aim, unsurprisingly, is to knock out your opponent.  You fire your weapons through your phone.  In reality, a light flashes on your car, but if you’re close enough to your opponent then he takes some damage and his phone will vibrate to let him know.  After as while you can get an upgrade which allows you to fire weapons behind you which keeps the racing interesting.

If you’re feeling flush you can add to your track with more bits of track or extra cars (up to four cars can race at once to keep you and your friends/kids happy). There’s sections of track available which give you banked turns or jumps and even collisions!  There are also ‘Super Trucks‘ which you can add to your set which unlock extra game modes and look really cool but you could easily spend quite a bit of money doing this.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

The only things I can fault with the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit is that the racing is a little rudimentary.  I found I could keep the car at full throttle throughout the track without any real problems.  Although Ben managed to spin off the track any number of times so maybe I’m just a natural! I doubt it though. If you were a fan of the physical throttle on a Scalextric set then you won’t be impressed with the controls.

The kids really enjoyed the game and it was something I was happy to play with for more than an hour.  So if you’re looking for a racing experience for the family/kids which feels more real than a mobile phone game then it might be worth a look see.

*We were sent the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own.  Post contains affiliate links.* 

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Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care Doll – Review

Regular readers will know that Amy is a big fan of dolls.  They are her “go to” toy and she spends hours looking after her babies – feeding them, changing their clothes and carrying them around.  For a while now, “Baby Jack” has been her favourite to the extent that I could probably have got rid of all the others without her even noticing.  However “Baby Jack” now has a contender for the top spot in the form of her new Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care doll, more commonly known in our house as “Violet” (and yes, we know he’s meant to be a boy but hey…)

Cicciobello Love 'n' Care doll

The Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care doll allows your child to quite literally love and care for their baby.  When Cicciobello is feeling poorly or sad, he cries and his cheeks flush.  It’s then up to your child to make baby feel better using a range of accessories.

Amy was beyond excited when Cicciobello arrived in our house but was super patient as I made her wait a few days until the weekend so I could take photos of her new toy.  Of course what I didn’t realise was that Cicciobello didn’t come with batteries (3 x AA) so we went through all the rigmarole of unpacking him only to find that we couldn’t play with him straight away.  Luckily Dave was actually at the supermarket at the time so Amy didn’t have too long to wait.  As you would expect with children’s toys these days, you do need a screwdriver to access the battery compartment but it wasn’t long before Dave had Cicciobello up and working!

The first thing I want to mention is that Cicciobello’s cries aren’t too irritating, but you really don’t want to be loosing any of the accessories he comes with – particularly his dummy as this is basically the magical solution which keeps him asleep (just like real life!?!)  Amy is a bit of a pain when it comes to keeping hold of accessories for toys so I’ve given her a special case to keep all of Cicciobello’s things in and so far this seems to be working!

The basic premise is that when Cicciobello cries and his cheeks flush – then you know he’s poorly and you have to do whatever it takes to make him happy again – this might be a drink of milk, some medicine, checking his temperature or even an injection in his bottom.  Amy was quick to point out that Cicciobello is too young to have juice so it must be two types of medicine!  Each time Cicciobello is poorly, there will be different solution – sometimes you will make him happy straight away with a drink of milk, other times you’ll have tried three or four different solutions before he settles.  You know when he’s better because his cheeks no longer glow red and he makes contented sounds.

Feeding Cicciobello some milk to make him feel better

Checking Cicciobello's temperature

Listening to Cicciobello's tummy

Giving Cicciobello an injection

Cicciobello is happy now!

I must admit that I’m not a massive fan of Cicciobello’s crazy hair or the feel of his outfit (it’s the sort of fabric which you know is just going to get stuff stuck to it and look a mess very quickly) but these are minor niggles – Amy is completely besotted with him and wants to take him everywhere we go (poor Baby Jack hasn’t had a look in all week!).  The moment she comes in from school she goes to check on him and questions if I’ve been looking after him or not!  At £59.99 he’s definitely one for the Christmas lists this year!

*We were sent the Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care doll free of charge for the purposes of review.  All thoughts and opinions remain our own

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Hatchimals Glittering Garden – Review

Now first up I’m going to hold my hands up and say this toy has been sitting under my desk for far too long, waiting for me to find the time to photograph and review it for you – so apologies for my tardiness however hopefully it’s now just in time for you to start thinking about *ahem* Christmas . . . Luckily Chloe had absolutely no idea what was actually in the box or I don’t think she’d have let me get away with leaving it there for so long.  So without further ado, let me introduce you to Hatchimals Glittering Garden – Chloe’s first Hatchimal.

Hatchimals Glittering Garden

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hatchimals they are magical creatures who live inside eggs.  It’s your job, as the egg’s owner, to love and care for it until it’s time to hatch.  As you love & care for your egg, its eyes will light up and it makes cute little noises to let you know how it’s feeling.  Nestled inside the glittering egg is one of two interactive Hatchimals Pengulas with sparkly wings and soft twinkling fur.  When it’s time to hatch, you will be able to see the Hatchimal’s rainbow eyes. You can encourage the Hatchimal to peck its way out by touching the egg.

Once your Hatchimal has hatched, you can raise your Hatchimal through 3 stages of life – from baby to toddler to kid.  Your Hatchimal signifies the start of each new stage by singing “Hatchy Birthday”.  You can teach your Hatchimal to walk, talk, dance and games.  It will even repeat what you say in its own voice.

When you first open the packaging of your Hatchimal it’s worth bearing in mind there is a fairly lengthy instruction book – your Hatchimal can only hatch once so this isn’t something you want to get wrong.  Although Chloe is a fairly confident reader the instructions are not aimed at children so I wouldn’t suggest this is a toy you can just leave your child to crack on with themselves (pun intended!)

The hatching process takes around 20 – 25 minutes, though you can turn your Hatchimal off if you want to pause the process.  Your Hatchimal can’t hatch without you so there’s no panic that you’re going to go to the loo or for some lunch and come back to your toy and find you’ve missed the main event!

The Hatchimal's eyes glow through the egg to let you know what it needs

During the hatching process the Hatchimal’s eyes glow different colours through it’s glittery shell – the different colours signify a different need eg your Hatichmal is cold, sad or hungry – and each of these needs can be met in different ways eg rubbing the bottom, tipping it and so on.  In all honesty Chloe and I found constantly checking the key to see what her Hatchimal needed was a bit of a faff so caring for her egg was more by pot luck than good management.

You need to love and care for your egg so it will hatch

After around 20 minutes of Chloe’s love and care, her Hatchimal began to hatch.  It was a bit of a shock at first and if I’m honest Chloe was a little unnerved initially before just being really excited about the whole thing!  Watching her very own Pengula hatch was pretty exciting!  It takes a little while for the Pengula to hatch, and of course it’s tempting to just rip the top of the shell off but that would defeat the object wouldn’t it!  Chloe was super excited to see which of the Pengulas would be inside.

The Hatchimal taps its way through the egg shell

If you look after your Hatchimal it will hatch by itself.

One of two Pengulas inside the hatchimal

Obviously a significant part of the Hatchimals appeal is the novelty of watching the toy emerge – this is a fairly expensive novelty if you’re not going to touch it again!  By the time Chloe had hatched her Pengula, she’d had enough and was quite happy to turn her new toy off and leave it for a bit.  I was pleased really as it meant she was stretching the appeal somewhat and could go back and rear her new baby Pengula through it’s three life stages at a later date.

Sparkling wings and fur - Hatchimals Glittering Garden

Raise your Hatchimal through three different life stages

There’s no denying that at around £65 the Hatchimals Glittering Garden is an expensive toy but it’s also seriously exciting and definitely one which would bring the wow factor come Christmas morning!  (You can pick one up on Amazon at the moment for less than £50!)

*We were sent the Hatchimals Glittering Garden for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own.  This post contains an affiliate link which means if you choose to buy through this link I receive a small percentage of your purchase price at no cost to you*

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Hatchimals Glittering Garden - Is it really worth the money?

MOKURU: The next big fidget toy? – Review

Fidget toys are all the rage at the moment aren’t they?  Everywhere I go I see kids whizzing fidget spinners around their fingers and I can’t tell you how many I’ve confiscated in the classroom.  They drive me mad but there’s no denying that they have their place and kids are going crazy for them.  Launched in the UK today is the latest offering to the “fidget market” if you will – the Mokuru Desk Toy.

MOKURU fidget toys

MOKURU is the latest craze to hit our shores from Japan.  At first glance it really doesn’t look all that exciting but believe me once you get it out of the packet it’s infuriatingly addictive.  Ben literally can’t leave it alone.

Designed to test and refine your balance and focus, it reminds me a little of the bottle flip everyone was so obsessed with last year.  This little wooden toy has been carefully crafted from quality materials to ensure perfect balance – which if you’re going to be trying to learn tricks with it is really important, it’s not good having something which isn’t quite right (so it’s worth mentioning here that there are cheap copies of the MOKURU available but you get what you pay for . . . )

MOKURU desk toy

The first thing Ben tried to do with his MOKURU was just to make it “walk” across the table – if you tip it too hard (or not hard enough) you will knock it over and it will just roll away.  Once he’d mastered this we had a look at youtube to see what else we could try and found that the “simplest” trick to master as a beginner is a “basic flip” which means letting the MOKURU flip over but stopping it again with a flat hand – the challenge is to stop it in a vertical position. Although Ben found this really tricky to start with, a bit of concentration and determination meant he was soon improving!

MOKURU toy - flip

Ben was most impressed by the “flip and hold” manoeuvre which means flipping the MOKURU and then catching it on the back of your hand – he has been trying do this almost constantly ever since.

MOKURU tricks

MOKURU Flip & Catch

I must warn you that, being made of wood, the MOKURU can be a bit noisy as it’s being flipped around on your dining room table or laminate floor – this certainly isn’t a toy I would want to be used in my classroom during learning time.  That said, if you survived the noise of constant bottle flipping or whirring fidget spinners I reckon you’ll be ok . . .

Ben and I made this video of him playing with his MOKURU straight from the packet so he’s no expert but you can really see how frustraitingly addictive it is and how determined he is to nail the tricks!

He’s super keen to take his MOKURU to school to show off to his mates. . . .

MOKURU fidget stick

You can find MOKURU in the following places:


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Despicable Me 3 Remote Control Inflatables from Bladez Toyz – Review

What do you get if you combine a remote control with an inflatable minion?  A whole lot of fun that’s what!
Despicable Me 3 Remote Control Inflatables from Bladez Toyz - Review
Ben, Chloe and Amy – like most children of their age – are big fans of Minions and are all really excited about going to see the new Despicable Me 3 film at the cinema at some point soon – I think I might have to make that one a rainy day treat in the summer holidays.  Anyway I’m sure you can all imagine how chuffed they were to discover we had been sent two characters from the new Despicable Me 3 film – Fluffy and Tom.
Despicable Me 3 Remote Control Inflatables from Bladez Toyz - Fluffy and Tom
The toys are ready to play with in minutes – thankfully they don’t take too much blowing up (even I was able to do both of them with my rubbish asthmatic lungs, inflatables are normally deferred to Dave!) and as long as you’ve got a little screwdriver handy for the battery compartments you’re good to go.  It’s worth mentioning that the toys don’t come with batteries – you will need 6 x AA batteries in total (4 in the main unit and 2 in the controller)

Inflatable Minion straight from the box

Despicable Me 3 Remote Control Inflatables - Tom
Despicable Me 3 Remote Control Inflatables - Fluffy

Although Ben is fairly experienced with remote control toys, I don’t think Chloe has really played with any before however the simple handset needed no explanation and she soon had Fluffy whizzing around the playroom (though her favourite thing was to just spin her round on the spot!)  Even Amy was able to have a really good go at playing with the inflatable characters making them a great introductory remote control toy.

Despicable Me 3 Remote Control Inflatables - handset

During the course of play we discovered that the toys are rather reminiscent of weebles – you know those toys from your childhood that you couldn’t knock over?  The inflatables are really well balanced and even if you knock them they will right themselves.  By the very nature of them being inflatable you don’t really need to worry about them damaging your furniture or hurting you if you they crash into you.

Playing with inflatable Tom

Minion races
The material of the inflatable feels quite thin and I honestly thought that they would have burst within a day’s play however, so far, there’s been no such accidents.  Each toy does come with a handy puncture repair kit should the worst happen!
Although Fluffy is mute, Tom does have a number of Minion phrases – which we found amusing at first but I was soon glad to discover you could turn this off on the base of the toy.  We have found that the toys seem to travel better on the rug in the playroom rather than the laminate floor or the living room (and they’re a whole lot quieter then too!)
If you need an inflatable Minion in your life (and let’s face it who doesn’t?) you can pick one up at your local Entertainer Toy Shop or online.
*We were sent the toys free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*