Cbeebies Furchester Hotel Magazine – Review

As a child I always saw a comic as the ultimate treat – they were expensive and not something we got very often, if at all.  Now with three children of my own I must admit that magazines and comics are not something we buy very often.  I guess before Ben could read they felt rather pointless. 

Today sees the launch of the new Cbeebies Furchester Hotel Magazine aimed at children aged 3-6 with a main target audience of 4 year olds, just like Chloe. 

We are very much a Cbeebies household (though Ben is beginning to gravitate towards CBBC these days) so The Furchester Hotel is watched and enjoyed regularly by all three children (and occasionally two parents!)

Chloe was super excited when her Furchester Hotel magazine arrived in the post and she couldn’t wait to dive in and explore what it had to offer.  I must admit I was keen to try and keep her away from it really so I could save it as a surprise for our long journey to France however once she’d seen it I just didn’t stand a chance! 
As you would expect Cbeebies magazine it is full supportive of the Early Years Curriculum including mark making activities, comprehension activities, counting, craft and observational challenges.  I’m really impressed by just how much they’ve managed to pack into one magazine.   
There’s stickers to complete some of the pages and others to add when you’ve completed an activity – Chlo, like most children of her age, is a big fan of stickers so this was a hit right away! 
As an added bonus this month’s magazine comes with a little craft set to “Make your own Portraits” which Chloe is keen to try out! 
I like that there’s a good balance of activities which can be completed without support or any need for reading (eg colouring in) but then there’s also things which will require a bit of help from an adult or older sibling (eg reading the story or some instructions).  At 6, Ben is able to read much of the magazine to himself so I’m sure he will enjoy reading it to Chloe. 

At £2.75 I’d be happy to slip this into my shopping trolley as an occasional treat for Chloe!


*Disclaimer – We were sent the magazine free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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  1. July 29, 2015 / 9:06 pm

    LP would love this, she's a bit Furchester Hotel obsessed! x

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