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In this day and age, I rarely buy anything without reading a review first. Of course most reviews are just someone’s opinion on their blog, a review website like TripAdvisor or perhaps on an online store. For the most part I think you have to take reviews on store websites and the like with a pinch of salt as I think the majority of people only bother to leave reviews when they absolutely hated something or they loved it. Who has the urge to go on Amazon or TripAdvisor and leave a review to say something was “fine”?

When it comes to the big purchases, the ones us mums really can’t be without – washing machines, fridge-freezers and TVs, consumer champion Which? has rigorously tested and compared thousands of products before sharing their balanced, unbiased findings with you to help you choose the right product for you.

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As a new parent, the wealth of products available to you can be overwhelming.  I remember the first time I walked into Mothercare when I was pregnant with Ben; I burst into tears and had to walk out again!  (Hormones?!).  Your friends and family are all keen to tell you about their “musthave” purchases and you are bombarded with information about the next big thing in safety or some miracle product which will ensure your child sleeps through from birth (I’m exaggerating of course).  It can be hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes and one of the main pieces of advice I always offer is to just buy the bare necessities and then wait until baby is here.  The product you thought was going to be a lifesaver, might be completely unnecessary or you baby might just hate it.  The Baby & Child section of the Which? website holds a wealth of information about everything from Calpol to car seats - testing and comparing products to make sure you know everything there is to know before making that all important purchase for your family. 

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So if you want to know which car seat comes out on top in a Which? crash test or the cheapest place to buy Calpol, you can sign up for a month’s trial with Which? for just £1!  If you love it you don’t need to do anything as, the membership will automatically carry on at £10.75 a month – but this can be cancelled at any time. 

Even better, Which? have teamed up with Tots100 and if you sign up now using  this link, you can receive a £5 eGift card (Redeemable at, Marks & Spencer, Starbucks, Argos and John Lewis) 

To claim your £5 eGift: 

  1. Click through to the TOTS 100 Blogger Network landing page 
  1. Enter your name and email address (this is only used for checking you are a valid Which? customer and sending your eGift) 
  1. On the thank you page, click “Try Which?” 
  1. Fill in the Which? registration form and start your £1 trial 
  1. Once you have been confirmed as a valid Which? customer, you will be emailed your £5 eGift within 45 days 

For a taste of what Which? can offer parents, check out their free guide on buying the right baby products here 

What was your best/worst baby purchase?  I’d love to know! 



*collaborative post with Tots100 & Which?* 


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