“DC Super Friends” Magazine – Review

Well I’d like to tell you I had one very excited boy on my hand when he got home from school tonight and discovered his new DC Super Friends Magazine but in reality I had two!!  Daddy was just about as excited as Ben to explore the new magazine! 
The magazine features the well known characters of Batman, Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern and others. Although Ben has never watched any of these characters on the tv he certainly seems to know who they are (unlike Mummy!)  I knew who Batman and Superman were but didn’t have a clue about the others – Daddy on the other hand was keen to talk to Ben about who they were and what super powers they possessed.  (We were both particularly amused that Ben insisted on calling Green Lantern “Green Lightbub” – I didn’t have the heart to correct him because it was too cute!) 
Ben was keen to turn the pages and see what delights the magazine held – he quickly discovered learning activities – for example a matching activity where he had to find specified items in a picture, colouring games, cut out and keep, make and wear activities, character fact files and even competitions with exciting prizes.  
Each issue comes with a free toy – the first edition comes with “two cool communicators with switching screens” – Ben was thrilled with the walkie talkies and enjoyed role playing with Daddy taking it in turns to be different characters.  
The magazine is aimed at pre school boys aged 2-5 and I would say that’s a pretty fair age range. It might be a bit grown up for your average 2 year old but 3 – 5 year olds should be suitably impressed and entertained. 
The magazine goes on sale in the UK on the 19th September 2013 and you can find it in supermarkets and newsagents. Subscription discounts are available and you can find details in the magazine itself or on the website: www.titanmagazines.com
*Disclaimer: We were sent the magazine free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts and opinions are our own* 

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