Degustabox April – Review

This is the third Degustabox we’ve reviewed (You can read more about February and March if you like!)

So far I’ve been pretty impressed with the contents of the boxes – particularly with the range of brands and products.  It’s always exciting to open your box and see what you might get – this month was no different.

What was in the box: 

1. Dr. Oetker Fine Cooks’ Chocolate – I don’t tend to buy cooking chocolate as a rule as I prefer a higher cocoa percentage and I just remember cooking chocolate being really horrible when I was younger – I was pleasantly surprised by the high cocoa percentage in this and the fact its not full of vegetable fat.  Dave made great use of it making some lush chocolate brownies with the kids.

2. Crabbies Alcholic Ginger Beer – I’m not much of a drinker so this isn’t something I would normally try but I was really drawn to the cocktail recipes – who doesn’t love a good cocktail right?

3. Clearspring Miso soup on the go – I haven’t been able to bring myself to try this yet – it really doens’t look very appetising!

4. Lindt – Erm I might have eaten one of these while I was unpacking the rest of my box! Nobody’s ever going to complain at a chocolatey treat are they!

5. Go Splash – I’ve noticed quite a lot of similar products popping up in the supermarket lately and have been keen to try them.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t drink enough. I love my fizzy drinks and I’m not keen on water.  Being able to squirt a bit of flavour into my water really appeals – they’re an idea size for keeping in my bag when I’m working.  Its basically just a really concentrated squash.  It’s better if you squirt it into the glass and then add water rather than doing it the other way round otherwise you don’t get a good mixture.

6. Cawston Press – I LOVE rhubarb so I was very excited to see this little treat in the box and saved it till I could really savour it. It was worth the wait. Cawston Press where have you been all my life?

7. Keogh’s – Who doesn’t love crips – Dave made short work of those!

8. Mornflake – I’ve not tried these yet, I’m saving them for an emergency breakfast!

9. McVitie’s Jaffa Cake Mini Rolls – I love the usual orangey Jaffa Cake mini rolls but hadn’t tried these new flavours of Tropicool and Berry Burst.  I followed the suggestion of popping them in the freezer – hmmm. Not a fan of that one.  In fact Ben and Chloe weren’t keen either and we much preferred them all at room temperature.

What we loved:

* Again there was a good mix of products – I like that it was more “treaty” this month after a meal focussed box last month. This variation really appeals to me.

* There were several familiar brands but also some new ones – I liked this balance.

* Again most of the products in the box are “store cupboard” type items to there’s no rush to get them all used at once.

* There were no problems with delivery this time – my box turned up as expected with a text to confirm beforehand.

* Everything was extremely carefully packaged this month with no damage whatsoever.

What we weren’t so keen on: 

* Nothing this month! It was a complete winner!

If you’d like to try a Degustabox for yourself you can use the code HOBRO for a £3 discount.

You can find more about Degustabox here:




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*Disclaimer – We were sent a Degustabox free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts & opinions are my own*

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