Entries copied from Chloe’s diary (my paper attempt at this blog)

January 9th: 

Chloe rolled back to front for the first time day was unimpressed with hersellf! I left her for a minute or two to wriggle about but then had to turn her back. 

January 10th
Chloe did her first proper poo today – no more nice breastfed baby poos! I was a bit sad. My baby girl is growing up

January 15th
To celebrate her 6 month birthay Chloe has well and truely mastered rolling back to front – the only problem is that she doesn’t really like being on her tummy and gets upset quickly so I have spent most of the day rolling her back again! 

January 17th 
Chloe and Ben have invented a new game today! Ben has discovered that if he screams at Chloe then she giggles and tries to copy him!  They have been taking turns in making noises all day. It’s very cute as it’s the first time that have really interacted together.

28th October 2012: So as you can see I didn’t get very far with the old pen and paper thing – far easier to type and at least this way I can add photos :o)  I have moved the post back to January just so that when it comes to reading things back they are chronological x 


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