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I was always a fan of sleeping bags for my three when they were little – knowing they were safely tucked up and cosy without there being any risk of them disappearing under blankets or waking up cold after kicking their covers off was always key.  Of course it’s over seven years since I first started using baby sleeping bags and the market has grown enormously, there’s so much choice now and so many things to consider.  I was recently introduced to award-winning Australian brand ergoPouch who sent me one of their gorgeous ergoPouch Sleep Swaddles for my friend Molly to try with her beautiful baby girl.  As you can see, Rain isn’t a massive fan of having her arms tucked into her Sleep Swaddle – but of course all babies are different and swaddling isn’t for everyone.  Rain much prefers a more typical sleeping bag where she has the freedom to move her arms – thankfully the Sleep Swaddle also offers this option thanks to the clever poppers on the arms.

ergoPouch sleep swaddle

ergoPouch sleep swaddle arms

Once you’ve passed the swaddling stage, the ergoPouch Sleep Suit is a safe way to keep baby warm without the need for extra blankets.  You can use the Sleep Suit in the cot as a sleeping bag, then convert into legs using the zippers, making the transition from cot to pram or car an easy one.  Perfect for little walkers.  The 3.5 TOG Sleep Suit is designed for winter temperatures and is made with an organic cotton sheeting outer layer and 100% cotton filling.  It also has long cotton fleece sleeves and fold over mitts for warmth.  (It’s also available in 2.5 tog)

ergoPouch sleep suit

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