Fireman’s Sam Safety Month

One of the things I love most about this time of year is Bonfire night.  I have such fond memories of wrapping up in multiple layers of clothing and going down to our local village bonfire to enjoy the fireworks and a few sparklers.  As an adult I still love the sensory experiences that Bonfire Night offers – the bangs and squeals of fireworks, the smell of sparklers and smoke in the air, mugs of hot chocolate to warm you through.  

All the nostalgia and romance aside though I must admit that Bonfire Night does also terrify me.  I remember seeing awful photos as a child of the horrific injuries caused by children playing with fireworks – they certainly had the desired effect as even now, at 35 and a half, I can’t go near them!  I love fireworks and take great pleasure in watching them from afar, however if you asked me to set one off you’d get swift no!  For the most part I would far rather attend a large, well organised, public event although a couple of years ago we did have a few fireworks in the back garden as manned by Dave and Neil whilst Mich and I kept the kids at a safe distance. 

This month, the ever popular Fireman Sam (who I accidentally just typed as Fireman Safe) has launched a “Special Safety Month” to highlight the importance of fire safety for children.  A far cry from the horror stories of life long injuries I was fed as a child, this is a much more accessible way of going about things!  Fireman Sam and the residents of Pontypandy share top tips to stay safe at Halloween and through Bonfire Night with a set of animated videos. 

Bonfire Do’s and Don’ts 

* Make sure the bonfire is situated well away from buildings and trees

* Ensure the bonfire is stable and avoid lighting it with flammable liquids

* Keep a safe distance from the fire, ensuring children are well supervised at all times

* Be prepared for an emergencies with buckets of water, the garden hose or a fire extinguisher close by

* Pour water over the embers before leaving to be sure the fire is fully out

Fireworks Dos and Don’ts

* Fireworks must always be kept in a closed metal box and taken out on at a time

* Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully by torchlight, never using a naked flame

* Always wear gloves when handling sparklers and keep them at arm’s length.  Put them in a bucket of cold water when they’re finished

* Sparklers should not be given to under 5s

I hope you have a wonderful, safe, Halloween and Bonfire night.


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