Fisher Price Discover Your Way – Review

Fisher-Price have launched “Discover Your Way” – “a celebration of all the wonderful and different ways that children like to play helping them to develop happily at their own natural pace”.  

As a Mummy and a teacher this is music to my ears.  Too often we are caught up in milestones, targets and next steps.  Too caught up to allow our children the time and space to learn and develop by themselves, as they are ready.  Babies, children and even adults benefit from the opportunity to discover and learn for themselves, to do things in their own way.

Fisher-Price sent Amy some stacking toys to explore – to see how she interacted with them and let her discover her own way to play with them.

What was really interesting was that, despite the iconic Fisher-Price Rock a Stack being aimed at little tots, actually Ben and Chloe were straight in there and having a go themselves – trying out different things.

Chloe was keen to try out fitting the rings back on the base and quickly discovered for herself that she couldn’t just pop them on in any order she pleased.  She was highly delighted with herself when she figured out what order to put them on in.

stacking rings
Nope, that one isn’t next!
Fisher-Price stacking toy
High five

Ben, thinking more outside the box, wanted to stack the rings in reverse order but noticed that if he put the smallest one on it wouldn’t go down far enough to let the others on – I challenged him to balance them and he did a great job!

Fisher-Price Rock a Stack
Wonder if I can get them all on this way?
So after all that Amy was struggling to get a look in with her new toy!  When she finally got a chance to play she was drawn to the bright colours, the rings and base are all nice and light and the perfect size for little hands.  Ben and Chloe were keen to show her that the smallest ring rattled too – not quite “discovering for herself” but I guess that’s the joy of having older siblings!  Dave spread the rings out on the table and it we noticed that she sought out the red rattling ring each time.
Fisher-Price baby toy
I like the red one thanks!
It will be really interesting to see how Amy plays with rings when she is left to her own devices – and how this changes as she gets older.


*Disclaimer – Amy was sent the stacking toy free of charge for the purposes for writing this post however all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. August 29, 2014 / 10:17 pm

    I have always loved Fisher Price toys!

    • August 30, 2014 / 9:58 am

      Me too. We are huge Fisher-Price fans, I do love toys with a purpose x

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