Getting comfortable in bed

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Dave  and I are both prone to suffering with our backs.  For me there’s a strong family history of it – I have clear memories of Mum putting her back out when we were little and having to help her put her socks on or of the time my Dad damaged a disc in his back and had to have it removed.  I fell off a chair when I was about 14 and I’m sure my back has never been quite right since – it aches if I stand for too long, sit for too long. . . you get the idea.  Being tall of course doesn’t help matters.

However I think the bulk of my back problems have been caused by pregnancy – I suffered sciatica throughout my pregnancies, had problems with my hips and three c-sections have left me with as much core strength as a bag of feathers and as such my back over compensates for my weakened stomach muscles.

I’m conscious of the need to take care of my back, especially as it keeps giving me nasty little warning twinges at the moment so I’m avoiding picking Amy up as much as possible and listening carefully to my body when it’s telling me I’ve done too much!  I’m also planning on making a series of appointments with an osteopath in York who worked wonders last time I visited her.

Toddler in bed

One of the most uncomfortable times of the day for me can be bedtime, particularly if I’ve done a lot of walking that day – when I lie down in bed I just can’t seem to find the right position to ease the discomfort – I often find myself sticking a pillow between my knees to try and relieve the pressure from my hips and then waking up uncomfortable because of the bizarre position I’ve stretched out in.  I recently bought a pair of new pillows – they’re side sleeper ones and I must admit I’m thrilled with mine, it has clearly put my neck into a my better position as I’m far comfier in bed.  Dave on the other hand isn’t keen, he says the pillow is too big and I can only assume he spends more time sleeping on his back that I had thought.  (I should have known really from the amount of snoring he does!  Perhaps we need to invest in an adjustamatic bed so we can both find our ideal sleeping position!  This video from #SleepExperts certainly made me think more about how I could get more comfortable in bed.

I’d love to know your top tips for getting comfortable in bed at night?


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