Getting my juice on with Currys

At the end of January I had a bit of a crazy health and yoga focussed weekend!  On the Saturday I made my way down to London for a Hot Pod Yoga session and followed it up with a trip to Leeds on the Sunday for more yoga and a whole world of juicing with Currys.

Although I had been giving yoga a bit of a go in January, this was in the comfort of my own home with the help of some youtube videos.  Taught classes, beginner level or not, were a whole different kettle of fish.  I was hoping that my second day of yoga would be a little easier than the Hot Pod Yoga the day before.  However no. Rocket Yoga? Well this is definitely not beginner yoga.  It was hard.  I think had I not already been suffering for a challenging hour of Hot Pod Yoga the day before I might have coped better but this was far too fast for this beginner! 

I captured the lovely Jenny from Lets Talk Mommy get her Yoga on!

Along with the crazy Rocket Yoga we were introduced to juicing through a cycle of different activities focusing on nutrition, mocktails, soups and just generally having a go!  I was really surprised to discover just how easy juicing is, how little preparation is required.  For almost all of the fruit and veg you literally just chuck it all in whole (except for things like pineapple which you really do need to remove the skin from!)  There’s no real rules, just chuck things in and see what happens – some stuff will be delicious, other stuff perhaps a bit more “hold your nose and neck it”!

Juicing demo – it was so quick! 

Along with how easy it was I was also really quite shocked at just how much fruit and veg has to go into the juicer to pump out one glass . . . and therefore how expensive it is, if I’m honest I think I’d rather eat it!  It seemed rather wasteful to me. 

Juicy Joe’s bloggers

Lots of love to Joes Bloggers and Currys for hosting a great event!  


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  1. March 2, 2015 / 10:37 pm

    I have never even tried yoga! If I had an invite to this in my inbox I'd be looking for a get out clause! x

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